Class 9 Question

Five characteristics of Mangrove forests ?


Ankit Soni Nov 30, 2018


1. Mangrove forests grown inter-tidal coastlines, meaning every 24 hours, they are inundated by sea water.

2. The trees have high salt tolerance, Fosses aerial Roots to collect-oxygen.

3. Live in the harsh and unpredictable interference between Land and Sea.

4. Vivipary is usual.

5. Moreover less dense evergreen Forests.

6. Very low average height, often only 2-3 meter.

7. The best patches reach 6-7 height.

8. Mangroves have specially adapted Aerial and Salt filtering Roots and salt existing leaves that enable them to occupy the saline wetlands where other plant cannot survive.

Bhawana Nov 29, 2018
Mangrove forests grow in lands near the coastlines in the subtropical and tropical regions of the world.
●Mangrove forests are the most important vegetation found in the areas of tide influenced coats these forests have accumulated mud and silt.
● The roots of mangroves are developed to be exposed to air as the marshy swamps restrict the intake of oxygen.
●Mangrove forests have varieties of the plants submerged under water these forests help both in pollination and in seed dispersal and they are thick and dense.
●Mangroves are think and evergreenmany species of plants, animals, birds, worms and insects propagate in the Mangrove forest.
●A mangrove forest is at the intersection of land and sea, and they support a wealth of life from flora to fauna to people, and they are important for the wellbeing of the planets eco-system.

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