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Q.1. Mention two advantages of having a recurring deposit account in a bank. (25 Words, 1 Mark)

Q.2. Describe how electric filters help in making water potable. (50 Words, 2 Marks)

Q.3. Sita is not sure whether her son is suffering from measles or mumps. Help her to identify three symptoms of each. (50 Words, 2 Marks)

Q.4. Mention the incubation period of tuberculosis and its three very specific symptoms which help us to identify it. Give two suggestions for the patient’s after care (50 Words, 2 Marks)

Q.5. Write two ways each with example in which climate and occupation effect the selection of clothes? (50 Words, 2 Marks)

Q.6. Illustrate two ways each by which rhythm and emphasis can be produced in a salwar kameez. (25 Words,1 Mark)

Q.7.List four precautions you would take while storing woolen garments. (25 Words,1 Mark)

Q.8.  State four important rules of personal hygiene you will observe while preparing food for the family.(25 Words,1 Mark)

Q.9.  State the mode of spread of diptheria. Write its four sympoms and suggest ways to prevent it. (25 Words,1 Mark)

Q.10.  Write four Precautions you will take to prevent occurrence of accidents from electric appliances. (25 Words,1 Mark)

Q.11.  For your short height what type of design in dress will be more suitable and why ? (25 Words, 1 Mark)

Q.12. Write four symptoms of tetanus. How can we prevent it ? ((50 Words, 2 Marks)

Q.13.  Eeating contaminated food in the market can lead to which disease. Write four symptoms and prevention and cure of the disease. (75  Words, 2 Marks)

Q.14. Write two advantages of keeping small child nuder the supervision of sibling ? (25 Words, 1 Mark)

Q.15. What are food habits and give guidelines for good eating habits ? (50 Words, 2 Marks)

Q.16. What are the important things you will keep in mind while planning a meal for a pre-schooler ? (70 Words, 2 Marks)

Q.17. Write short Notes (i) Hygiene during serving. (ii) Cleanliness of untensils. (25 Words,1 Mark)

Q.18. State two advantages of putting money in Provident fund. (25 Words,1 Mark)

Q.19. Give a brief account of the advantages of consumer education. (25 Words,1 Mark)

Q.20. What are the basis of selection of colour in a dress ? Discuss. (150 Words, 2 Marks)

Q.21. What are the factors which effect the appearance of fabric ? (25 Words, 1 Mark)

Q.22. Elaborate six points you will check in a frock before purchasing it in order to ensure quality. (150 Words, 2 Marks) 

Q.23.  State four ways by which siblings can help in looking after the child when mother is out. (25 Words,1 Mark)

Q.24.  A rikshaw puller is complaining of poor vision at night. What is the cause of this problem and what can be some of the other symptoms associated with it ?What will happen if this problem is not treated ? Suggest two food items along with two dishes which he should include in his daily meals to correct the condition. (25 Words, 1 Mark)

Q.25. What do you mean by heredity ? How is heredity transmitted ? (150 Words, 2 Marks)

Q.26.  What are the functions and sources of Thiamine ? (125 Words, 2 Marks)

Q.27.  Write a short note on fat cooking method. (150 Words, 2 Marks)

Q.28. Write a short note on Mercerizing. (75 Words, 2 Marks)

Q.29. What are the symptoms and prevention and care method of diarrhoea. (150 Words, 2 Marks)

Q.30.  What are the important things to be considered during pregnancy ? (150 Words, 2 Marks)

Q.31. What are the characteristics of colour in clothing ? (100 Words, 2 Marks)

Q.32. Discuss the vocational scope of Home Science. (150  Words, 2 Marks)

Q. 33. Discuss the major steps to achieve social integration. (150  Words, 2 Marks)

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Home Science Model Question Paper set 17 Humanities/Arts Notes | EduRev




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