English: CBSE Sample Question Paper (2020-21) - 1 Notes | Study English Class 12 - Class 12

Class 12: English: CBSE Sample Question Paper (2020-21) - 1 Notes | Study English Class 12 - Class 12

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1. This paper is divided into two parts A and B.
2. All the questions are compulsory.
3. Separate instructions are given with each section and question, wherever necessary. Read these instructions very carefully and follow them.
4. Do not exceed the prescribed word limit while answering the questions.

Part-A (40 Marks)

Q.1. Read the passage given below:
1. A fisherman, enfeebled with age, could no longer go out to sea, so he began fishing in the river. Every morning he would go down to the river and sit there fishing the whole day long. In the evening he would sell whatever he had caught, buy food for himself and go home. It was a hard life for an old man. One hot afternoon while he was trying to keep awake and bemoaning his fate, a large bird with silvery feathers alighted on a rock near him. It was Kaha, the heavenly bird ‘Have you no one to care for you, grandpa?’ asked the bird ‘Not a soul’. ‘You should not be doing such work at your age’, said the bird ‘From now on I will bring you a big fish every evening. You can sell it and live in comfort’. True to her word, the bird began to drop a large fish at his doorstep every evening. All that the fisherman had to do was take it to the market and sell it. As big fish were in great demand, he was soon rolling in money. He bought a cottage near the sea, with a garden around it and engaged a servant to cook for him. His wife had died some years earlier. He had decided to marry again and began to look for a suitable woman.
2. One day he heard the royal courtier make an announcement. Our king has news of a great bird called Kaha,’ said the courtier. ‘Whoever can give information about this bird and help catch it, will be rewarded with half the gold in the royal treasury and half the kingdom !’ The fisherman was sorely tempted by the reward Half the kingdom would make him a prince !
3. ‘Why does the king want the bird ?’ he asked ‘He has lost his sight,’ explained the courtier. ‘A wise man has advised him to bathe his eyes with the blood of Kaha Do you know where can she be found?’ ‘No…I mean …no, no…’ Torn between greed and his sense of gratitude to the bird, the fisherman could not give a coherent reply. The courtier, sensing that he knew something about the bird, informed the king. The king had him brought to the palace.
4. ‘If you have information about the bird, tell me,’ urged the king. ‘I will reward you handsomely and if you help catch her, I will personally crown you king of half my domain’. ‘I will get the bird for you,’ cried the fisherman, suddenly making up his mind ‘But Kaha is strong. I will need help’. The king sent a dozen soldiers with him. That evening when the bird came with the fish, the fisherman called out to her to wait. ‘You drop the fish and go and I never get a chance to thank you for all that you’ve done for me,’ he said ‘Today I have laid out a feast for you inside. Please alight and come in’. Kaha was reluctant to accept the invitation but the fisherman pleaded so earnestly that she finally gave in, and alighted The moment she was on the ground, the fisherman grabbed one of her legs and shouted to the soldiers hiding in his house to come out. They rushed to his aid, but their combined effort could not keep Kaha down.
5. She rose into the air with the fisherman still clinging onto her leg. By the time he realised he was being carried away, the fisherman was too high in the air to let go. He hung on grimly, and neither he nor Kaha were ever seen again.
Based on your understanding of the above passage, answer ANY TEN of the questions given below by choosing the most appropriate option:    (1×10=10)
(1) Why was the king desperately looking for Kaha the bird?
(i) The king wanted a pet bird.
(ii) A wise man advised the king to capture the bird for good luck.
(iii) Kaha was the only heavenly bird with silvery feathers.
(iv) The king was blind and required Kaha’s blood for his eyes.
Ans. (iv) The king was blind and required Kaha’s blood for his eyes.

(2) Why did the bird volunteer to bring fish for the old man?
(i) The old man was inexperienced at fishing.
(ii) The bird took pity on the old man and wanted to help him.
(iii) The bird had caught more fish than required.
(iv) The bird wanted to make the old man rich.
Ans. (ii) The bird took pity on the old man and wanted to help him.

