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Ques 1. In 1953, Hooper was a favoured young man. A big genuine grin civilized his highly competitive nature. Standing six-foot-one, he'd played on the university football team. He was already a hard-charging Zone Sales Manager for a chemical company. 
(i) Who was Hooper? 
(ii)What do you mean by a 'favoured young man'? 
(iii) Write three adjectives used for Chuck Hooper.

Ans: (i) He was a Zone Sales Manager for a chemical company.
(ii) Chuck Hooper was living his life to the fullest. There was no obstacles in his life.
(iii) Favoured, genuine and competitive are used to describe Hooper.

Ques 2. One of Chuck's district managers drove Marcy to the hospital. Her husband couldn't talk; he could only breathe and see and his vision was double. Marcy phoned a neighbour, asking him to put Duke in a kennel. 
(i) Who was Marcy?
(ii) Why was Chuck's condition deteriorating?
(iii) Why do you think Marcy wanted to put Duke in a kennel?

Ans: (i) She was the wife of Chuck Hooper.
(ii) He had met with an accident and got a subdural haemorrhage, paralyzing his left side completely.
(iii) She wanted so as she knew that she would be away for several days to look after Chuck in the hospital and consequently there would be no one to look after the pet.

Ques 3. Finally, they decided to bring Duke home. Chuck said he wanted to be standing when Duke came in, so they stood him up. Duke's at follow. nails were long from four months confinement and when he spied Chuck he stood quivering like 5000 volts, then he let out a bellow, spun his long-nailed wheels and launched himself across three metres of air. 
(i) Where had Duke been earlier? 
(ii) What does the extract reflect about the dog's attitude towards Hooper? (iii) Which literary device has been used in the above lines?

Ans: (i) Duke had been sent to a kennel by Marcy.
(ii) He was overjoyed and excited when he saw Hooper.
(iii) The author has used Simile: quivering like 5000 volts in the above lines.

Ques 4. The once-iron muscles slacked on the rangy frame. Secretly, Marcy cried as she watched the big man's grin fade away. Severe face lines set in like cement, as Chuck stared at the ceiling for hours, then out of the window, then at Duke. 
(i) Identify 'the big man' in the current extract. 
(ii) Why did the big man's grin fade away? 
(iii) Explain 'Severe face, lines set in like cement as Chuck stared at the ceiling'.

Ans: (i) 'The big man' refers to the paralyzed Chuck Hooper.
(ii) The big man's grin faded away because he had met with an accident and got subdural haemorrhage, paralyzing his left side completely.
(iii) Just as the lines in cement are clearly visible, similarly empty face expressions could be seen on Chuck's face clearly as he watched at the ceiling silently.

Ques 5. When two fellows stare at each other day in, day out and one can't move and the other can't talk, boredom sets in. 
(i) Why can 'one' not move? 
(ii) Why can't the 'other' talk? 
(iii) Name an indefinite pronoun used in the current extract. 
(i) Name the two fellows referred to in the above extract. 
(ii) Why was one of them unable to move? 
(iii) How do they finally manage to overcome the boredom?

Ans: (i) One (Hooper) cannot move as he is paralyzed.
(ii) Other (Duke) cannot talk as he is an animal.
(iii) One is used as an indefinite pronoun in the above extract.
(i) The two fellows are Chuck Hooper and his dog, Duke.
(ii) Chuck Hooper was unable to move as a fatal accident had left him paralyzed.
(iii) The two fellows managed to overcome the boredom only after Chuck decided to walk.

Ques 6. But Duke wouldn't. He'd lie down with a reproachful eye on Hooper. An hour later, he would come over to the bed again and yap and poke. He wouldn't leave but just sit there. 
(i) Explain- But Duke wouldn't. 
(ii) Why would Duke cast a 'reproachful eye' on Hooper?
(iii) Which two words are related to dogs?

Ans: (i) Hooper instructed him to go and run around the house which Duke wouldn't do. (ii) He wanted to show that Hooper was criticizing him for not showing any zest.
(iii) Yap and poke are related to dogs.

