what is proton?

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By Smart Guy · Jun 12, 2017 ·Class 9
13 Answers
Ankita answered Oct 20, 2020
One of the three types of particles that form all atoms. Protons have a positive electric charge

Ravneet Benipal answered Jun 12, 2017
positive change present in the nucleus of an atom is called proton.

Swati Malkani answered Oct 20, 2020
A stable subatomic particle in the baryon family having a mass of 1.672 X 10-24 grams (1,836 times that of the electron) and a positive electric charge of approximately 1.602 X 10-19 coulombs.

Maroof Khan answered Oct 20, 2020
Proton is a part of atom

Niraj Kumar answered Jun 12, 2017
a positively charge ion

LoLo answered Jun 12, 2017
proton is a subatomic partial, symbol p or p1 with a positive electric charge of +1 elementary charge and the mass is less that of the nuetron

It's For You answered Oct 20, 2020
What is nucleus

hrithikanandsingh42 answered Jun 12, 2017
positively charge particles

Teesha Mutha answered Jun 12, 2017
hello proton has positive sign

Supriya Hb answered Jun 12, 2017
it positively charged particle present in nucleus

Masood Raza answered Jun 12, 2017
proton is negative particles

Raj Singh answered Jun 12, 2017
Positive charged particals in an atom is called proton.

Jerry Mathew answered Jun 12, 2017
Positive ion

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