(3) What led the courtier to sense that the fisherman might know something about Kaha?
(i) The courtier had observed Kaha alight at the fisherman’s house every evening.
(ii) The courtier had seen the fisherman talk to Kaha.
(iii) The fisherman fumbled when asked about Kaha.
(iv) Word went around that the fisherman was in contact with Kaha
Ans. (iii) The fisherman fumbled when asked about Kaha.

(4) Which of the following is not true about Kaha?
Kaha was a very considerate bird.
(ii) The blood of Kaha was precious.
(iii) Kaha was a strong bird.
(iv) Kaha saved the fisherman from the King’s wrath.
Ans. (iv) Kaha saved the fisherman from the King’s wrath.

(5) Whom did the king sent with the fisherman to catch Kaha?
(i) His son
(ii) His soldiers
(iii) His hunters
(iv) Other fishermen
Ans. (ii) His soldiers

(6) Why did the fisherman stammer when asked if he knew about the bird?
The fisherman thought he was going to be punished for living off the bird.
(ii) He was thrilled he would be able to help the king.
(iii) He already knew about the reward that was being offered.
(iv) He was conflicted between the king’s reward and his gratitude towards the bird.
Ans. (iv) He was conflicted between the king’s reward and his gratitude towards the bird.

(7) Pick out the correct meaning of the phrase 'rolling in money'?
(i) To have a large amount of money
(ii) To waste the money
(iii) To invest the money
(iv) To have no idea of money being possessed
Ans. (i) To have a large amount of money

(8) The bird _____________ alongwith the fisherman clinging on to her leg.
(ii) Flew away
(iii) Was captured
(iv) Was caged
Ans. (ii) Flew away

(9) Pick out the word or phrase from the passage opposite in meaning to ‘take off’ (as used in Para 1).
(i) Go out
(ii) Go down
(iii) Alight
(iv) Rolling
Ans. (iii) Alight

(10) Pick out the word/phrase from the passage opposite in meaning to ‘released’ (a used in Para 4).
(ii) Grabbed
(iii) Both (i) and (ii)
(iv) Neither (i) nor (ii)
Ans. (iii) Both (i) and (ii)

(11) Write the infinite form of ‘invitation’(used in Para 4).
(i) informal
(ii) inform
(iii) informing
(iv) informed
Ans. (ii) inform

Q.2. Read the passage given below:
1. A survey was conducted on student preferences with respect to the most popular means of communication among them. Surprisingly, the students didn’t seem much interested in traditional means of communication. Only 7% were interested in writing letters to their friends or kins as compared to those who preferred e-mails.
English: CBSE Sample Question Paper (2020-21) - 1 Notes | Study English Class 12 - Class 122. However, the chief competition is between users of Instant Messenger and those of telephone lines. The users of fax line as a medium of communication are only marginal. There are supporters of text messaging also. Overall, the survey had a mixed response from the students.
3. The students have indicated that they out of the choices given in the survey questionnaire, they have indicated the most preferred option. But, most of the students are of the view that video calling needs to be mentioned in the questionnaire as it is the most effective and most popular means of communication. Further, voice messages are the second most preferred means of communication.
Based on your understanding of the above passage, answer any ten of the questions given below by choosing the most appropriate option:    (1 × 10 = 10)
(1) In which means of communications are not generally preferred by the students?
(i) Traditional
(ii) Modern
(iii) All
(iv) None of these
Ans. (i) Traditional

(2) Which means of communication totals to the combined usage of fax and letters?
(i) Telephone
(ii) Text message
(iii) E-mail
(iv) Instant Messenger
Ans. (iii) E-mail

(3) Which means of communication is liked by more than one-fourth of the students?
(i) Telephone
(ii) Text message
(iii) E-mail
(iv) Fax
Ans. (i) Telephone

