What is efflorescence?

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Zayeda Sulthana answered Mar 01, 2020
Efflorescence is the loss of water (or a solvent) of crystallization from a hydrated or solvated salt to the atmosphere on exposure to air. ... The water, with the salt now held in solution, migrates to the surface, then evaporates, leaving a coating of the salt. Example is Gypsum (CaSO4.

Nirmal Kumar answered Mar 01, 2020
It is the spontaneous loss of water by a hydrated salt which occurs when the aq.vapour pressure of the hydrate is greater than the partial pressure of the water vapour in the air.

Gouse Ashrafi answered Mar 01, 2020
Efflorescence means loss of commerce water.
do not ask science questions

Raiyan Zaib answered Mar 02, 2020
In chemistry, efflorescence (which means "to flower out" in French) is the migration of a salt to the surface of a porous material, where it forms a coating. The essential process involves the dissolving of an internally held salt in water, or occasionally in another solvent

Umang Shah answered Nov 23, 2018
Efflorescence, spontaneous loss of water by a hydrated salt, which occurs when the aqueous vapor pressure of the hydrate is greater than the partial pressure of the water vapour in the air. For example, because the vapour pressures of washing soda (Na2CO3.10H2O) and Glauber’s salt (Na2SO4.10H2O) normally exceed that of the water vapour in the atmosphere, these salts effloresce (i.e., lose all or part of their water of hydration), and their surfaces assume a powdery appearance. Hydrated cupric sulfate, or blue vitriol (CuSO4.5H2O), the aqueous vapour pressure of which is lower, undergoes efflorescence only if the air in contact with it is relatively dry. See also deliquescence.

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