Ques 7. One evening Chuck's good hand idly hooked the leash onto Duke's collar to hold him still. It was like lighting a fuse: Duke shimmied himself U-shaped in anticipation. 

(i) Explain 'It was like lighting a fuse.' 
(ii) What are all of them busy in? 
(iii) What do you understand by 'Duke shimmied himself?
(i) What is the author referring to by 'good hand'? 
(ii) What was lighting a fuse? 
(iii) What was Duke in anticipation of?

Ans: (i) Chuck hooked the leash onto Duke's collar to hold him still. After some efforts, he took a step. It was a step on the road to recovery.
(ii) Hooper wants to move his paralyzed leg and Marcy and Duke are helping him.
(iii) Duke shook or vibrated in a U-shape like a hockey stick so that Hooper might stand. or
(i) The author is referring to Hooper's right hand as 'good hand'.
(ii) The hooking of the leash on to Duke's collar and Duke's movement was like lighting a fuse.
(iii) Duke had been anticipating that his master would walk.

Ques 8. The pair set daily goals, Monday, the 6th fence post, Tuesday, the 7th fence post, Wednesday...... 
(i) Identify the pair. 
(ii) What was their daily goal? 
(iii) Why did they need to set daily goals?

Ans: (i) The pair refers to Hooper and Duke.
(ii) Their daily goal was to cover more and more distance.
(iii) They needed to set daily goals because Hooper had realized that he could start walking normally.

Ques 9. Chuck said, "Gordon, this isn't just a visit. Bring me up to date on what's happened, will you so I can get to work?" Doule gaped. "It'll just be an hour a day for a while," Hooper continued. "I'll use that empty desk in the warehouse. And I'll need a dictating machine." 
(i) Identify Gordon. 
(ii) How has Hooper reached his office? 
(iii) What does Hooper want from Gordon?

Ans: (i) Gordon is the manager of the company Hooper works for.
(ii) He has made the first move without Duke.
(iii) He wants Gordon to arrange an empty desk to enable him to work an hour a day.

Ques 10. When a man fights that hard for a comeback, who wants to tell him he can't handle his old job? On the other hand, what can you do with a salesman who can't move around and can work only an hour a day? 
(i) Describe the context of the current extract. 
(ii) What is the problem of the authorities? 
(iii) Are they right or wrong? How?

Ans: (i) Hooper has asked the authorities to let him work, thus posing problems for them
(ii) They can't ask Hooper not to work nor can they retain a salesman, who can't move around and is capable of working only an hour a day.
(iii) They are wrong. They should let him work as he wants. There is no harm in doing it.

Ques 11. All they knew was that their new neighbor walked like a struggling mechanical giant and that he was always pulled by a rampageous dog that acted as if he owned the man. 
(i) Identify 'they'.
(ii) Identify the figure of speech used in the current extract with the example. (iii) Write the synonym of 'rampageous'. 
(i) Name the 'new neighbour' and his 'rampageous dog'. 
(ii) Why did the 'new neighbour' walk like a struggling mechanical giant? 
(iii) Give the meaning of 'rampageous'.

Ans: (i) They are the people in the new suburb, where the Hoopers have bought a house
(ii) Simile- walked like a struggling mechanical giant is used in the above extract.
(iii) 'Violent' is the synonym of 'rampageous'.
(i) The 'new neighbour' was Chuck Hooper and his rampageous dog was Duke.
(ii) Chuck walked like a struggling mechanical giant as he suffered from paralysis.
(iii) Rampageous means violent.

Ques 12. 'No, please,' she said. And she picked up the big Duke, carried him gently to the car and drove him to the animal hospital. 
(i) What happened with Duke?
(ii) What does Marcy's reaction reflect?
(iii) Did Duke recover? 
(i) Who is 'she' in the above lines? 
(ii) To whom did 'she' say 'No'? 
(iii) Why did she take Duke to the animal hospital?  

