English k exam me article ayga kya?

Class 10 Question

By Riya Sahu · Jan 28, 2019 ·Class 10
13 Answers
Prashant Gujjar Pgv answered Jan 28, 2019
Option m hota h ya

Rising Star answered 2 weeks ago
Yeah article comes in English exam .. especially of 8 marks...

But there is an option between article writing and story writing..

Tilak Raj answered Jan 28, 2019
option me aata h,.

Dhanya Sree answered 2 weeks ago
Formal letter to editor
Story completion

Deepesh Sengar answered Jan 28, 2019
Off course, it will come

Mukul answered Jan 29, 2019
The thing u should consider is that cbse is so unclear about their syllabus that they themselves don't know what will come nd what will not.. sometimes it happens that article is in syllabus but in the exams they ask u to write report.. so i think u should be prepared for whatever u think can come.. haha.. such a fuddu system :p

Ujjwal Gupta answered Jan 29, 2019
In English examination, there is. a option between letter and article.

Abhiram Kashyap answered Jan 28, 2019
Of course aaega

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