(4) Which means of communication is liked by exactly one-tenth of the students?
(i) Letter
(ii) Fax
(iii) E-mail
(iv) Letters
Ans. (ii) Fax

(5) How much of the students prefer either of telephones or text messages as medium of communication?
Option 1

English: CBSE Sample Question Paper (2020-21) - 1 Notes | Study English Class 12 - Class 12
Option 2
English: CBSE Sample Question Paper (2020-21) - 1 Notes | Study English Class 12 - Class 12
Option 3
English: CBSE Sample Question Paper (2020-21) - 1 Notes | Study English Class 12 - Class 12
Option 4
English: CBSE Sample Question Paper (2020-21) - 1 Notes | Study English Class 12 - Class 12
Ans. Option 3
English: CBSE Sample Question Paper (2020-21) - 1 Notes | Study English Class 12 - Class 12

(6) What is the overall response of the students to the survey
(i) Biased
(ii) Unbiased
(iii) Mixed
(iv) None of these
Ans. (iii) Mixed

(7) What is the correct order of the medium of communication in decreasing order of preference?
(i) Voice message, Text message, Instant Messenger, Fax
(ii) Text message, Instant Messenger, Voice message, Fax
(iii) Instant Messenger, Fax, Voice message, Text message
(iv) Text message, Instant Messenger, Fax, Voice message
Ans. (i) Voice message, Text message, Instant Messenger, Fax

(8) Which is the most preferred means of communication among the students?
(ii) Text message
(iii) Voice message
(iv) Video calling
Ans. (iv) Video calling

(9) Pick out the word or phrase from the passage which means the same as ‘study’ (used in Para 1).
(i) Survey
(ii) Popular
(iii) Communication
(iv) Kins
Ans. (i) Survey

(10) Pick out the word or phrase from the passage which means opposite to ‘gradual’ (used in Para 2).
(ii) Instant
(iii) Marginal
(iv) Mixed
Ans. (ii) Instant

(11) The word ‘view’ used in Para 3 here means:
(ii) Thinking
(iii) Procedure
(iv) Opinion
Ans. (iv) Opinion

Q.3. Read the extract given below and attempt ANY TWO of the given by answering the questions that follow.    (4 + 4 = 8)
(a) The yellowish light was going out. Then all effort ceased. I relaxed. Even my legs felt limp and a blackness swept over my brain. It wiped out fear; it wiped out terror. There was no more panic. It was quiet and peaceful. Nothing to be afraid of. This is nice... to be drowsy... to go to sleep... no need to jump... too tired to jump... it’s nice to be carried gently... to float along in space.
(i) Who is ‘I’ in the above lines?
a. The author
b. The author’s coach
c. The author’s friend
d. An eighteen-year old boy
Ans. (i) a. The author

(ii) Why did ‘I’ stop putting in efforts?
a. Feeling exhausted
b. Feeling sleepy
c. Feeling drowsy
d. Feeling unhappy
Ans. (ii) a. Feeling exhausted

(iii) Why was ‘I’ feeling quiet and peaceful?
He was confident of coming out
b. He was swimming across
c. He had started rising in water
d. He had left everything on God
Ans. (iii) d. He had left everything on God

(iv) What happened to ‘I’ after that?
a. Died
b. Taken out of water by someone
c. Swam out
d. Not explained in the story
Ans. (iv) b. Taken out of water by someone

(b) The blacksmiths glanced only casually and indifferently at the intruder. He looked the way people of his type usually did, with a long beard, dirty, ragged, and with a bunch of rattraps dangling on his chest. He asked permission to stay, and the master blacksmith nodded a haughty consent without honouring him with a single word.
(i) Who is the intruder here?
a. Rattrap peddler
b. Ironmaster
c. Edla
d. Crofter
Ans. (i) a. Rattrap Peddler

(ii) How was he looking?
a. Shabby
b. Ragged
c. Long beard
d. All of these
Ans. (ii) d. All of these

