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Q1. Jeanne What on Earth have you done? Gaston I? Made a hundred thousand Francs and a Carot! 
(i) How has Gaston made a hundred thousand francs? 
(b) Mention any two characteristics displayed by Gaston when he made a hundred thousand francs. 
(c) What is a Carot in these lines?

Ans. (a) He had sold Juliette's villa for three hundred thousand francs to Mrs Al Smith without actually buying it. Subsequently, he bought it from Juliette for two hundred thousand francs.
(b) Gaston appears as an opportunistic and calculative when he made a hundred thousand francs.
(c) A painting made by a French landscape painter who is named JC Carot.

Q2. Juliette Oh Pm fed up with the place. Because nobody really wants it! What time did those agency people say the lady would call? 
(a) Which place is Juliette fed up with? 
(b) What do you think maybe the reason that nobody wants it? 
(c) Identify the context about which the lady would call in.

Ans. (a) Juliette is fed up with the villa.
(b) Nobody is interested in the villa because the villa is very small and the rate of the villa Juliette has quoted is much higher than the actual rate.
(c) The lady would call to see the villa Juliette was going to sell. 

Q3. But still... even so ... it would be funny if I couldn't manage to sell a place here, a stone's throw from Joinville, the French Hollywood, when all I'm asking is a paltry hundred thousand! 
(a) Identify the speaker and the listener. 
(b) Where is the villa situated? 
(c) What does 'paltry' mean?

Ans. (a) Juliette is the speaker and her maid is the listener.
(b) It is situated at a stone's throw from Joinville, the French Hollywood.
(c) An amount too small to be considered important or useful.
(a) Juliette's maid is the speaker here.
(b) They' refers to the film studio people.
(c) She will do so as she is going to play the role of a maid in a film.
(a) They' refers to the film studio people.
(b) Juliette's maid is the speaker here.
(c) She is going to the film studio.  

Q4. They prefer the real article. They say maids are born, maids are not made maids. They are giving me a hundred francs a morning for doing it. 
(a) Identify the speaker. 
(b) Identify 'they'. 
(c) How is she going to make a hundred francs? 
(a) To whom does the term 'they' refer to? 
(b) Identify the speaker of the given extract. 
(c) Where is the speaker going?

Ans. (a) Juliette's maid is the speaker of the given line.
(b) Juliette will have to do so if she agrees to play the role of a cook in the film the maid is talking about.
(c) The listener is advised so because Juliette is having a financial crisis and the villa still remains unsold. 

Q5. You would only have to peel potatoes one minute and make an omiette the next, quite easy. 
(a) Identify the speaker. 
(b) Who would have to perform the jobs mentioned in the current stanza and when? 
(c) Why is the listener being advised to accept this role?

Ans. (a) 'It' refers to the act in films.
(b) Everybody wants to act in films as it comes with handsome money.
(c) Everybody, whatever their profession maybe, wants to act in films. 

Q6. "Everybody wants to do it. Yesterday the butcher didn't open his shop, he was being shot all morning. Today, nobody could find the four policemen, they were taking part in Monsieur Milton's fight scene in his new film". 
(a) Identify 'it'. 
(b) Why does everybody want to do 'it'? 
(c) How can you say that "it" is the most popular business?

Ans. (a) Juliette is going upstairs as she wants to display to her visitors that she is very busy.
(b) The lady is Jeanne, who is scheduled to come to see the villa. (c) She wants to hide that she had been awaiting the visitor for long.
(a) Juliette is going upstairs as she wants to display to her visitors that she is very busy.
(b) She doesn't want to give the impression that she had been desperately waiting for buyers.
(c) The speaker is revealed as a clever and calculative woman.

(a) Juliette speaks these lines to her maid.
(b) The lady in question is ' Jeanne'. She is a prospective buyer of the villa.
(c) Juliette is trying to show that she is not desperate about selling her villa. 

Q7. "I am going upstairs for a moment. If that is the lady, tell her I will not belong. It won't do to give her the impression that I am waiting for her." 
(a) Why is the speaker going upstairs? 
(b) Who is the lady being talked about? 
(c) What does the speaker want to hide from the visitor? 
(a) Why is the speaker going upstairs? 
(b) "It won't do to give her the impression", what impression is the speaker talking about? 
(c) What character traits of the speaker are revealed in the above passage? 
(a) Who speaks these words and to whom? 
(b) Who is the 'lady' here? Why is she expected to visit the speaker? 
(c) What does the speaker try to pretend here?