Ans: (i) He was ran over vehicle.
(ii) Her reaction reflects that she has developed a great liking for Duke.
(iii) No, he died due. to having severe injuries.
(i) 'She' refers to Marcy, Hooper's wife.
(ii) She said no to the people who wanted to lift the injured Duke.
(iii) Duke was severely injured in an accident and was thus taken to the hospital.

Ques 13. In 1953, Hooper was a famous young man. Explain. or What made Hooper a favoured man in the year 1953? or In what sense was Hooper a favoured young man? Discuss.

Ans: He was a tall, handsome, Zone Sales Manager for a chemical company. He was having a normal life. He was always wearing a big, genuine smile on his face. He possessed a competitive nature. He had played in the university football team. Life was going smoothly for him. He had everything he aspired for in his life.

Ques 14. What happened to Hooper? or What was the incident that left Hooper with subdural haemorrhage?

Ans: One day, when he was driving home, one autumn twilight, he met with an accident. He was taken to the hospital. He had got a subdural haemorrhage in the  motor section of the brain, completely paralyzing his left side. He was confined to a wheelchair for a long  time.

Ques 15. Describe subsequent developments which took place in the hospital after he met with an accident. or How did Chuck Hooper get confined to his bed?

Ans: After the accident, Hooper remained critical for a  month. After the fifth week some of his colleagues approached him and asked him to take a year off. They wanted to create a desk job for him. " For about 6 weeks, Hooper was confined to a wheelchair.

Ques 16. How did Duke react, when he saw Hooper after his discharge from the hospital?

Ans: Duke was ecstatic when he saw his master. Then he yelled, twisted his long nails and took a three meter jump, finally hitting Chuck. But Duke saw his master fight for maintaining his balance. He realized his helplessness and never jumped on him in future.

Ques 17. What are your views about Marcy Hooper?

Ans: She was a tiny blonde, desiring a Pomeranian. Initially, she did not like Duke, but with the passage of time, she began to like him as he was helping her husband to recover. She loved her husband and his sadness was unbearable for her.

Ques 18. Who is the real protagonist of the story and why?

Ans: The real protagonist of the story is Duke. He was not only loyal but also deeply attached to his master. He was very intelligent. His love did wonders that science could not do. After his death, the story seems to have a vacuum but Hooper's promotion reminds us of Duke's loyal service to his master.

Ques 19. Differentiate between Marcy's attitude towards Duke before and after the accident. or Why did Marcy's attitude towards Duke change? How did she react after Duke met with a fatal accident?

Ans: Initially, she did not like him as she wanted to have a Pomeranian. Due to her dislike, Hooper was hesitant to bring Duke home. But when Hooper began to recover due to Duke's miraculous help and support, she developed a liking for him. She had grown so fond of him that at the time of his accident, she did not let anyone touch him and carried him to the car herself.

Ques 20. What special qualities made Duke an extraordinary dog? or Duke was an extraordinary dog. What special qualities did he exhibit to justify this? Discuss.

Ans: He was an intelligent and extraordinary dog. He jumped on Hooper, when he returned, but when he saw his master fight for balance, he realized his pain and helplessness, and never repeated this act. He knew his job, which was to help his master to recover soon. It was due to his help that Hooper could recover.

Ques 21. Describe Hooper's state after he met with an accident. or Why was Hooper depressed at home after being released from the hospital?

Ans: Hooper's life had come to a standstill. A tall handsome manager, wearing a broad smile on his face, was reduced to a statue of sadness. His smile had faded away. Life at home was depressing as his wife went to work. He used to stare at the ceiling, with an empty and sad appearance.

Ques 22. How did the journey to recovery begin?

Ans: The recovery began after a constant poking and encouragement from Duke. His reproachful eyes had an effect on Hooper. He hooked the leash onto Duke and with Marcy's assistant tried to walk. This was his first step to recovery.

Ques 23. Which exercises was Hooper recommended?

Ans: He was recommended a course in physiotherapy with weights, pulleys and whirlpool baths and above all walking everyday with Duke, on a limited, gradual scale.

