Which app is better - unacademy or edurev?

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By Ravi Kaushik · Sep 10, 2018 ·JEE
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Chahat Saini answered Jan 11, 2020
I think unacademy is best coz it provides all the material that we required

Mysterio Man answered Jul 24, 2020
Unacademy yarr edurev to mzze ke liye ha

Vidhyadhar Muskawad answered Jun 20, 2020
Edu rev
it is very nice app.
In this app many notes are there.
so I think edu rev is best app for JEE aspirants.

Amaan Mathur answered Sep 26, 2018
Edurev 's bst

Raiyan Zaib answered Jan 11, 2020
I think both app are best ,it totally depends on us,how we use it

Jyotsna Gupta answered Sep 26, 2018

Sanjana Bagodi answered Sep 29, 2018
Both r best in their own ways

Sumanth Anju answered Jun 11, 2020
There's nothing called best!Everything has their own pros and cons,it would be your choice that which apps pros is good and choose it.Try it once,no person's answer can satisfy you.Some people tell unacademy while others edurev.JUST TRY IT ONCE THEN CHOOSE IT.

Marciilanixx S.b answered Aug 21, 2020
Unacademy may be better i have aisi tried but this app has unique features than that.
But both are good in their own ways depending on how we used them

Ravindra Karande answered Jun 20, 2020
Unacademy has the best faculty members they teach live and most of there course are free . Ya they don't have small test or quizes live EDUREV.
We can upload our doubts,every fourth class is a doubt clearing class where the top educators solve ur doubts

At last I would say both are best unacademy for learning and edurev for testing both have very affordable subscription use both to improve your RANK

Mayank Verma answered Jun 06, 2020
Bhai dono free h toh dono try ke le pehle phir apne hissab s dekhle kyunki "pehle istemaal karein phir vishwas karein".

User Left answered Jul 26, 2020

Amreen Fatima answered Nov 23, 2018
Edurev is better

Vishal Chourasiya answered Jun 29, 2020
Agar aap sirf app ki baat kr rhe hai..condition hai Subscription lene ke baad Unacademy best hai..but edurev ka subscription kam hai unacademy se.
Its depends on your economical condition.

Sunny Kaushik answered Nov 12, 2018
In which criteria?????But like edurev

Hoshedar Bhathena answered Jul 26, 2020
It depends, if you are ready to pay a handsome amount then for sure Unacademy is good but Man...the price at which Edurev is offering all the content is incredible...if you are a true learner(simplistic) then get Edurev...it's content is reliable and good enough i have taken Unacademy, edurev and Byju's out of which Edurev is most value for money...so if you have the money to spend then take these  expensive platforms( Unacademy ,Byju's, Vedantu ,etc )

Shytam Sinha answered Jan 12, 2020
Unacademy is best

Keerthana Keerthana answered Jan 11, 2020
Does edurev have the combination test like combination of 3 to 4 lessons as a single mock test ?

Mahak Verma answered Dec 20, 2018
Edurev is far better than any other educational app. Unlike other educational apps, it provides a complete set of notes & videos for learning along with tests for every topic. Though I am using it for JEE preparation, I'm sure that its the best way to study for any class or exam. 

Avantika answered Nov 23, 2018
Both are better for study

Pravesh Sori answered Nov 12, 2018
Edurev is good app

Tulsi Kumari Tulsi Kumar answered Jun 06, 2020
Unacademy is best app.....but edurev is also very good.

Prachi Singh answered Sep 11, 2018
Both are good at their own way

Aditi Sharma answered Jun 29, 2020
It's just a difference of mentality
both provides perfect materials
it's up to us we use it

Rishabh Surya Kumar answered Jun 29, 2020
Ofcourse unacademy is best but price of unacademy is also best....

Rajesh Mhatre answered Jul 24, 2020
Much contain in EduRev is free than unacademy
So EduRev is more affordable than unacademy

Surendra Singh answered Jan 11, 2020
Are Bhai comment on adarshsinghpratik@gmail

K Sankara Rao answered 4 weeks ago
I suggest that both unacademy and edurev are good source of learning

Pawan Sonkar answered Sep 13, 2020
Unacademy . or tum batao

Shivam Nirala answered Sep 24, 2020
Not at all

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