Ans. (a) He is pointing out to the shortcomings of the villa.
(b) He does not want Jeanne to buy the villa as it is a costly affair.
(c) A heavy cotton material in colorfully printed designs used specially for drapery and slipcovers.

Q8. Gaston And they call that a garden! Why it's a yard with a patch of grass in the middle. Jeanne But the inside of the house seems very nice, Gaston. Gaston Twenty-five yard of Cretonne and a dash of can get that anywhere. Jeanne That's not fair. Wait until you've seen the rest of it. Gaston Why should I? I don't want to see the kitchen to know that the garden is a myth and that the salon is impossible. Jeanne, What's the matter with it? Gaston Matter? Why you can't even call it a salon. 
(a) What is Gaston trying to do? 
(b) What do you think maybe the reason for this attitude? 
(c) What is the meaning of 'Cretonne'?

Ans. (a) We are not means that Gaston and Jeanne are not buying the villa.
(b) Jeanne wants to buy it but Gaston doesn't seem to be at all interested.
(c) No, he actually bought the villa in the end, but by actually 'selling' it before.

Q9. Jeanne Don't be aggravating, please! If you don't want the house, tell me so at once and we'll say no more about it. Gaston I told you before we crossed the road that I didn't want it. As soon as you see a sign 'Villa for Sale', you have to go inside and be shown over it. Jeanne But we are buying a villa, aren't we? Gaston We are not. Jeanne What do you mean 'We are not'? Then 'we're not' looking for a villa? 
(a) Explain 'we are not'. 
(b) Do you really think that they are not buying the villa? 
(c) Did Gaston stuck to his decision till the end?

Ans. (a) Juliette is the speaker and Jeanne and Gaston are the listeners here.
(b) 'It' refers to Juliette's villa.
(c) Juliette is pursuing the couple to buy the villa by, flattering them.
(a) 'It' refers to the villa.
(b) She is speaking to Gaston and his wife, Jeanne.
(c) She wants to sell her villa and for that purpose, she is trying to flatter the buyers. 

Q10. Juliette, It is a most delightful little place. Its appearance is modest, but it has a charm of its own. I can tell by just looking at you that it would suit you admirably, as you suit it if you will permit me to say so........... 
(a) Identify the listener. 
(b) Identify 'it' used repeatedly. 
(c) What is the attitude of Juliette while talking to the listeners? 
(a) What is the 'it' that Juliette describes? 
(b) Who is she speaking to? 
(c) What is her intention that is revealed in this dialogue?

Ans. (a) Mrs Al Smith is the speaker and Gaston is the listener here.
(b) Gaston is being called an exception because he' says, that he needn't consult his wife regarding the sale of the villa.
(c) Mrs Al Smith thinks that the French people have no decision making power.
(a) 'You' refers to Gaston in the above lines.
(b) Mrs Al Smith thinks that the French people have no decision making power.
(c) She calls Gaston an exception because he doesn't consult his wife before taking decisions.  

Q11. "You are an exception. Frenchmen usually have to consult about ten people before they get a move on. Listen! Do you or don't you want to sell this house?" 
(a) Identify the speaker and the listener. 
(b) Why is the listener being called an exception? 
(c) What opinion does the speaker seem to have about the French? 
(a) Who is 'You' referred to in the above lines? 
(b) What is the opinion of the speaker about Frenchmen? 
(c) Why is the listener, an exception?

Ans. (a) Gaston is the speaker of the given line and Mrs Al Smith is the listener.
(b) Mrs Al Smith is ridiculing the French whereas Gaston is denying her claims.
(c) Parodies are an imitation of the style of a particular writer, artist or genre with deliberate exaggeration for comic effect here it means copying the lifestyle.
(a) Gaston is the speaker of the given lines.
(b) It means that Americans and Europeans have different mindsets.
(c) Gaston fools Mrs Al Smith by selling her the villa which didn't even belong to him. 

Q12. "Copies are not always good. We could only imitate you and imitations are ho better than parodies. We are so different. Think of it..." 
(a) Identify the speaker. 
(b) What context are they talking in? 
(c)What are 'parodies'? 
(a) Who is the speaker in these lines? 
(b) 'We are so different' means _______. 
(c) How does the speaker fool the person he is speaking to? "My lawyer is Mr Who, 5, Rue Cambon. He will get in touch with yours about the rest of the transaction. Goodbye." 
(a) Who makes mention of the lawyer? 
(b) Identify 'yours'. 
(c) Which transaction is being discussed here?  

