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Importance of Managing Natural Resources - Notes - Class 10

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Management Of Natural Resources


A source of supply held in reserve, which is useful to man or can be transformed into a more valuable and useful item for mankind.

Natural Resource

A Natural resource is a source obtained from nature.Natural ResourcesNatural Resources

Conservation of Natural Resources

Conservation is the management for the benefit of all life, including humankind of the biosphere, so that it may yield sustainable benefit to the present generation while maintaining its potential to meet the needs and aspirations of future generations.Importance of Managing Natural Resources - Notes - Class 10Importance of Managing Natural Resources - Notes - Class 10The three R's to save natural resources: 

(1) Reduce

(2) Reuse

(3) Recycling

Importance of Managing Natural Resources - Notes - Class 10Pollution in Ganga

  • The Ganga runs its over 2500 km from Gangotri in Himalayas to Ganga sagar in the bay of Bengal.
  • It is being turned into a drain by more than a hundred towns and cities in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and West Bengal.
  • Ganga along with its tributaries is the largest and very important river basin of the country. 
  • Ganga's pollution load and the toxicity kills fish in large sections of river. It has been treated as a symbol of purity.Pollution in Ganga
    Pollution in Ganga


➤ Today Ganga is very Much Polluted due to Following Factors:

  • Disposal of untreated sewage, garbage, and excreta by more than a hundred towns and cities situated along the river in Uttrakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and West Bengal.
  • Daily Human activities like bathing, washing of clothes immersion of ashes or unburnt corpses.
  • Dead bodies of animals and humans
  • Wallowing of cattle
  • Discharge of chemical effluents by the industries.

Ganga Action Plan

  • Ganga action plan was launched in 1985 and is a multi-crore project to clean the river Ganga.
  • To reduce domestic load on the Ganga, some of the schemes to be implemented in three states (UP, Bihar and West Bengal) through which the river runs under the Ganga Action Plan are:

(i) Interception and diversion

(ii) Treatment of wastewater

(iii) Riverfront development

(iv) Electric crematorium

(v) Construction of community toilets

(vi) Conversion of dry toilets to flush toilets

Why do we need to Manage our Resources?

  • Over-exploitation and non-Judicious utilization have become a threat to our natural resources with the phenomenal rise in human population and tremendous development of science and technology.
  • Natural resources are being heavily exploited worldwide. If we judiciosly distribute the resources available to us we can maintain harmony between population growth and utilization of natural resources. So that nature can sustain for longs.

AIMS of Conservation

(i) To increase the preservation of a quality environment that have aesthetic and recreational values.

(ii) To ensure a continuous yield of useful plants, animals and materials by establishing a balanced cycle of harvest and renewal. 

Forests and wild life:-

Forests are the invaluable wealth of a country and renewable natural resource. Forests constitute 90% of the global biomass.

Forests are uncultivated and inhabited land area managed for diverse purposes of forestry. Whether covered with trees, shrubs, climbers, etc or not.

Do you know?
According to central forestry commision nearly 22.7% of the total land area of India is occupied by forests. 

Importance of forest

Forests have three broad functions Importance of Managing Natural Resources - Notes - Class 10Fig: Forest FunctionsDeforestation:- Destruction of forest is known as deforestation. It has been estimated that forests in India have declined from about 7000, million hectares in 1900 to 2890 million hectares in 1975. It has furthur gone down to 2300 million hectares by 2000. Tropical rain forests are most productive type of forests in the world.Importance of Managing Natural Resources - Notes - Class 10Fig: Deforeststation Major cause of deforestation:-

 (i) Growing food needs

 (ii) Raw materials for industrial use

 (iii) Forest fire

 (iv) Damage caused by pests.

Stake holders

Stake holders are persons or the company that has invested in business and owns a part of it or some one who has an intrest in the success of a system or organisation.

The four stake holders of forest are:-

(a) The people who live in or around forest

(b) The forest department

(c) The industrialist

(d) The wild life and nature enthusiastsWild life resources

Life in any form, plant or animal, which exists in its natural habitat is called wild life.Reasons for depletion of wild life :-

(i) Deforestation for various reasons like urbanization, cultivation dam building, road construction, establishment of industries have caused a considerable loss of wild life.

(ii) Indiscriminate hunting by man for meat skin and sport.

(iii) Natural calamities like flood, drought, fire, epidemic have played a major role in depletion of wild life.

(iv) Cutting of plants for obtaining timber and fuel deprived wild animals their most palatable food.Importance of wild life:- 

  • The wild life can be used commercially to earn money through tourism.
  • Wild life is responsible for maintaining the natural balance of the environment.
  • Wild life is a symbol of national pride and represents the cultural heritage.
  • Since wild life is a renewable source of large variety of commercial products like food fur, lac, musk leather, feather, ivory, medicines.

Management and conservation of wild life:-

Preservation, protection and utilization of wild life in such a way that it is not destroyed and can be used later.Conservation measures:-

The Indian Board of wild life (IBWL) in march 1980 launched a national wild life action plan for conservationof wild life in India.Establishment of protected areas:-

The protected areas for wild life conservation are the santuries and national parks.What is conservation?

Conservation may be defined as the controlled utilization of natural resources for the benefit of all life so that it may yield sustainable benefit to the present generations as well as the future generationsImportance of Managing Natural Resources - Notes - Class 10In situ conservation:- When conservation of natural resources is done in their natural habitats, it is called in situ conservation for e.g.: National parks, wild life sanctuaries bio sphere.Ex situ conservation:- When conservation of natural resources is done outside their habitals it is called exsitu conservation for e.g. : Botanical gardens, zoos, seed banks, pollen storage, tissue culture.National Parks and sanctuaries Importance of Managing Natural Resources - Notes - Class 10Fig: Natural Park and Sancturies1. Jim Corbett National Park, Uttaranchal (tiger).

2. Kanha National Park, M.P. (tiger).

3. Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, Rajasthan (winter home of migratory birds, most commonly Siberian crane).

4. Nandankanan Biological Park near Bhubaneswar (captive breeding of white tigers).

5. Simplipal Biosphere Reserve, Orissa (tigers)

6. Gir Sanctuary, Gujarat (Asiatic lion, chital, sambhar).

7. Kaziranga Sanctuary, Assam (one horned rhinoceros).

8. Sariska Sanctuary, Haryana (tiger).

9. Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary, Haryana (birds).

10. Bandipur Sanctuary, Karnataka (Indian elephant).

11. Madumalai Sanctuary, Tamil Nadu (Indian elephant).

12. National Botanical Garden, West Bengal (rare species of plants).

13. Desert National Park, Rajasthan (black buck, great Indian bustard, chinkara neelgai).

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Importance of Managing Natural Resources - Notes - Class 10