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CAT 2023 exam will likely be conducted by either IIM Lucknow at about 400 centres in 150 cities across India. Candidates taking the CAT 2023 Exam must ensure they are adequately prepared and arrive at the test centre calm and composed. 

Candidates taking the CAT in 2023 must adhere to the necessary guidelines and dress code. The conducting authorities will publish the CAT exam dress code and rules.  The CAT Admit Card includes regulations and guidelines for the test.

CAT 2023 Dress Code: What to Wear to the CAT Exam Centre

Choosing what to wear to the CAT exam centre should not be a tough task for you. 

The exam authorities expect candidates to dress in simple and plain clothes. Some of the important guidelines related to the CAT 2023 Dress Code are as follows:

CAT 2024: Dress Code To Follow On The Exam Day

1. Wear Simple and Non-Flashy Clothes

  • On the day of the exam, you must feel at ease with what you are wearing so that you can give your whole attention to completing the CAT 2023 question paper. 
  • Simply choose a straightforward dress or a pair of basic pants and a blouse. 
  • Don't dress in something overly flamboyant or trendy.
  • It is strictly prohibited in the dress code for CAT exam to wear any dress with a cap or hood attached to it. 
  • These sorts of dresses can draw unwanted attention and lead to extra checking. Therefore, it is best to avoid these dresses.

2. Clothes Must Not Have Pockets

  •  It is strictly forbidden to wear any dress with too many pockets. 
  • To avoid kind of extra checking and wastage of time, candidates should wear dresses with no pockets. 
  • However, if there is a single pocket or even two, they will be thorough checking. 
  • Moreover, candidates must avoid dresses like cargo pants which have multiple pockets.

3. Leave Metal Objects, Ornaments and Jewellery At Home

  • In the girls dress code for CAT exam, it emphasises on wearing simple clothes. 
  • Any fancy jewellery, ornaments, rings or even dresses with embellishments are not allowed.
  • These can create much fuss while checking. In case any candidate is found wearing these, they will have to eliminate them. 

4. No Footwear in Exam Hall

  • According to the guidelines of the dress code for CAT exam, candidates will not allowed to wear any footwear, be it a slipper, shoes, chappals, or anything. 
  • Candidates can wear it on their way to the examination hall. However, they are supposed to remove it while entering the examination premises. 
  • Candidates are required to be barefooted.

5. No Heavy Make-Up or Unnatural Marks on the Body

  • Candidates are requested not to arrive at the testing location with a lot of makeup. 
  • While guys must adopt the same appearance as in their images, girls have been urged to maintain a natural appearance and a straightforward hairdo. 
  • Candidates with abnormal bodily markings could also be barred from taking the test. 
  • Girls should refrain from applying henna to their hands since it might interfere with biometric identification.

6. Mobile phones are not allowed

  • Candidates must keep their mobile phones in their bags in a silent mode outside the CAT examination hall. 
  • Any candidate found with a mobile phone will be cancelled from attempting the examination. Moreover, this can lead to disqualification from the examination in future.

7. Carry Sanitisers

  • The centres will be sanitised at regular intervals. Still, the candidates must carry their sanitisers. It is for their safety. 
  • Moreover, after touching the desk and post-completion of the CAT exam, candidates must use sanitisers.

8. Face mask is a must

  • Candidates must wear a face mask at all times. 
  • It will ensure the safety of fellow candidates as well as their own. 
  • Anyone found without a face mask will be barred from appearing in the examination.

9. No Electronic Devices

  • Any electronic device is strictly prohibited inside CAT exam hall. Therefore, candidates cannot wear any smartwatches, health bands, etc. 
  • Additionally, they cannot carry a pager, calculator, and electronic goods inside the examination centre.

Candidates will be provided with one pen and one scribble pad. They will have to drop the one copy of admit card, pen and scribble pad (with all pages intact) in the boxes at the exam hall before exiting.

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CAT 2023 Dress Code: What not to Wear to the CAT Exam Centre

While discussing what to wear for the CAT exam, candidates must remember to follow what are inappropriate as per the dress code for CAT exam. The list of unacceptable CAT exam dress codes are as follows:

  • Avoid wearing cargo pants or any dress that has long pockets/ sleeves.
  • Next, do not carry personal belongings such as wallets or money in your pockets.
  • Furthermore, candidates should not wear any smartwatches or health bands. 
  • Also, candidates must dress appropriately to avoid any confusion. 
  • Lastly, candidates must not wear any dress with hoodies or caps attached to them.

Covid-19 Guidelines for CAT 2023

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there will be a certain set of guidelines that one needs to follow today on the CAT 2023 exam day. 

In that, first, the aspirants need to follow the proper CAT dress code, then follow the rest of things. But without following the CAT guidelines, the students will not be permitted to appear in the examination.