(iii) Where did he want to stay?
a. Forge near the railway station
b. Forge near the furnace
c. Ship ready to sail off
d. Blacksmiths’ courtyard
Ans. (iii) b. Forge near the furnace

(iv) Which word in the passage is antonym of ‘disapproval’?
a. Indifferently
b. Dangling
c. Permission
d. Haughty
Ans. (iv) c. Permission

(c) “And think of all those people worse off than you. Think, you might have been blinded, or born deaf, or have to live in a wheelchair, or be daft in your head and dribble.”
(i) Who is the speaker of these words?
a. Jack
b. Jo
c. Derry
d. Mr. Lamb
Ans. (i) c. Derry

(ii) How have people been sermonizing to Derry about his burnt face?
a. To be brave
b. To be sympathetic
c. To be patient
d. To be happy
Ans. (ii) a. To be brave

(iii) How does Derry feel about this sermonising?
b. Disliked
c. Indifferent
d. Displeased
Ans. (iii) b. Disliked

(iv) Pick up a word from above lines which is similar in meaning as ‘fall slowly in drops or a thin stream’.
a. Worse
b. Deaf
c. Daft
d. Dribble
Ans. (iv) d. Dribble

Q.4. Read the extract given below and attempt ANY ONE of the two given by answering the questions that follow.    (4 Mark)

(a) …….. but soon,
Put that thought away and
Looked out at young
Trees sprinting, the merry children spilling
Out of their homes, ……
(i) What thought did the poet put away?
a. The impending death of mother
b. The ominous plane crash
c. The gun wound injury
d. None of these
Ans. (i) a. The impending death of mother

(ii) What did the poet see when looked out of the car?
a. Houses
b. Trees
c. Children
d. All of these
Ans. (ii) d. All of these

(iii) What does the phrase ‘trees sprinting’ signify?
a. Trees have started running
b. Trees are similar to children
c. Fleeting time
d. Homeless children
Ans. (iii) c. Fleeting time

(iv) Which word in the passage is an antonym of ‘miserable’?
a. Thought
b. Sprinting
c. Merry
d. Spilling
Ans. (iv) c. Merry
(b) A thing of beauty is a joy forever
Its loveliness increases, it will never
Pass into nothingness ; but will keep
A bower quiet for us, and a sleep Full of sweet dreams, and health, and quiet breathing.
(i) Name the poem.
a. An Elementary School
b. My Mother at Sixty-Six
c. A Thing of Beauty
d. Keeping Quiet
Ans. (i) c. A Thing of Beauty

(ii) How does a thing of beauty remain a joy forever?
a. It has long-lasting impact
b. It has a forgettable impact
c. It has a breath-taking impact
d. It has no impact
Ans. (ii) a. It has long-lasting impact.

(iii) What does ‘never pass into nothingness’ mean?
a. It is internal
b. It is external
c. It is sentimental
d. It is eternal
Ans. (iii) d. It is eternal

(iv) What does bower provide us?
Peaceful grove
b. Relaxing sleep
c. Both a and b
d. None of these
Ans. (iv) c. Both a and b

Q.5. Attempt ANY EIGHT questions from the ten given below.    (1 x 8 = 8)
(i) Who of these are NOT there in Mukesh’s family?
b. Grandmother
c. Father
d. Mother
Ans. (i) (a) Grandfather

(ii) Where did Douglas camp?
a. Cold Lake
b. Warm lake
c. Cold Desert
d. Hot Desert
Ans. (ii) (b) Warm Lake

(iii) What did the peddler leave behind at the ironmaster ’s home?
a. Christmas gift
b. Diwali gift
c. Holi gift
d. Birthday gift
Ans. (iii) (a) Christmas gift

(iv) Where was the poetess driving to in the poem ‘My Mother at Sixty-Six’?
a. Home
b. Office
c. Airport
d. Railway station
Ans. (iv) (c) Airport

(v) What will counting up to twelve help us with?
Achieving harmony
b. Achieving targets
c. Achieving anger
d. Achieving happiness
Ans. (v) (a) Achieving harmony