Ques 24. Describe Hooper's first big move. or Why was 4th January an eventful day for Chuck Hooper?

Ans: 4th January was an eventful day. Without Duke, Hooper was able to walk the 200 metres from the clinic to the local branch office of his company. The staff was amazed by his visit. Hooper asked his manager to let him work on one-hour-a-day basis.

Ques 25. What problems did Chuck present when he returned to the company's headquarters? or How did the members of the staff react when Chuck visited his district office without Duke?

Ans: Initially everybody was amazed by his visit. But when he informed his manager that he would work for an hour daily, the authorities did not welcome his comeback. But they could not dare to tell him that he could not handle his job. Nor did they want to take back a salesman who was unable to move around and could work only an hour a day.

Ques 26. What happened with Duke?

Ans: On the evening of 12th October, 1957 the Hooper's had some guests. Suddenly, Duke met with an accident. Marcy carried him to the hospital. Duke was drugged and he kept alive till 11 O'clock the next morning. He died due to severe injuries.

Ques 27. How was Hooper rewarded in his office?

Ans: Hooper was rewarded in his office not because of his own victory but because of Duke's genuine love and care for him. He was promoted as Assistant National Sales Manager. The credit of this achievement entirely goes to Duke.

Ques 28. What was the tribute to Duke? or Why do you think Chuck Hooper's appointment as Assistant National Sales Manager is considered to be a tribute to Duke?

Ans: Chuck Hooper was appointed as Assistant National Sales Manager. It was a tribute to Duke because Hooper's promotion was due to Duke's constant support and inspiration. Duke's efforts were rewarded in the form of Hooper's promotion.

Ques 29. Justify the title of the story.

Ans: The title of the story is quite apt as Duke dominated the story from beginning to end. Without him, the story sounds meaningless. The title creates a curiosity in us about the dog. He is treated as an important character or as we may say, the protagonist.

Ques 30. Write a note on the theme of the story.

Ans: The story teaches us many things. Firstly, every problem can be solved through perseverance and courage. Secondly, love succeeds where human science fails. We should never give up hope. We cannot let adversities hamper our progress.

Ques 31. They said that they would create a desk job for Hooper at headquarters
(i) Who are 'they'? 
(ii) Why did they decide to do this?  

Ans: They' here refers to the representatives of the chemical company for which Chuck Hooper worked. They approached Hooper after the fifth week of his accident and decided to create a desk job for him as he was paralyzed.

Ques 32. "Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage." Elucidate this quote with reference to the current story, explaining the value of love, which provides strength and courage?

Ans: It is certainly true that if someone loves you deeply, you achieve strength and if you love someone, you get courage. Love is very powerful. Love knows no species, boundaries or language, yet it does wonders. In the current story, the dog is an epitome of love. He loves his master immensely. The sight of Chuck Hooper excites the dog to such an extent that we find him quivering. He remains sitting beside Hooper. He cannot talk to him nor can he take his silence and misery. The dog manages to enable him to take steps towards recovery. Finally, he recovers and resumes his work. But the dog passes away, leaving alone Hooper forever. Had he not been there, Hooper's recovery was impossible.

Ques 33. Imagine you are Chuck Hooper. You have recovered from your illness but your pet has left you forever. Write a diary entry. or Duke's re-entry into Hooper's life brought a metamorphosis. As Hooper, write a diary entry recording the efforts made by Duke to revitalize you and help you walk step by step.

Ans: Wednesday 11th March 20XX, 11 pm 

Dear Diary 

My buddy, my best friend, Puke has  departed, leaving me along with my thoughts. I am feeling very miserable and lonely. He came, he changed my life; and then he disappeared. Without him I would have never recovered from my illness. When I met with an accident, life sounded empty , and hollow. But now when I am perfectly fine, life ' appears meaningless as my saviour is not with me. I am haunted by his memories. Time is a great healer. But some wounds never heal. The more the time passes, the more they hurt you, not physically but mentally and spiritually. My Puke has given me such a wound. 


