Due date of a bill of exchange drawn on 30th January, 2011 for one month will be :
  • a)
    5 Mar.
  • b)
    3 Mar.
  • c)
    29 Feb.
  • d)
    4 Mar.
Correct answer is option 'B'. Can you explain this answer?

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By Hot Money · Dec 02, 2018 ·Commerce
80 Answers
Harsh answered Dec 02, 2018
B.3 march.... bcoz of one month which is feb. nd plus 3 days of grace..That is 3 rd march

Manya Jain answered Mar 29, 2020
3 March bzc Fab is one month and adding three days of march bzc of due date is 3 day extra of date of date of payment

Priya Pallawi answered May 08, 2020
It is B because after(jan) 1 month it is feb and which ia of 28 day ..on taking 3 day of grace day it is 3rd march , so the correct answer is B.

Ritika Verma answered Apr 30, 2020
February bcoz one month which is Feb.and plus 3 days grace period....

Shriyanshu Keshari answered Dec 09, 2018
3rd March is right answer

Mini Kumari Sharma answered May 16, 2020
3 march is answer

Anubhuti Jain answered Mar 19, 2020
It will be 4 march

Palak Jain answered Oct 29, 2018
Due date of a bill is only after the given period (in this case one month ) plus three days of grace . So the bill will be paid only after 1month and 3days i.e. on 3rd march

Astha Gupta answered Jun 06, 2020
28 feb is one month plus 3 days of grace i.e 3 march.

H Vashisht answered May 09, 2020
Ans = 3 rd march

Advsubhashchandra Sharma answered Apr 09, 2020
3 March because February +additional 3 days

Balaji Kuppusaamy answered Apr 28, 2020
Feb has only 28 days so it is not considered as an assessment year so the answer is mar3

Manshi Rajput answered May 18, 2020
B is correct because from 30 January to 29 February one month completed and (+3 grace days) so the answer is 3 march..!!

Popoola Abdulhafeez answered May 20, 2020
A month plus three days =3rd of March

Suraj R Tiwari answered 2 weeks ago
Because due date is after one month
after 1 month means on 29 february
but due to accounting rule it was fall on 3rd march
the accounting rule is if a person can not pay the amount on due date then additional 3 days will be given to him
that's why the due date is 3rd march

Varun Saxena answered May 08, 2020
B. 3 March of a bill of exchange drawn on 30 th January, 2011 for one month will be

Neha answered Dec 04, 2018
3March 3 days are given exta

Sakshi Patel answered Jun 02, 2020
B) is the correct answer.

Student Ten answered Mar 20, 2020
Option b) is the correct answer.
One month is 28th February and 3 March is after adding days of Grace....

Sakshi Sharma answered Jun 04, 2020
Maturity date completed at the end of Feb bcz on month is complete,
and + three days of grace so 3 March is correct

Animesh Jain answered Dec 06, 2018
4 March ( 1 month + 3 day grace)

Manisha Gupta answered Dec 06, 2018
My answer is 3 march because the bill the bill drawn for 1 months 3 days are extra given

Ankita Joshi answered May 08, 2020
3 March becoz the grace days are also added to the month feb of 3 days ..

The Unique World answered Apr 30, 2020
B is the answer because one month get completed in Feb and 3 days of grace. So 3 March is the answer i.e, opt.B

Kishan Lal answered Apr 13, 2020
3 ans.is ryt ans. becoz bill given for one month 3 day are extra given

Dhanya Sree answered 3 weeks ago
Answer is B. 3 march
1 month after the date is 28 th Feb and plus 3 days grace is March 3.

Ayushi Gupta answered Jan 05, 2020
It will due on 29 feb+ 3 day of grace=3 march

Sukh Sandhu answered Apr 21, 2020
3 march bcz one month of feb and plus 3 grace days

Shashank Sharma answered May 16, 2020
As the bill is drawn for 2 months and 3 days are grace days which are added to due date

Kamal Madaan answered Aug 09, 2018
If B/R is drawn for one month ...one month will be end on 28 Feb...next three days for grace

Lakhi Jha answered Apr 27, 2020
3rd mach... because feb+added 3 days

Anjali Bhandari answered May 27, 2020
Answer is b because 1 month and three days of Grace

Kashish Katoch answered May 26, 2020
The answer may be 3 march

Anshika Srivastav answered Apr 21, 2020
3rd March is right answer because we are adding 3 days of grace day

Bilwa Pr. Chattopadhyay answered Dec 18, 2018
Please give one idea ... 1 month (full February month) + 3 days grace(31st Jan 1 mar 2 mar) so payable on 3rd am I correct .. if not .. please correct me..

