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Q. 1. Write four points that you would consider while planning meals for a person suffering from fever. (100 Words, 3 Marks)

Q. 2. State four reasons for individual differences in physical development of children. (100 Words, 3 Marks)

Q. 3. State four objectives of I.C.D.S. ? (50 Words, 2 Marks)

Q. 4. Enumerate any four problems faced by consumers. What are the responsibilities of consumers in this context?
(100 Words, 3 Marks)

Q. 5. Name two foods commonly adulterated with metanil yellow. State the procedure of its detection and mention its possible health hazards. (75 Words, 2 Marks)

Q. 6. Why would Mrs. Verma prefer to leave her two years old child with her mother— in— law at home and not in a creche? Give four reasons. (25 Words, 1 Mark)

Q. 7. Your brother wants to invest his money. Explain to him the Public Provident Fund scheme along with its benefits. Also point out the difference between PPF and Provident fund. (75 Words, 2 Marks)

Q. 8. Elaborate three abilities in language and three in motor area in a nine month old child. (50 Words, 1 Mark)

Q. 9. List four activities of a 6 months old child which reflect motor development. (25 Words, 1 Mark)

Q. 10. “We can fulfil the nutritional needs of family by planning meals” using the context, elaborate six points. (75 Words, 3 Marks)

Q. 11. You purchased an item with Agmark seal adulterated. What are your rights and duties as consumer rights ? (100 Words, 3 Marks)

Q. 12. Your mother is working in an office. Write four points you will keep in mind while purchasing a dress for her. (50 Words, 1 Mark)

Q. 13. Enlist different barriers against disease germs.
(75 Words, 5 Marks)

Q. 14. What are the objectives of nursery schools/ Balwadis ? (100 Words, 3 Marks)

Q. 15. What is the nutritional requirement during pregnancy and lactation ? (25 Words, 1 Mark)

Q. 16. How can chlorine tablets be used for purification of water? (50  Words, 2 Marks)

Q. 17. How is daily account maintained ? Explain with the help of a table. (25 Words, 1 Mark)

Q. 18. Write short notes on Shares and Debentures. (25 Words, 1 Mark)

Q. 19. Which consumer forum will you move for the compensation of the item purchased of the  (i) value of less than one  lakh. (ii) more than one lakh. (iii) more than ten lakhs ? (25 Words, 3 Marks)

Q. 20. How selection of clothes is affected by the availability of money? (50 Words, 2 Marks)

Q. 21. Discuss the importance of fabric construction giving suitable example. (75 Words, 3 Marks)

Q. 22. Differentiate between soap and detergents. (75 Words, 3 Marks)

Q. 23. Give a brief account of hygienic handling of food at home level. (25 Words, 1 Mark)

Q. 24. Elaborate two methods of washing clothes and suggest their suitability for washing various type of fabrics. (50 Words, 1 Mark)

Q.25. How a personal trait helps in making one’s career ? (50 Words, 1 Mark)

Q.26. What are the functions and sources of Vitamin C ? (150 Words, 5 Marks)

Q.27. How the food can be preserved by changing the pH value ? (150 Words, 5 Marks)

Q.28. Discuss the basic types of flower arrangements. (100 Words, 3 Marks)

Q.29. What will you do with a child suffering from language defects ? (150 Words, 5 Marks)

Q.30. What are the common adulterants present in fats, oils, spices and con diments ? (150 Words, 5 Marks)

Q.31. Write short notes on : (i) Hem (2) Plackets and Fasteners (3) Trimming and Decoration. (150 Words, 5 Marks)

Q.32. Just putting the test questions is an objective form does not necessarily render the test scientific. Comment and elucidate the characteristic of a good psychological test.         (150 Words) 5

Q. 33. What are the effects of exercise on Digestive System ?    (150 Words,  5 Marks)

Q. 34. Write short notes on nerves, synapse and reflax action.    (250 Words, 15 Marks)

Q. 35. What are the effects of exercise on nervous system ?    (150 Words, 8 Marks)

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