(vi) According to the poet, what is a thing of beauty?
a. A sadness forever
b. A treasure forever
c. A myth forever
d. A joy forever
Ans. (vi) (d) A joy forever

(vii) What is the reality of Aunt Jennifer ’s tigers?
They are tame.
b. They are wild.
c. They are embroidered.
d. They are unrealistic.
Ans. (vii)  (c) They are embroidered

(viii) Where is Sam shown to have shifted to upon Charlie’s advice?
b. Stantonburg
c. Shearsburg
d. Gladesburg
Ans. (viii) (a) Galesburg

(ix) What was the usual name of the small creature in all the stories told by Jack?
a. Skunk
b. Mother
c. Roger
d. Chipper
Ans. (ix) (c) Roger

(x) What was the name of the examiner?
a. McCathan
b. McDonald
c. McCarry
d. McLeery
Ans. (x) (d) McLeery

Part-B (40 Marks)

Q.6. Attempt any ONE of the following:
English: CBSE Sample Question Paper (2020-21) - 1 Notes | Study English Class 12 - Class 12

(a) You are Rameshwaram/Rameshwari, Secretary, Literary Club of A.B.C. School, Vikaspuri. Your schoolmate, Gautam Adhikari, a budding writer, has won the first prize in the State Story Writing Competition. The club has decided to organize a function to felicitate him on his laudable achievement. Write a notice in about 50 words, inviting all the students and giving further details.    (3 Mark)
English: CBSE Sample Question Paper (2020-21) - 1 Notes | Study English Class 12 - Class 12
(b) You have retired from a bank after 30 years of service and are looking for a job. Draft an advertisement in about 50 words for the situation wanted column of a local daily giving your qualifications, experience and the kind of job expected. You are Sunil/Sita, 4, Bank Enclave, Delhi.    (3 Mark)
English: CBSE Sample Question Paper (2020-21) - 1 Notes | Study English Class 12 - Class 12

Q.7. Attempt any ONE of the following:    (3 Mark)
English: CBSE Sample Question Paper (2020-21) - 1 Notes | Study English Class 12 - Class 12
 Your friend, P.V. Sathish, has invited you to attend the wedding of his sister, Jaya. You find that you have an important paper of pre-board examination on the day of the wedding. Thus you cannot attend the event. Write a formal reply in about 50 words to the invitation expressing your regret. You are Punit / Punita Vij, M-114, Fort Road, Chennai.    (3 Mark)
English: CBSE Sample Question Paper (2020-21) - 1 Notes | Study English Class 12 - Class 12
(b) Namita/Namit has come out successful in the XII class examination. She/he has decided to organise a party for her/his friends. Draft an informal invitation in about 50 words giving details of venue, time and date.    (3 Mark)

36B, Phase-II,
Preet Vihar,
28 May, 20xx,
Dear Swati,
You will be pleased to know that I have cleared my class XII examination with 96% marks and have been declared a city topper. To celebrate the occasion, please join me for a small get together on June, 20xx at my residence at 7 p.m. Hope you will surely come and be a part of my celebration.
Your loving friend,