Ans. (a) Mrs Al Smith makes the mention of her lawyer Mr Who.
(b) 'Yours' here refers to Gaston's lawyer.
(c) The sale of the villa made by Gaston to Mrs Al Smith is being discussed here. 

Q13. Why does Juliette put up her villa for sale? or Despite her ardent love for the villa, Juliette had to sell it. Why?

Ans. Juliette loved her villa very passionately. Yet, she had to put up her villa for sale as she was going through a financial crisis. The business was not doing well and the only possible source of money was through the sale of the villa.  

Q14. Write a note on the theme of the current drama.

Ans. Villa for sale revolves around the sale of a villa owned by Juliette. Juliette wants to sell the villa as she is under a financial crisis. Gaston and Jeanne arrive to see the villa. The opportunist Gaston, sells the villa to Mrs Al Smith at a huge price, while Juliette and his wife were gone inspecting the villa. Hence, he tricks everybody and makes a huge profit.  

Q15. How can you say that Juliette was very fond of her villa?

Ans. She did put up the 'For Sale' sign on the villa gate, but only after it was dark. She put up the sign in the dark, so that no prospective buyer would be able to read it and she would have a chance to live in her villa for one more night. She wanted to hold the villa for as long as possible. 

Q16. Why was Juliette ready to dispose off her villa for a lower price?

Ans. The villa had been on sale for over a month. Some customers did approach, but none showed much interest in buying the villa. But their attitude made Juliette worry and suspect lest she should not be able to dispose it off at a handsome price. So, she got ready to dispose it off for a lower price. 

Q17. Why does Jeanne want to buy a villa?
Why Jeanne was interested in buying the villa? or Why was Jeanne so desperate to buy a villa in the play "A Villa for Sale"?

Ans. Jeanne doesn't want to buy the villa for herself. She is looking for a villa for her parents and her sister's children who would spend time there from the month of April to September. This is the reason why Gaston is against the idea. 

Q18. Why is Gaston not interested in buying the villa in the beginning? 
Why was Gaston not interested in buying the Villa?

Ans. Gaston knows that Jeanne doesn't want to buy the villa for them. Instead, she wants to buy the villa for her parents. Gaston thinks that Jeanne's parents along with her sister's children would occupy it for most of the year. Hence, he was averse to the idea of buying the villa.  

Q19. Why does Gaston agree to buy the villa? 
Describe how the villa was sold or In the end, Gaston has changed his views of buying the villa. Give reasons to support your answer.

Ans. Gaston was reluctant to buy the villa. He was waiting for his wife when Mrs Al Smith arrived and mistook him to be the owner of the house. Gaston tricked her in buying the villa for three hundred thousand francs. Later, he bought the villa from Juliette for two hundred thousand francs and hence made a huge profit.  

Q20. Write a note on Mrs Al Smith's encounter with Gaston.

Ans. Mrs Al Smith is a haughty character. She met Gaston at Juliette's villa when the former was waiting for his wife. She thought him to be the owner of the house. She is pretty showy and buys the villa in hastiness. 

Q21. Describe Juliette's relationship with her maid.

Ans. Juliette and her maid share quite a friendly relationship. Juliette is very kind towards her and listens to what she has to say. The maid also cares about her mistress and when she realises that she is in trouble, advises her to take up an acting assignment.  

Q22. Gaston's serious interest in buying the villa was a surprise. Why? 
How did Jeanne react to Gaston's decision to purchase the villa?

Ans. Gaston was not at all interested in buying the villa and continuously kept belittling it. But when Juliette and Jeanne come back they are shocked to see that Gaston is actually very keen to buy the villa. His sudden change was a mystery to them.  

Q23. Describe the villa briefly.

Ans. The villa was situated at a stone's throw from Joinville, the French Hollywood. It had three bedrooms, two large and one small. Besides, it also had two servant's rooms. It had a modest garden. It had all the basic amenities like cooking gas, electricity, water, telephone, drainage and a bathroom with a bath.  

Q24. How did Juliette persuade the French couple to buy the villa? or Juliette, while commenting to Jeanne, also praised her villa. How? 
In what ways did Juliette flatter Jeanne?

Ans. Juliette tried to persuade the French couple to buy the villa by using a bit of flattery. She said that the villa will suit the couple admirably as they would suit the villa. She added that the couple already appeared to be at home in the house. She called Jeanne an elegant lady and her villa a graceful house. She flattered her all the more by saying it was not easy to find an adequate frame for a delightful pastel.  

Q25. What opinion did Mrs. Al Smith have about the French people?
Mrs Al Smith makes many statements about the French. Pick out any two and explain them. or How does Mrs. Al Smith comment on the French people?

