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Business Studies (BST) Class 11

Commerce : Business Studies Question Paper 2014 Set - 1, Class XI CBSE Commerce Notes | EduRev

The document Business Studies Question Paper 2014 Set - 1, Class XI CBSE Commerce Notes | EduRev is a part of the Commerce Course Business Studies (BST) Class 11.
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Questions Paper 2014 Set -1
CBSE Class XI Business Studies

General Instructions:

• Answer the following questions.

• Q. No. 1 to 8 carrying 1 mark each.

• Q. No. 9 to 14 carrying 3 marks each.

• Q. No. 15 to 19 carrying 4 marks each.

• Q. No. 20 to 23 carrying 5 marks each.

• Q. No. 24 to 27 carrying 6 marks each.

1. “Business involves a series of dealings rather than a single transaction”. Which characteristics of business is highlighted in this statement?

2. Give the full form of BPO.

3. What are Retained Earning?

4. Name the Greek word from which the word ‘ethics’ is derived.

5. Give the meaning of Export Oriented Units?

6. Why do small scale industries have low bargaining power in purchasing raw material?

7. What do you mean by Freed on Board?

8. Name the form of business organization existing only in India.

9. Discuss the three types of Industry.

10. Explain the features three types of Small Business.

11. Distinguish between ‘Statutory Corporation’ and Government Company’ on the basis of

a)    Finance

b)    Formation

a)    Ownership

12.    Write the process of Online Transactions.

13.    Discuss three major areas of social responsibility of business.

14. Many organizations are using various financial instruments to raise money in international capital market. Discuss the major financial instruments used for this purpose.

15. Kiran is a sole proprietor. Over the past decade, her business has grown from operating a neighbourhood corner shop selling accessories such as artificial jewellery, bags, hairs clips and nail art to a retail chain with three branches in the city. Although she looks after the varied functions in all the branches, she is wondering whether she should form a company to better manage the business, she also has plans to open branches countrywide.

a)    Explain 2 benefits of remaining a sole proprietor.

b)    What role will her decision to go nationwide play in her choice of form of the organization?

c) What legal formalities will she have to undergo to operate business as a company?

16. The primary functions of banks ‘borrowing’ and ‘lending of money’. Besides these two functions, a bank also offers various services to attract customers. Discuss other services referred by bank.

17.    Explain 4 features of ‘Multiple Shops’.

18.    These are many basic elements of business ethics while running a business enterprise. One of them is publication of code. What does code refer to? State the values generally covered by code.

19.    Explain the following the terms:

a)    Mate Receipt

b)    Sight Draft

c) Bill of Landing

d) Proforma    Invoice

20. “Commerce is the sum total of those activities which are engaged in the removal of the hindrances of persons place, time and exchange.” In the light of this statement, describe the functions of commerce.

21. What do you mean by Public Private Partnership? Write its features.

22. “Small scale industries play a significant role in the developing countries like India.” Justify the statement by giving suitable reasons.

23. Discuss the services offered by retailers to wholesalers.

24. Explain in detail the contents of Memorandum of Association. Or Describe briefly different types of cooperative societies.

25. Explain the principles of Insurance. Or Define Banking. Explain different types of Bank Accounts.

26. As a source of finance retained profit is better than other sources. Do you agree with this view? Give reasons for your answer. Can a company grow definitely by reinvesting surplus profit?

Or Write the merits and demerits of Debentures. (3 each)

27. There are various complexities or problems involved in the international business. Discuss.

Or What is WTO? Explain the agreements of WTO.


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