Which estate of French society paid all taxes?

Class 9 Question

By Sarita Singh · Sep 18, 2018 ·Class 9
20 Answers
Shanaya . S . B answered Jan 31, 2020
It's 3rd estate....

Alishka Sharma answered Jan 30, 2020
Third Estate which comprises of Clergy and Nobility

Astha Shukla answered Mar 11, 2020
Third estate or peasants

Madhu answered Jul 05, 2019
Third estate

Dcod Fine answered May 28, 2020
Third estate - peasantry!!

Jasleen Kaur Arora answered Feb 21, 2020
Third estate which comprised of advocates, lawyers, businessman, peasants, small shopkeepers and landless labourers paid The taxes

Vinayak Sharma answered Jan 31, 2020
It is the third Estate

Abhinaw Aryan answered Feb 20, 2020
Third estate had to pay all the taxes

Dinesh Negi answered Apr 14, 2020
Third estate society of French paid all the taxes.

Vijay Maurya answered Feb 29, 2020
The third estate paid all the taxes...

Universe Life Is Struggl answered May 28, 2020
The third estate (big businessman, merchant, court officials, lawyers, peasants and artisans, small peasants, landless labour and servants were paid all the taxes.

Note: In third estate some were rich and others poor.

Rachit Agrah.ari answered Sep 18, 2018
Third estate..The Clergy and Nobility got some privileges and they were not have to pay the taxes...

Hema Das answered May 28, 2020
The third estate of the France society paid all the taxes who were the lawyers, peasants and common people and educated people.

Adiba Khan answered Mar 12, 2020

Himaja Ammu answered Sep 18, 2018
Third estate people like small farmers,small business owners,teachers etc paid all the taxes

Razia Shaik answered Feb 17, 2020
The third estate which comprises of peasants, artisans,land less labour had to pay taxes.

Kajal Yadav answered Sep 18, 2018
The third state paid all taxes.

Kali Vani answered Jul 05, 2019
The third estate people or the commoners such as the servants ,peasants ,landless labourers,artisans etc had to pay all the direct and indirect taxes imposed by the government such as taille and tithes .but the first and second estate members that is the clergy and nobilities enjoyed certain feudal privileges by birth.

Åbhï Ssharma answered Jan 31, 2020
Third estate...

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