Ans. Mrs Al Smith did not have a high opinion about the French people. She criticised the French, people, who were lacking any business sense and always contemplating their past. She also said that the French people did not possess any decision making power, so they consulted ten people before finalizing a deal.  

Q26. Juliette says "..... now I have only one thought that is to get the wretched place off my hands. I would sacrifice it at any price", Does she stick to her words? Why / Why not?

Ans. Juliette was quite frustrated at not being able to dispose off her villa. She needed the money desperately. As far as the selling of the villa is concerned, Juliette fails to keep her word at the time of actual sale. She uses all sorts of tactics to convince Gaston and his wife to buy the villa.  

Q27. Who is better in business -Juliette or Gaston? Why? 
What makes Gaston a better businessman than Juliette? Mention any two characteristics.

Ans. Gaston appears to be better at business but through the means of a shady deal. He didn't even spend a single penny and yet made a profit of a hundred thousand francs. Juliette also made a profit on the deal as she had bought it at a price of fifty thousand francs.  

Q28. Do you like/dislike Gaston? Give your reasons. 
Do you like Gaston? Give reasons for your answer.

Ans. A person like Gaston can never be trusted and hence can never be liked. His money-minded personality makes him stoop to a point that he cheats everybody around him, even his wife. He is mean, a cheat and very selfish.  

Q29. Explain "the whole thing was going to be much more of a sell than a sale."  

Ans. Juliette thought that her villa was really nice and was also situated at a good place, near French Hollywood. But even after putting it up for sale for over a month, she was unable to strike any deal. Hence, she was utterly disappointed.  

Q30. You are Juliette. You feel duped and cheated by Gaston. You decide to take legal action against him. Write a letter to your friend, sharing this incident and the action you plan to take against him. or You are Juliette. Write a letter to your friend describing how the villa was finally sold and how you suffered a loss. Write the letter.

Ans. Flat no 326 Napoleon Apartment Pans
11th December, 20XX "
Dear Mane
How have you been? I wish that things are good around you and not bad as they are with me. I was tricked by a man who came to buy my Joinville villa. Initially, his wife was interested in purchasing my villa, although her husband was against it. However, after I had shown his wife the whole premises, the man suddenly decided to buy the villa at the price I wanted. This was really very surprising. Actually, while I was showing his wife the house, Mrs Al Smith visited. This man pretended to be the owner of the villa and 'sold' it to her for a much higher price than what I had asked! How can he sell a house which is not his own? Now I am consulting my lawyer on how to take legal action against him. Will keep you posted about further happenings. With Regards
Yours sincerely

Q31. "Soul-mates are people who bring out the best in you. They are not perfect, but are always perfect for you." But Gaston cheated his soul-mate. He was perfect for Jeanne, but his betrayal made him imperfect forever. Elucidate with reference to the current drama.

Ans. Faith and honesty play an important role in our life. But they are more crucial for relationships. Sustaining trust and belief in a relationship is a tough yet continuous task. A relationship is strong only if these two ingredients exist. Without them, the relationship is like a barren land where no fruit of love can grow. Gaston fools all three women including his wife, Jeanne, the landlady, Juliette and the other buyer Mrs Al Smith. For materialistic gain, he has forgotten the importance of relations in life. He may lose the faith of his wife as he does not practise honesty anymore. Juliette and Mrs Al Smith might forgive him as their aims are achieved, but what about Jeanne? She won't be able to forgive him. She is filled with rage, disgust and helplessness due to Gaston's betrayal. 

Q32. You are Jeanne. After coming home, you realize that the villa was not actually bought and your husband has fooled both you and the landlady of the villa. You are filled with rage, disgust and helplessness because of your husband's betrayal. Write your feelings in the form of a diary entry.  

Ans. Wednesday 12th March 20XX. 10 pm
Dear Diary
Today I am shocked to learn about the trick my husband played on me and Juliette, the landlady of the villa. I did not want to buy the villa, as I found it very small and thought that Gaston was right about it. But later his promptness to buy the villa puzzled me greatly. At that time I was too perplexed. to guess about Gaston's manipulations.
He had actually sold the villa to Mrs. Al Smith at a higher price than what Juliette had asked. He cheated all three of us. I would have been happy had he first bought it and then solid it. gut he duped Mrs. Al Smith, then Juliette and filially his own wife.
I don't trust him anymore. He has defiled our sacred matrimonial bond. I will never forgive him for this cheating.                                

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