  • Candidates must maintain physical distance starting from point of entry at the CAT test centre till his/her exit from the premise.
  • Candidates must bring their own facemask, gloves, personal hand sanitizer (50ml) and transparent water bottle.
  • Candidate must sign the self-declaration appropriately and show the same to the CAT test centre staff at the gate to gain entry.
  • Body temperature of the candidates will be checked at the entry of the CAT test venue with a thermo gun.
  • Mapping of 'Candidate Application Number and the Lab Number' will NOT be displayed outside the CAT test venue, but the same will be provided to each candidate individually at the time of entry.
  • At the registration desk, candidates will be directed to sanitize their hands using the sanitizer.

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CAT 2023 Exam Day Guidelines

It is necessary for every candidate to follow CAT 2023 Exam Day Guidelines to ensure they have a smooth exam experience.

  • Carry a hard copy of the CAT 2023 admit card. Entry to the exam hall will not be allowed if you don’t have a printout of the admit card. No digital copies are allowed.
  • Make sure you have two passport-size photographs to affix to your admit card.
  • Carry a valid photo ID proof issued by the Government of India (original and photocopy), such as an Aadhaar Card, Voter ID, Passport, PAN Card, E-Aadhaar, Ration Card, College/University ID, or Driver's License.
  • Candidates belonging to the PwD category must bring their Medical Certificate and Scribe Affidavit.
  • If your name has been changed due to marriage, divorce, or any other legal reason, then carry name change degree documents issued by the concerned authority.
  • Candidates with special medical conditions or any implants such as a pacemaker should provide valid Medical Certificates.
  • Bring an authorization form issued by IIM  if carrying any prohibited or exceptional items.
  • Reach the exam centre at the reporting time mentioned on your CAT 2023 admit card. No entry will be allowed once the gate of the exam hall has been closed.
  • You will have to go through various security checks, so ensure that you follow everything you are asked to do and do not engage in any unnecessary conversations.
  • If you face trouble finding your allocated seat in the CAT examination hall, ask the invigilator for help.
  • Read all the instructions regarding the CAT 2023 exam given on your computer screen. Pay attention to every detail so that you have a clear understanding of what you need to do.
  • You will be provided rough sheets for calculations. Make sure you use them and do not scribble anything on your admit card. You will be required to return them after the exam.
  • Avoid carrying any electronic gadgets like mobile phones, beepers, wristwatches, calculators, cameras, wireless/Bluetooth devices, etc. as they are prohibited inside the exam hall.

What should I wear on CAT Day?

Choosing what to wear to the CAT exam centre should not be a tough task for you. The exam authorities expect candidates to dress in simple and plain clothes.

  • Candidates must wear comfortable dresses. 
  • Next, the dress must be plain and simple.
  • Additionally, candidates can wear clothes that do not have long sleeves or pockets. 
  • For girls' CAT dress, it is advised not to wear scarves or carry any. 
  • Do not over-accessorise while appearing for the CAT exam. 

Can jeans be worn for CAT exam?

On the exam day of CAT, an individual must wear shorts/t-shirts/jeans/trousers etc. without pockets. Also, closed footwear, jackets or belts are not allowed within the examination hall. As per the issued guidelines Metal Objects, Ornaments and Jewellery are also prohibited in the exam centre.

Can I wear jacket in CAT exam?

Clothes with pockets are not allowed. Students can wear any of the top, shirt, pullover, sweater, cardigans, kurta, t-shirt, etc without any pockets. Do not wear jackets, scarves, shawls on the exam day.

Is there a dress code for CAT exam?

The dress code for CAT exam specifies all rules and regulations to be followed by the candidates appearing for the exam. Candidates taking the CAT exam are required to wear simple and comfortable dresses without multiple pockets

What should I bring on CAT exam day?

Important things to be carried on CAT Exam Day:
  1. Admit Card is a Must to Carry for CAT Exam
  2. Carry a Government Issued Photo Identity Card
  3. Forbidden Items for CAT 2023
  4. Scribe Affidavit and Medical Certificate
  5. Stationery Items that Can be Carried
  6. Authorisation Form
  7. Documents Related to Name Change

Forbidden Items for CAT 2023

  1. Watches.
  2. Mobile Phone.
  3. Handbag.
  4. Pencil Box.
  5. Calculator.
  6. Camera.
  7. Electronic Gadgets.
  8. Headphones/Earpiece.
  9. Log Table.

What should you not wear to a CAT?

Candidates are not allowed to wear closed footwear, cap, jackets and clothes with pockets and large buttons inside the exam hall. Candidates with a metal implant, pacemaker, etc. in their body will be required to present a medical certificate for the same.

Can girls wear earrings for CAT exam?

At the CAT exam centre, candidates have to make sure that they are not wearing any jewellery or carrying any metal with them. Candidates have to avoid wearing earrings, nose pins, necklaces, anklets, bangles or any other metallic ornaments.

Can we carry mobile to CAT exam?

The candidates must not wear jackets, jewellery, digital watch, electronic gadgets, shoes. Besides, candidates are not allowed to carry mobile phone, bag, wallets at the CAT test centre. If you are wearing or carrying any of these items, you will have to deposit them at Test Centre Entrance Gate.

Can I carry money in CAT exam?

Yes, you are allowed to carry paper notes inside the CAT examination hall without a wallet.

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