Tell me about debates within Christianity ?

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BHAWNA DEVI answered Feb 04, 2020
Three areas, in particular, may be singled out as examples of the role of Christianity in contemporary social debates: the place of Christianity (if any) in the educational system; pacifism or participation in war-making by Christians; and the regulation of sexual conduct (including rules for married persons).
In the Protestant established churches in Scandinavia and Britain, much of primary and secondary education and all universities were originally under religious auspices; now that these states and their populations are largely secular, religious teaching is still an accepted part of state-supported schools and the ancient universities maintain some traditions from their Christian past. In France, the struggle between the Roman Catholic Church and the state established by the French revolution dominated politics in much of the nineteenth century. In Africa and Asia, missionary schools played a remarkable part in the education of indigenous political leadership (and therefore sometimes attracted the hostile attentions of the imperial powers, or white settler regimes). 

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