If you had a realistic magic wand, what would be your top three wishes?

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By Prahlad Borah · Nov 12, 2018 ·Class 10
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Priyanshu Intelligent answered Jun 13, 2019
My three wishes

1 - My family , all frnds , neighbours , relatives and my lover remains happy forever . God please make me just like that I would always love them and they also .
God please gave me hope that I can help everyone with mentally , physically and financially.

2 - God I have not any real sis . Please bhagwan aagle janam mein muje Shrenika ki tarah ek behan de de please .

3 - Muje supernatural powers de de . I can fly , swim , run in a very high speed . I can invisible and also have the most Intelligent mind of the erath . I should have a palace (Mahal ) jismein mai aur keval meri wali rahe bas.
Ya@ar bahot magical wand chahta hoon .To is question ke kiye itna hi bas

Birthday Boy answered Jun 16, 2019
My three wishes are

1. family ko khush rakhna unke dreams puure krna

2. to be a good person, a good son, a good husband, a good father

3. World tour travel krna akele

Ralf answered Nov 12, 2018
First of all, I would not like to have a magic wand!!
Secondly,I don't believe in MAGIC(it sounds kinda funny)..Guess..I'm Done!!..that's it!

Upsc Lover answered Oct 31, 2020
1). Layperson bna jao .

2).bhagwan meko dena Wala bnaye mgna wlaa nhi .

3). Mera Jo aim wo fulfill ho Jaye .

Aparna Achuthath answered Jun 11, 2020
My 3 wishes :- 1) my family must be well (means all people in the world -must have the right to live peacefully and all should be helathy)
2) I should have friends but not fake friends who
Pretend to be ur friend and I have to go a world tour with them)
3) i want a person who cares me like a baby no matter how much poor he or I may be but i want him to care me and also to travel to some places. He must be able to make me positive always ( I am positive but anyway), and we also must be able to make others happy

Ak Thakur answered Jun 11, 2020
My 3 wishes :-
1:- pahle to Mai apne 2 doston ke saath pura ek din time spend Krna chahti hoo
2:- jab Mai Nasha krna start kroo to mujhe koi na roke..
3:- mujhe maut bhi koi pyaara katil hi de...

ye Tino Meri wishes hai. :)

Cute Ayesha answered Jun 16, 2019


Neha. answered Jun 15, 2019
Agr mujhe chance mila ...best se best three wishes maangne ke liye toh ...yr yeh toh bahot kaam hai ..mera three wishes nhii hai .isse jyada hai ....but phir v bolungi ....huhh ....๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

a) mein baas yeh chahti hu ...sb boys ya girls ...and men and women discriminate naa ho ....sb baas khush rahe ...duniya ke log hi khush rahe ....

b)mein baas aapna sapna pura karna chahti hu ...mera dream ho skti hai ...aapna bf se milna๐Ÿ˜ ....mere bestu and bestie se milna ๐Ÿ˜—....dosto log se milna ...๐Ÿ˜˜...mere behne se milna ๐Ÿ˜™

c)yeh sb abusive words baas baand kar dena chahiye ..and saath mein..daaru ..cigeratte ...yeh sb etc ..se v etc ..baand ho jaana chahiye ....๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ 

**and prahlad borah ...moi assamesot koisu karon tu asomiya moi sini pau ...toh bos ek ta kotha kobo bisari su je ...hokolu manuh hukhot thakot ...**๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„

Prashant Gujjar Pgv answered Jun 16, 2019

Rโ‚ฌspect .

Love .

Saxena answered Jun 15, 2019
Now I have only one wise that
I got all my old friends again .

Ss Gangsta Baby answered Jun 13, 2019
If I really get a magic wand , I would wish for most valuable three important things:-

1* first is to visit Bangalore quickly all the time I wish.

2* To control my emotions.

3* To be a cute sis to priyanshu always and forever.

Ananya Singhania answered Oct 21, 2020
Only I want 2 things from every person
1. Truth
2. Respect

User3612832 answered Jun 15, 2019
To succed in my life by my own practice

Official. Nik answered Oct 17, 2020
1) Family Forever...
2) Money
3) Respect

Nikki Pandey answered Jul 05, 2020
1. i wish I would disappear & never come back
2. i wish I would disappear & never come back
3. i wish I would disappear & never come back.

โ„(โ„ โ„โ€ขโ„-โ„โ€ขโ„ โ„)โ„โ„(โ„ โ„โ€ขโ„-โ„โ€ขโ„ โ„)โ„โ„(โ„ โ„โ€ขโ„-โ„โ€ขโ„ โ„)โ„ infinity tk bss yhi wish rhega

Ànshara Mirza answered Apr 25, 2020
Yr.. srf ye mangoun ge ..
1..jo kuch me mangu hamesha vo sach ho jaye..