Q.8. Attempt any ONE of the following 
English: CBSE Sample Question Paper (2020-21) - 1 Notes | Study English Class 12 - Class 12
(a) National Book Trust organised one week long book fair at Anna Grounds, Chennai. You visited the fair and bought a few books. You were pleased with the arrangements, enthusiasm of the visitors and the fact that books have not yet lost their relevance in the world of the Internet. Write a letter in 120–150 words to the Editor of a local newspaper to express your feelings. You are Lalit/ Latha, 112, Mount Road, Chennai.    (5 Mark)
120, Kirti Nagar
New Delhi
17 April, 20xx
HR Manager,
Lajpat Nagar,
New Delhi
Sub: Application for the post of Sales Executive
Dear Sir,
With reference to your advertisement published in 'The Times of India', dated 15 April 20xx, I would like to submit my resume for the post of 'Sales Executive'. I am an MBA from SNDT University. I did my B.Com. (Hons.) from University of Delhi. I have a total experience of 3 years in the relevant field. If given a chance, I'll try to do everything in my capability to contribute in the company's growth.
I have attached my resume for your kind consideration.
Hope to get a positive reply from your side!
Thank you.
Yours truly,
(b) You see a classified advertisement in the newspaper inviting applications for the post of a Sales Executive in a reputed bank. Write a letter with bio-data in about 120–150 words to the HR Manager, HABC Bank, Lajpat Nagar New, applying for the post advertised. You are Avani/Aviral of 120, Kirti Nagar, Delhi.    [Comptt. Delhi Set I, 2015]    (5 Mark)
English: CBSE Sample Question Paper (2020-21) - 1 Notes | Study English Class 12 - Class 12
English: CBSE Sample Question Paper (2020-21) - 1 Notes | Study English Class 12 - Class 12 

Q.9. Attempt any ONE of the following:
English: CBSE Sample Question Paper (2020-21) - 1 Notes | Study English Class 12 - Class 12
(a) Every teenager has a dream to achieve something in life. What they are going to become tomorrow depends on what our youth dream today. Write an article in 150-120 words on ‘’What I want to be in life”. You are Simranjit/ Smita.    (5 Mark)
By Smita
Ever person has some aims and ambitions of his life. Some get success to achieve these goals and some fail. Mahatma Gandhi sacrificed his life for the sake of India. Everybody is born to serve some purpose. Everyone should be aware of his ambition in life. Desires may be many, but an ambition is a different thing.
I also have an ambition. When I will grow up. I want to become a teacher in order to create the future of my country. People have goals of becoming doctors, engineers, actors, lawyers. But who helps them in achieving their goal? It is the teacher who guides them in realizing their dream. I have many teachers in my life whom I am proud of.
The primary job of a teacher is to craft the mind of his/her pupil in a way to bring out the best of his/her qualities as a human being. Then he/she lays the stone of the student's future. A teacher makes a big difference in a student's life and so. it is very important to get a good teacher. A teacher's job is not too simple make the student know about the facts of the world but also to enrich him/her with morality, truth and good principles.
A teacher's job is the toughest and important as he/she not only grooms an individual but grooms the future of a nation. It is a thought of great pride and honor to be a teacher. But with pride comes great responsibility. If a teacher wants to create a bright future, he/she should be a good individual without any flaw. I will try to make myself be able to fulfill this big responsibility with the help of the teachers I have got in my life.
(b) An NGO, ‘Health for All’ organised a health check-up camp in a slum at Amritsar. You are Ruchika/ Raunak, and you visited the camp. Write a report in 150–200 words covering arrangements such as registration, checkup, tests carried out, etc.
You may use the given cues along with your own ideas.    (5 Mark)
— what
— purpose
— when
— where
— arrangements
— registration, check-up, tests, reports
— follow ups and treatment
— people's satisfaction
— feedback given by visitors


By Raunak

12th May, 20xx
A complete health check- up camp was organised by an NGO in a slum of Amritsar on 15 February 20XX. The camp aimed to make the slum-dwellers aware of their ailments or other health problems so as to come up as a healthy being. The programme started at 9 am in a local school nearby. A team of five doctors, along with paramedical staff, reached the venue in time. They first started the registrations where the persons were supposed to tell their age and general health. Next, there were different counters where normal medical check-up, eye-test, etc. were done. The main focus was on making the people aware of illnesses caused by not taking care of hygiene and sanitation. They provided information to individuals about any kind of diseases they might be suffering from. Free medicines were distributed among the people and they were also made aware about the importance of follow up. The programme was a huge success as they were given information about healthy food habits and clean and healthy surroundings in a lecture by Dr. Gautam. The response of the slum dwellers was overwhelming and they promised to follow the health-safety points given by the team.

