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1.what is reproduction?

2.define asexual reproduction?

3.define sexual reproduction?

4.write a difference between asexual and sexual reproduction?

5.why reproduction is not necessary to mantain the life of an individual? do we get different body designs?

7.what is the importance of variation? is reproduction in leishmania different from that of amoeba? the process by which plasmodium reproduce? does spirogyra reproduce ?

11.why fragmentation is not successful in multi cellular reproduction?

12.what is regeneration?name 2 organisms which show regeneration?why regeneration is not same as reproduction?

13.draw diagram showing reproduction in hydra?

14.what is vegetative propagation?

15.write advantages of vegetative propagation?

16.write a short note on micropropagation?

17.explain spore formation with diagram?

18.explain how DNA material remains constant in sexual reproduction?

19.draw longitudinal section of bisexual flower?

20.draw a well labeled diagram of stamen?

21.draw a well labeled diagram of carpel?

22.explain the following terms:-





(E)tripple fussion

23.explain fertilisation with a neat, well labelled diagram?

24.draw diagram showing germination of seeds? two unisexual flower? two bisexual flower?

27.why is testis located outside the abdominal cavity? the hormone secreted in testis?

29.draw diagram of male reproductive system?

30.draw diagram of female reproductive system?

31.what is the function of prostate gland and seminal vesicles?

32.what happens when the egg is not fertilised?

33.what is the menarche and menopause?

34.write a short note on placenta? bacterial and viral infections during the sexual act? the different types of methods of preventing pregnancy?

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Important Questions Of Reproduction Notes - Class 10


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Important Questions Of Reproduction Notes - Class 10


Important Questions Of Reproduction Notes - Class 10








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