2.sb jaga equality ho...

3..sb ko hamesha khush rkhna..kabhi kisi ko dukh na ho..uske zindgi me..๐Ÿ’œ

Mehraj Mirza answered Jul 21, 2020
1...k mko tofรจรจq dena dรจen pล• chalnรจ kรฌ....
2...mujhe prophet Muhammad {peace b upon him}...k bataye hue torรฒ tarike s Nawaz daii...
3...mujhe aour duniya me sb logou ko akhlaq pasanฤ bnร ....so everyone should b hpy in their life

Mahima Vats answered Apr 26, 2020
Not having believe in magic and miracles...believe in KARMA...BECAUSE....karma is the real dharm

Suhani Kumari answered Oct 31, 2020
My wishes would be: 1) my family , my neighbour , my frds , and all my relatives stay happy forever ..2) secondly mai un sab logo ki help kr saku jinko insaaf ke naam pr bs dhoka diya jaa rha hai ... (#no rape , no corruption....)3) and lastly Mera aim , Mera dream fullfil ho jaye.....meri jaan (#Ias) ...

Saroj Singh answered Apr 25, 2020
My wishes are not matches anyone... But my first wish is too success in my life & always do things which I want.. Second wish is too see always happy my friends my bestie asthu & my family third wish is too Complete my dreams and my classmates dreams

Shaik Hazara answered Jun 16, 2019
First I was ask that I want to see always happiness in my father's faceโ˜บ๏ธ
I want to become Priyanshu sister in next birth to see him happy๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—
I want to become a good person on the earth๐Ÿ˜Ž
these are my three wishes

Arpita Tripathi. answered Oct 31, 2020
My three wishes 1> life mai meri wajah se kabhi bhi meri family ko dhukh na ho woh hamesha happy rhe ๐Ÿค—

2 ... i want achieve my all goals ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

3 mai chahti hu ki mere papa mummy ko mere wajah se proud ho (because i love both of them) โคโค

i know aisa magic real mai nhi hoga so .. but mai real mai aisa karugi

User4187122 answered Jun 16, 2019
I Just want ki mujhe meri bahen wapas mil jaye aur kuch bhi nahi chahiye mujhe. I love uhh bahen, love uh alot yr.

Ajay Verma answered Oct 31, 2020
Meri Magic Wand hai muje yeh chayihe
Mai Malkova
Romi Rain
Kate Upton
Joselyn Cano
Katie Bell

Rising Star answered 2 weeks ago
1} Always be optimistic,focused and determined towards my aim..

2} Brave enough to deal any situation ..

3} a happy and harmonial society ..

This much as these will help me in shaping my path towards success

Poorvi.m. Singh answered Oct 31, 2020
1. To get my dad back.
2. To get my besties happiness back.
3. To get all the happiness and my loved once I lost in my life..

Prabhat Aman answered Jun 15, 2019
I want to see the whole world.
i want to see all my friends.. family.. relative.. always happiness in his face
And my last wise is
i want to become a very rich and a good person.

Dëär Dëäth answered Oct 31, 2020
1 apne desh ki shann bhdana
2 apne desh ki liye kuch kr dekhana
3 apne desh prr mar mitna

Mukund Narayan answered Jul 05, 2020
Mujhe apne kismat pr pura bharosa h. koi magic mil hi nhi skta

Riya Sahu answered Jun 16, 2019
I have only one wish.... because... i am very wise person, m not greedy.... to bas... meri ek hi wish hai ki....


mujhe bas itna hi chaiye....

Tanishka Gupta answered Apr 25, 2020
Yrr for mine only few things ka imp.:-
1)parents ki safety
2)bhai ki smile 
and 3)sis ka mere liye love

Bhawna Mehta answered Jun 17, 2019
My top three wishes:-
(1) I want to have a power that would allow me to read other people's mind.
(2) I want a cute robot like Doraemon or a mythical creature who would help me when I am in need.
(3) My third wish would be to talk to dead spirits.
My third wish may seem strange. But I miss my late uncle and I want to talk to him.
Well, My aim is to become a Doctor and I don't need any kind of magic for that to happen.Sugar-coated words like it will be kind of boring if I were to become a Doctor without any hard work are absent in my dictionary. I just hate the idea of cheating and relying on people to take care of my wishes. So, I have not included it in my wish list.

