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1. What is a PVD? Sketch a cross-section of it. Describe its application in geotechnical 
engineering for ground improvement.  
2. Discuss the cross-section of a typical flexible pavement.  Illustrate how different 
geosynthetics can be used for improving the performance of these pavements.  
3. State if the following statements are TRUE or FALSE along with sufficient reasons. 
i. Natural geosynthetic products (coir and jute) are preferred for erosion control 
applications as compared to plastic products. 
ii. Geotextiles are preferred over geogrids for construction of retaining walls even if 
both of them have the same long term tensile strength. 
iii. For pre-consolidation of soft clays, conventional sand drains are better suited 
compared to pre-fabricated vertical drains made of geosynthetics. 
iv. Woven geotextiles will have higher inflow capacities than the non-woven 
v. Geomembrane lining products are ideally suited for construction of landfills to 
store hazardous waste products. 
4. Answer the following questions with respect to the highway pavements.  
a. How are the geotextiles used in minimizing the piping phenomenon?  
b. How are the geotextiles used for drainage below and the side of highways? 
c. Why is the thickness of pavement with geosynthetics lesser than the 
unreinforced section?  
d.  How do you select a proper geotextile to prevent piping in subgrades?  
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