Ques 34. When a person loses something, he is shocked and gets into a state of denial leading to anger. In such a situation coping well leads to acceptance and a changed way of living in view of the loss. Taking cues from what happened or might have happened with Hooper, write your views in the form of an article about 'Coping with Loss' in 80-100 words.

Ans: Coping With Loss By Anita Majumdar, IX-A Hooper was leading a normal life. But suddenly his life came to a halt when he met with a severe accident, resulting in paralysis. Suddenly Duke appeared as a saviour in his life. He put his master on the road to a miraculous and wonderful recovery and when he recovered, Duke died. Hooper got life back but lost the life giver. It is really very difficult and painful to cope with this loss. Death is inevitable and we all have to submit before its will. With the passage of time, he might learn to cope with this loss. Life is meant to be lived. It will not stop and one cannot lament someone's loss forever. We have to move on.

Ques 35. As a reader, make a diary entry discussing your reaction to the relationship shared between Chuck and Duke.

Ans: Wednesday 11th March 20XX. 11 pm 

Dear Diary 

The dog is a symbol of loyalty. Guy having read the current story, I was wonder struck to read about the relationship shared between Charles and Puke. The story describes Puke's amazing loyalty towards his paralyzed master Chuck Hooper as well as the bond of love between the two. Puke instills in Hooper, a hope to recover soon and lead a normal life as earlier. Hooper recovers, walks on foot and gets promoted to a higher post in his office but by that time Puke has expired. The current story conveys that love knows no species or language and can do wonders.

Ques 36. After Duke's death, Marcy was asked to write an article for the local newspaper. She decides to write an article on the topic, 'Dog is a Man's Best Friend'. Write it for her 80-100 words.

Ans: Dog is a Man's Best Friend By Marcy Hooper The one absolutely unselfish friend that a man can have is the one that never deserts him, the one that never proves ungrateful or treacherous, is a dog as was our Duke. Duke stood by Chuck in his happiness and sorrow in health and in sickness. When all other friends deserted Chuck, he remained as constant in his love as the sun in its journey through the heavens. Duke made Chuck recover from his paralysis through his love and devotion to Chuck. Truly, dog is man's best friend.

Ques 37. Give a character sketch of Chuck Hooper in your own words citing examples from the lesson "A Dog Named Duke".

Ans: Charles Hooper, a tall and handsome sales manager for a chemical company, was a man of remarkable courage. He met with an accident and got a subdural haemorrhage, paralyzing his left side completely. But he mustered courage to adapt himself to the new, unavoidable situation. He demonstrated great per- severance while he was struggling for survival with the help of his dog, Duke. The road to recovery was a long and painful process - but Hooper never lost hope. It was his courage and belief that helped him recover from his misery. The faith and endurance that he shows is truly commendable.

Ques 38. Attempt character sketch of Marcy Hooper.

Ans: Marcy Hooper was a tiny blonde lady. She wanted to get a Pomeranian but Charles brought Duke, a Doberman Pinscher. When Charles met with an accident, she sent Duke to a kennel. Initially, she did not like Duke, but when she saw him helping her husband to recover, she developed a likeness for Duke. When he had an accident, she did not let anybody touch him and managed to carry him to the car herself. She loved her husband very much. She was shocked when she saw him sitting silently and sadly during his paralysis. She cried silently. She also played an important role in Hooper's recovery, though she sounds an unsung heroine in this context.

Ques 39. Who was Duke? What do you know about him?    

Ans: Duke was a rough-playing Doberman Pinscher dog. He was four years old. He weighed 23 kilos. His coat was red with a fawn vest. He needed a large space to live in. He was wildly boisterous. He is the real protagonist of the story. The story is named after him. He acted as a saviour in Hooper's life, helping him recover. Without him, Hooper's recovery would not have been possible. He loved and cared for his master very much. Unfortunately, he did not live long to see the fruits of his efforts. He had an accident and died. The tribute to him was Hooper's promotion as an Assistant National Sales Manager. 

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