Sukant Dev answered Apr 20, 2020
30 January just after one month there should 30th February but it is not possible so we can assume whole February will be taken for this and for additional grace 3 days it will be 3rd March.

Shalni Gupta answered Mar 30, 2020
3 mar. because of three days of grace

Thommanum Makkalum answered Dec 06, 2018
3rd March is the correct answer (28 days+3 days).

Dakshayini answered Dec 05, 2018
February as 28days we calculate 30 days for one month

Nandini Jangid answered Dec 18, 2019
31 jan +one month = 28 feb
28 feb + 3 days = 3 mar

Vipul Varshney answered Dec 15, 2019
30+one month+3days (grace period )=3march

Ashu Yadav answered Jan 03, 2020
Because three days extra were added always

Yashika Saraf answered May 29, 2020
3 rd March

Tanishka Jaiswal answered Jun 09, 2020
3 March because the maturity period of bill drawn is 1 month and plus 3 days of Grace says.

Kaashika Kaur answered Dec 06, 2018
3 march2011,bill of exchange only for 1 month and three grace date .

Vishesh Upadhyay answered Dec 09, 2018
It is not a complicated question instead it is tricky, just be ansure that every time you have to clear cut about 1 month either it is feb month or any other even though it is of 28 days it will be counted as full one month Then now add 3 more day to 28 feb. (Last date ) we will get the maturity date which is 3 march.

Gautam Kumar answered Jan 15, 2020
I think B is the

Prashant Kumar Sharma answered Apr 19, 2020
Yes, I explain this answer,after one month there is a three days of Grace is added so,month of February and three days for Grace is added . therefore, February+3 days=3 March

Star Lord answered Apr 17, 2020
B 3 mar.

H P answered Apr 14, 2020
B) 3 Mar

Deepakroy 7482066784 answered Apr 26, 2020
Because in 1month is 30 or 31 days so he added 3extra days in a month of Feb .so right answer is 3march

Lakshan Ir answered May 08, 2020
Answer is option B

Chandna Arora answered Dec 06, 2018
For example, if a bill is drawn on 30th January for one month, it becomes due on 28th Feb. and legally due on 3rd March. If the bill becomes legally due on a Sunday or a public or gazette holiday, the (legally) due date is supposed to be one day earlier.

Prajwal Mishra answered Apr 09, 2020
Because,in due date there will be addition of 3 days as grace

Patel Shingarika answered Apr 24, 2020
D is right answa

Mangala Nagaraj answered Apr 01, 2020
Negotiable act the bill of exchange drawn 30th January for one month ans : is March 3 because he have to give 4grace day it was written by the drawer in bill of exchange

Anurag Singh answered Apr 04, 2020
Option no.B is correct because after due date 3 days added on behalf of days of grace....

Mr. Rahul answered Dec 09, 2018
Yes because 3 days are grace days given to drawee

Dharti Shingala answered May 27, 2020
One month and nd 3 days of grace

Kanak Preet answered Apr 20, 2020
One month plus 3 days of grace

Singh Satnam answered May 26, 2020
3 march due to grace days

Kapadia Husen answered Dec 09, 2018
Jaaag..as 1 month ends on 28 feb..3 days is for grace period..and the finally time completes on 3 march

Beauty Gupta answered Jan 05, 2020
Answer b(3 March )

Ankitha N Rao answered Apr 20, 2020
The correct answer is option b.because the due date is for one month.then it will be 28 Feb. And we have to add 3days as grace days. so the answer is 3march

Arihant Printers answered Apr 25, 2020
3 march becaz in feb there is 29 days and bill of exchange is for one month and 4 days.

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