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CBSE Class 11 Business Studies
Sample Paper-02

Time allowed: 3 hours, Maximum Marks: 90
General Instructions:-

i. Answer to questions carrying 1 mark may be from one word to one sentence.

ii. Answer to questions carrying 3 marks may be from 50 to 75 words.

iii. Answer to questions carrying 4-5 marks may be about 150 words.

iv. Answer to questions carrying 6 marks may be about 200 words.

v. Attempt all parts of a question together.

vi. Question Nos. 1 to 8 are very short-answer questions carrying 1 mark each.

vii. Question Nos. 9 to 14 carry 3 marks each.

viii. Question Nos. 15 to 19 carry 4 marks each.

ix. Question Nos. 20 to 23 carry 5 marks each.

x. Question Nos. 24 to 27 carry 6 marks each.

1. "Giving priority to service instead of economic self-interest" is the characteristic of which economic activity?

2. Which form of business organisation gives all the rights to a Minor member?

3. ls a government school comes underpublic sector?

4. Ramesh took the Life Insurance Policy of his wife. After one year they got divorced and after two year, his wife died in a bus accident. Is Ramesh entitled to get compensation from the insurance company if he was paying the premium amount regularly.

5. Give any one source of short term financial needs.

6. State any one feature of Small Scale Industries.

7. Give two examples of usage of vending machine.

8. Ravindran wants to import 5000 electronic items from a South Korean Company. What proof should Ravindran present to the South Korean Company to prove his credit Worthiness?

9. A famous doctor charges highly from hi patients and refuses to treat poor patients without money. He takes gifts and commission from medical representatives and diagnostic Centres also. In your view, is it professional behaviour of a doctor? Write two values which are being violated by the doctor.

10. Name the organisation set up after the passing of a special Act by the Parliament or Legislative Assembly. Point out any five such organisations set up in India.

11. These days the utility of BPO and KPO is increasing in the companies consequently, companies are paying attention to core specialisation areas. How much important in this occupation of the companies in your view and why?

12. A person suffering from Asthma didn't disclose this fact while taking a Life Insurance Policy. Name the principle violated and Explain it.

13. Identify the source which is termed as fair weather friend? Explain the reasons why is it so called?

14. Sukhdev has a shop in Chandni Chowk. He keeps stock of ladies Suits of three or four manufacturers. Sulekha, Sharda and Aayat are few of his clients to whom he sells in smaller quantities. They further sell the suits to their customers. What type of trade is Sukhdev doing? Write any two service that Sukhdev is giving to his clients like Sulekha.

15. lf registration is optional, why do partnership firms willingly go through his legal formality and get themselves registered? Explain.

16. Distinguish between fire insurance and marine insurance on the basis of:
i. Indemnity
ii. Insurable interest
iii. Duration
iv. Loss measurement.

17. 'Rajat Flour Mills' gives fair remuneration to its employees. All the mill employees are happy and tells encourages their friends also to join the mill. Which values are being highlighted here.

18. ABC Trading Ltd. is a wholesaler of rice. Its financial manager Mr. X appointed an agent to procure unsecured short term finance for the company. Rate enlist an this loan was higher than Bank Interest Rate but according to Mr. X its advantage was it was free from Bureaucrat & legal hassels. Identify the Source & Write its 4 features.

19. "With globalisation and liberalisation in India after New Economic policy 1991, international business increased manifold. The balance of payment position which was really adverse for the country, pragmatically improved. The employment opportunities increased. People of the country got the opportunities increased. People of the country got the opportunity to consume goods & services of other Countries." Based on the para given above identify and quote the benefit of international business to the nation.

20. "Just as a human being requires food to live, similarly, a business needs profit to exist." Do you agree with this statement. Give any four reasons to Support your view.

21. What do you understand by e-Business? Explain briefly any four benefits of e-Business.

22. As a source of finance retained profit is better than other sources. Do you agree with this view? Give reasons for your answer. Can a company grow indefinitely by reinvesting surplus profit?

23. Reader's Digest, a monthly magazine contacts its customers through advertisement in magazines. It places a post card in the magazine itself and provides information about price, features and delivery terms etc. The customer are asked to make full payment in advance. Which type of business is Reader's Digest following? Do you think this type of business is successful among the customers? Comment by giving points in favour of your argument.

24. Explain the important documents that have to be prepared for the incorporation of a company.

25. Give relative advantage of Statutory corporations over departmental undertakings in respect of efficiency, organisation and control.

26. Bright Light Co. manufactures electrical appliances. Finance manager of the Company is looking for a financial instrument which fulfulls his long term finance needs but has Tax advantage to it. Suggest him which source of finance should he use. Give four advantages of this source.

27. Katappa Ltd. of India has received an order from Bahubali Ltd. of Sri Lanka for 10,000 Jeans. What export procedure will be followed by Katappa Ltd. Explain in detail.

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