Q.10. Answer the following questions in 30-40 words each.    (Any Five) (2×5=10)
(i) What words did Mr. Hamel write on the blackboard before dismissing the last class? What did they mean?
(ii) Why can’t the bangle makers of Firozabad organize themselves into a cooperative? 
(iii) What lesson did Douglas learn when he got rid of his fear of water?
(iv) Why are the young trees described as sprinting?
(v) How does the poem ‘An Elementary School Classroom in a Slum’ portray the children?
(vi) How will ‘Keeping Quiet’ protect one’s environment?
(i) He wrote ‘Vive La France!’. It means Long Live France.
(ii) The bangle makers of Firozabad can’t organize themselves because even if they get organised, they are the ones who will be hauled up by the police, beaten up and dragged to jail for doing something illegal. There is no leader among them, no one who could help them see things differently.
(iii) Douglas learnt that one could get over any fear if one is determined to do so. All it requires is the will and the hard work. There is nothing to fear in this world. The only thing to fear is fear itself because only fear stops us from moving ahead in life.
(iv) Value Points:
— Image of youthfulness
— energy
— vitality
— full of life
— contrast to mother’s pale/old face.
Detailed Answer :
The young trees running spiritedly in the opposite direction stand in sharp contrast to the poetess’ aged and pale-looking mother. The trees symbolize youth and life, whereas the old mother represents old age and is moving towards the grave. They symbolise the quick passage of time that has brought old age to her.
(v) The poem portrays the children in a very pathetic manner. They are undernourished and diseased. The poet compares their unkempt and dull hair to rootless weeds. One of the girls is sitting with her head weighed down probably burdened with the miseries of poverty. A boy had inherited his father ’s disease and another was sitting unnoticed with a yearning to play outside.
(vi) Value Points: In a moment of inactivity fishermen will not harm the whales/man will not indiscriminately exploit nature for his vested interests and harm himself (man gathering salt will look at his own hands)/e.g., no green wars, no wars with gases.
Detailed Answer: ‘Keeping Quiet’ will protect our environment, as it will give everyone time to introspect and to think about the consequences of their actions. Human beings will not harm other creatures and all wars will come to an end. Man will not indiscriminately exploit nature for his vested interests and harm himself.

Q.11. Answer the following questions in 30-40 words each.   (Any Two) (2×2=4)
(i) Give a brief description of the third level.
(ii) How did Dr. Sadao perform his duty as a patriotic Japanese?
(iii) Why does Derry tell Mr. Lamb that he is afraid of seeing himself in the mirror in the story ‘On The Face of It’?

(i) The general layout of the third level was more or less similar to that of the second level but it had comparatively smaller rooms, fewer ticket windows and train gates. The information booth in the centre was wooden and it bore an old look. One could spot a small ‘Currier and Ives’ locomotive with a funnel–shaped stack at this level. The place with brass spittoons did not look very bright in the open flame gaslights. Everyone in the station was dressed like ‘eighteen–ninety–something’.
(ii) Value Points: med
– informed General Takima about the American soldier
– agreed to the General’s plan of assassination    [CBSE Marking Scheme, 2019]

Q.12. Answer the following in 120-150 words.
How different from usual was the atmosphere at school on the day of the last lesson?
Value Points:

– school very quiet and still
– usually very noisy
– M r. Hamel with ruler
– banging on the desks
– lessons repeated in unison
– that day Mr. Hamel dressed in his Sunday best
– spoke gently and kindly
– all very attentive
– even small children not distracted
– villagers present
– feeling of patriotism and regret at not having learnt French when they had the time    [CBSE Marking Scheme, 2015]
Detailed Answer:
Usually, there used to be a great bustle of opening and closing of the desks, the lesson used to be repeated loudly and the teacher’s ruler would go rapping on the table, but that day everything was very calm and quiet like Sunday morning. All the students were in their classroom. Mr. Hamel was walking with his iron ruler under his arm. Franz was frightened to enter the class as he thought that he would be scolded badly as he was very late. But to his surprise, Mr. Hamel did not say anything to him, rather he said to him very politely, “Go to your place quickly little Franz.” After sitting in his seat, Franz noticed that the teacher was wearing his beautiful green coat, frilled shirt with a little black silk cap having embroidery on it; he usually wore this type of dress for functions or prize ceremonies. Franz noticed that the other villagers including old Hauser, the former Mayor and the former Post master were also present in class and they were sitting on the back benches.
Why is the Champaran episode considered to be the beginning of the Indian struggle for independence?    (5 Mark)
Value Points:

