How to delete the account edurev?

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Sep 27, 2018
App delete toh nhi kar sakte but sabhi courses ko leave kar ke, sabhi ko block karke, I'd block jarur kar sakte hai...,!!!

Vanita Ronde
Sep 22, 2020
Simple uninstall the app na.....

Snehal Gosavi
Sep 27, 2018
First go on ur profile... near the ur profile name u will see three bars....tap it...... chose last option of LOG OUT .... ......After u log out this app u will. not Get any Notifications from this app... Then u can also Uninstall this App.... For log in Again on same Account u should know Ur previous Email ID and it's passward another u will not able to log in again.....___________
This is the only mean to delete this app.... Or leave this app... I HOPE THIS WILL HELP U.... ✌✌✌✌✌

Aditi Azade
Sep 27, 2018
Edurev ka account delete nhi kr skte..u can delete this app only.

Shailja Rathore
Jun 12, 2019
I also want to delete but i cant....  :(

Raiyan Zaib
Jun 10, 2020
There only logout option

Gulzar Ahmad
Jun 13, 2020
Simply uninstall the app

Shivam Agrahari
Jun 12, 2019
Why do u need to delete this...if u want wantbto use this app just uninstall ...simple

Chitra Chezhian
Nov 27, 2019
Please delete my account as I am not going to use this app anymore.

Shambhavi Rangu
Aug 02, 2019
MSC notes not available

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