Class 10 Question

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Neha. answered Feb 26, 2019

Utkarsh Rai answered Feb 27, 2019

Aarohi Singhania answered Feb 27, 2019
PCM and CS

Muskan answered Mar 01, 2019
Science (maths additional)

Shobhit Ranjan answered Jan 06, 2020
PCMB for sure.

Roshan K answered Feb 27, 2019

Harshita Pal answered Jan 07, 2020
Science PCMB...

Swoyam Jeet Panda answered Jan 16, 2020
Preparing for NDA so PCM (Bio) additional

Shara Khan answered Jan 06, 2020
Kisi me bhi jao padhna to sab me hai

Uzma Sheikh answered Feb 28, 2019
Commerce with Maths

Ritika Pandey answered Jan 07, 2020
I will opt HUMANITIES..

Indu Soni answered Jan 07, 2020
I think commerce with maths

Bhoondi Ke Ladoo answered Jan 07, 2020
Levinho, Sevou , CarryMinati , Kronten , Dynamo , Mortal . All are doing good Streaming . And I am opting them

Adarsh answered Jan 06, 2020

Atharva Sharma answered Feb 28, 2019
PCB and maths ( additional )

Arjun answered Mar 02, 2019

Eshika Jaiswal answered Feb 27, 2019

Intelligent Nobita answered Jan 16, 2020
(。◕‿◕。)➜ PCMB !

Prashant Gujjar Pgv answered Jan 07, 2020
Kisi b stream s possible h ya

Vishal Gupta answered Dec 15, 2019
Pysics Chemistry Math (PCM)

Bhawna Mehta answered Jan 16, 2020
I'll go for PCB

Animesh Tripathi answered Feb 28, 2019
Maths,Computer or Biology,Physics,Chemistry & English.

Sakshi answered Jan 06, 2020

Ayush Singh answered 5 days ago
Super medical (PCMB)

Dia Eee answered 5 days ago
Arts without maths

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