Abhishek Sharma answered Jul 22, 2020
1. Wanna Know every truth of this universe(what happens after death)

2. No social evil or evilness should exist like women should get pregnant if both the partners are willing , Everyone should get fair salary , No discrimination , No humanity destruction (no terrorism) , no social evil , no bad Practise

3.Make my planet heaven , so beautiful !

I'm Strangër answered Apr 25, 2020
1. Happiness in everyone life.
2. No Communal Violence.
3. Make everyone a good human being first.

Alishka Sharma answered Apr 25, 2020


Priyanshi .pandey answered Oct 31, 2020
1 mai apne papa aur mummy ko humesha khus rakh saku ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

2 aur sabko ek barabar respect mile , girls boys mai koi farak na ho๐Ÿ˜”

3 mai apna dreams pura kar pao (my father dream = my dream .๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’ž khas aisa hota real mai i wish ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

Maha Bindass answered Jun 16, 2019
First me to knowledge mangti
freedom mangti apne friend ke sath Kahi Vi jayo koe problem nhi
study only for five days in a week and two days holiday

Nanditha Kurien answered Jun 16, 2019
Want infinit number of friends more and more
want marks at the same time
want more pets

Itzstar Shine answered Oct 31, 2020
โ€ข Fulfills my family's dreams.
โ€ข To visit Mecca & medina once in life with family
โ€ข keep happineess

Manthan Kadam answered Oct 31, 2020
I will ask for only one wish that, Our India should get full respect in whole world and it should stand on first rank in technology.

Ritik Raj answered Jul 05, 2020
Mujhe bas 1 wish chaiye, 3 nahi...

Neerajmaddheshiya answered 3 weeks ago
Frst things is that I am undesirable person. bt I wanna to that 1)My lovely frnd frm online gaming and somebody at edu ton never lost him. I wish that I wanna a chance to meet those guys.2nd is that I wanna To lost my shyness in stage performance and I am Frankly done conversation by the people specially on stage performance. and thrd is that I wanna to be the backbone of weak people or game him a backbonethat is finally...some things at that I wanna continue work or practice is that to be a good artist nd good physique and remind that that are not my wish coz. I am working on it.

Utkarsh Kumar Shaw answered Oct 31, 2020
My top 3 wishes are :-
1) duniya ke saare bure log achhe ban jaye
2) mai kabhi bhi kaliyug me janm na lu
3) mai bhagwan ke darshan kar paau

Khushi answered Oct 30, 2020
My first nd last wish would be that I never lose hope of getting everything right.

Anaya Sharma answered Oct 31, 2020
Family nd frnds forever, respect, world tour..

Adibaba answered Oct 31, 2020
Conquer the universe and digest the fact that I have a magical wand

Ashiii answered Oct 31, 2020
1.having a crazy n joyfull life

2.seen my frds n family happyy

3.been successful

iss ke siva boht bohttt sari hai... but vo fit ni hogii


Zoya Raza answered yesterday
Jyada kuch nii chahiye...bas family ko khus rkhna; jo chahiye whii life partner milna or usy khus rkhna; life my sucess hona

Confuse Girl answered Oct 31, 2020
In my life there is full of hard works only, that is my first and last wish

Ümmãï Årshî answered Oct 31, 2020
Employment ko badhana..
poverty ko dur krny ki koshish krna .
logo k liy social work krna..

Geethanjali Gouda answered Oct 31, 2020
My wish is that i should get a magic wand which make my all wishes true not only three

Diya answered Oct 31, 2020
My 3 wishes :-
1) to fulfill my parents' dreams
2) to get something like doraemon to meet my special boy as he is in Delhi & I'm in Udaipur
3) to gain some supernatural powers

Sonam Rawat answered Oct 31, 2020
My 1st wish is ki aap sabhi logon ki wish poori ho jayen
and 2nd wish is MERI bestie MERI cutie MERI sweety friend Prachi hamesha Khush rhe or
3rd is wait vo bad ke liye Bacha ke rakhti Hun 3rd wish bad Mai mang lenge.

Sania answered Oct 31, 2020
My Top three wishes would be nothing
because God have given me everything A GOOD MOTHER ,FATHER , SISTER , GRANDMOTHER AND GRANDFATHER.....

Mehala Selvam answered 6 days ago
My wishes are =(my family,relatives and freinds wants to happy all days, I want to go to a big work and I want to see my old friends. this is my three wishes

Drishti Rana answered yesterday
1.Become a successful woman..
2.Make my parents proud on myself.
3.Go on a international tour with my friends....

Tanisha answered Oct 31, 2020
1.I will make my all small or big dreams come true.
nthing else(:

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