— The first mass movement in India.
— Injustice was thwarted.
— The movement grew out of Gandhi’s attempt to remove distress
— Though the amount of refund was meagre, it was a great moral victory.
— Liberation from fear of the British
— Successful Civil Disobedience Movement
Detailed Answer: The Champaran episode was a landmark in Gandhian style of fighting against the British. It grew out of an attempt to make the sufferings of poor peasants less severe. The peasants of Champaran were in great fear of the British government because they were forced to plant 15% of their holdings with Indigo and surrender the entire produce to the landlord. When synthetic indigo came, the landlords released them after demanding compensation from them. The innocent peasants agreed without realising what they were doing. When Raj Kumar Shukla told Gandhiji about it, Gandhiji visited Champaran and realized that the peasants were greatly in fear of the British. He realized that it was necessary to liberate them of their fear of British. After the Civil Disobedience Movement, the farmers also got encouraged and realised that they too had rights and defenders as well. It was a spontaneous demonstration around the courthouse which made everyone realise that it was the beginning of the Indian struggle for independence. Everyone also realized that they could stand against the British, and they could not order them around in their own country. That is why the Champaran episode is considered to be the beginning of the Indian struggle for independence.

Q.13. Answer the following in 120-150 words.
Apparent illogicality sometimes turns out to be a futuristic projection. Discuss with reference to ‘The Third Level’.    (5 Mark)
Ans. Man is endowed with the gift of imagination. He is a dreamer. Every great invention was an illogical dream to begin with. Icarus and his father flew with the help of artificial wings attached to themselves. How illogical! They could not have flown like that. Even to think of flying like birds was a sheer dream. But today we can fly at great speed. The aeroplane of today is a dreamer’s idea of the flying carpet or uran khatola of past imagination. But those illogical things are the realities of today.
Describe three tricks used by Evans to escape from the prison.   (5 Mark)
Ans. Value Points: Tricks used by Evans
— taking O–level exam with accomplice as invigilator / also tutor
— played on Jackson’s compassion- allowed to wear cap
— used Stephens’s ego
– to walk McLeery to gate
— knew Governor was fair
– asked him to remove Stephens from the cell
— had accomplice pose as McLeery
— cut his hair, covered with cap
— used blanket to cover himself
— devised plan
B — used correction slip (Any three of the above)    [CBSE Marking Scheme, 2017]
Detailed Answer: Evans, the habitual jail breaker outwits everyone and in spite of all the precautions taken by the Governor he is able to escape from the prison. From the very beginning when the German teacher enters the prison to the last encounter between the Governor and Evans in the hotel, the latter outsmarts them at each stage and proves that they are no match for his crafty scheming. Evans carries out all his plans ‘right under their noses’, turning the tables on them, making the prison authorities appear as ‘good for nothing’ officers. For example, he knew that Mr. Jackson who used a rough tone had some compassion in him. He granted Evans’ request to keep the filthy looking red and white bobble hat on his head during the examination. The hat was actually to hide his recently cropped hair. Also he knew that prison officers will blindly go by assumption. He pretended to pose as ‘injured’ McLeery in the cell. No one checked the identity of ‘injured’ McLeery as it was assumed that Evans had hit McLeery and escaped. In fact, Evans is actually, officially escorted out of jail by the prison official themselves. Finally at the hotel, when the Governor feels that he has been able to nab Evans, he dodges him and slips away.

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