Can u tell me some motivation speach?

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Captain Prashant Rai answered May 07, 2019
If you finding someone who can change your life just look at the mirror it's only u

Vikas Kumar answered Jul 21, 2018
When A lion is steping back its doesn't mean he is scared of something the reason he step back is to make a Bigger jump in forward So when u fail in something dont feel Down try hard and achieve your success with more happiness

Anchal Singh answered Dec 07, 2018
People will not always tell you what they truly think about you  but their actions will always show you. Rude opinionated people are just that, rude opinionated people. You will not remember everything these people say, but you will always remember how their words made you feel. Judgemental people are rarely qualified to judge you because they have not walked in your shoes or lived your experiences. Their judgement is usually based on the judgements of other unqualified people. It is important to understand that bad people usually have bad opinion about everyone to justify their own mischief. You should not worry about their opinion much.However, when good people start developing bad opinion about you, it is the time to wake up and mend your ways before it is too late.
You may be the only person left who believes in you, but it's enough. It takes just one star to pierce a universe of darkness. Never give up.Life is very short. Incredibly short, so try to make the most out of it.Grab the opportunity,Do not look east or west,Just give in your best.

Ganesh Kumar answered Aug 02, 2019
Husn lati hai m0habbat Thokarein khane ke baad
rang lati hai heena paththar se ghis jane ke baad

Nidhi Kumari answered Jul 23, 2019
Successful and unsuccessful people do not vary greatly in their abilities . they vary in their DESIRE to reach their potential .

Ranjit Waghmare answered Apr 19, 2019
The world is a mirror. we receive from life not what but who we are. there are seasons to our lives and painful times never last. trust that the winter of your sorrow will yield to the summer of your joy , just as a brilliant rays of the morning always follow the darkest part of the night.

Chandan Singh answered Sep 10, 2019
The education of the boy is the education of the one person but the education of the girl is the education of entire family.

Akansh Kothari answered Jun 18, 2019
First of all correct spellings:- speech

Vina Patidar answered Sep 12, 2019
If you want to do something with all your heart everyone will help you but you have to help yourself and if you want to do it or achieve it you have to practice and practice till you achieve so try it and practice to achieve your target.

Shubham.b Mehta answered Aug 10, 2019
Try try until u succeed

Himanshi Sharma answered Aug 27, 2019
First keep ur inner world peaceful.
Remember the innate phase of you when neither u know about anyone nor anyone was aware about u.

Remember,goodness never dies and u are known to this universe.
Neither all perceptions are true nor all are false.
see reality.
stay conscious.
so much to get inspire by...all u need is right vision.
Stay in discipline ,follow morals and respect humanity also for human within u.If ur work are not harmful for humanity,u can proceed.

Divesh Gupta answered Aug 27, 2019
"Life always tests you with your special virtue that exists in you"

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