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Read the following extracts and write down the most appropriate option.

1. “You folk are queer. You think about the past all the time. We always think about the future.”

(a) The speaker of this line is :
(i) Mrs. Al Smith
(ii) Juliette
(iii) Maid
(iv) Jeanne

(b) ‘You’ here refers to the
(i) German
(ii) French
(iii) British
(iv) American

(c) Who is ‘we’ referred to?
(i) Gaston and Jeanne
(ii) Jeanne and maid
(iii) Americans
(iv) Europeans

Ans : (a) (i) (b) (ii) (c) (iii)

2. “Then stop being bored and buy one. That will finish it. We won’t talk about it any more.”
 (a) Who is speaking here and to whom :

(i) Gaston to Mrs. Al Smith
(ii) Juliette to Gaston
(iii) Jeanne to Gaston
(iv) Gaston to Jeanne

(b) “......and buy one” refers to :
(i) buying of a villa
(ii) buying a set of books
(iii) buying of a shop
(iv) buying a car

(c) The relationship between the person spoken to and the speaker is :
(i) Mistress – maid
(ii) Husband – wife
(iii) Shopkeeper – customer
(iv) Mother – son

Ans : (a) (iii)
(b) (i)
(c) (ii)

3. “Your dowry. My poor child, we have spent that long ago.”

(a) The speaker is ______ and he is speaking to ______.
(i) Jeanne’s parents to Jeanne
(ii) Jeanne’s sister to Jeanne
(iii) Gaston to Jeanne
(iv) Jeanne to her sister’s children

(b) He needed the money _______.
(i) To go on a holiday
(ii) To buy a villa
(iii) To buy a car
(iv) To go on a cruise

(c) The above statement shows that the speaker was ______.
(i) Selfish
(ii) Opportunist
(iii) Domineering
(iv) Hypocrite

Ans. (a) (iii)
(b) (ii)
(c) (i)

4. You go and tell your boss that if he doesn’t come right away, I’m going. I haven’t any time to waste. [CBSE 2010 (Term I)]

(a) Who is the speaker?
(i) Gaston
(ii) Juliette
(iii) Jeanne
(iv) Mrs. Al Smith

(b) ‘The Boss’ referred to here is :
(i) Juliette
(ii) Mrs. Al Smith
(iii) Gaston
(iv) Jeanne

(c) The speaker feels that if there is a hold-up that would :
(i) make him / her angry
(ii) be very bad
(iii) make him / her sick
(iv) turn him / her to madness

Ans. (a) (iv)
(b) (i)
(c) (i)

5. Copies are not always good. We would only imitate you and imitations are no better than parodies. We are so different. Think of it...... [CBSE 2010 (Term I)]

(a) The speaker of these lines is :
(i) Mrs. Al Smith
(ii) Gaston
(iii) Juliette
(iv) Jeanne

(b) ‘We are so different’ means :
(i) Europeans go to America to earn money and
Americans come to Europe to spend it
(ii) the speaker is European and the other Russian
(iii) both of them are different in their outlook
(iv) both of them contrast to each other

(c) The speaker outwits the other in :
(i) selling the Villa for two thousand francs
(ii) selling the Villa which does not belong to him
(iii) buying the Villa for two thousand francs only
(iv) taking the little picture as a souvenir.

Ans. (a) (ii)
(b) (i)
(c) (iv)

6. Don't be aggravating, please! If you don't want the house, tell me so at once and we'll say no more about it. [CBSE 2010 (Term I)]

(a) The above dialogue is spoken by _________.
(i) Mrs. Al Smith
(ii) The maid
(iii) Jeanne
(iv) Juliette

(b) The speaker is talking to __________.
(i) Mrs. Al Smith
(iii) Jeanne
(iii) Juliette
(iv) Gaston

(c) When the speaker says don't be aggravating, she expects the listener not to__________.
(i) be suspicious
(ii) make fun
(iii) be outrageous
(iv) criticise

Ans. (a) (iii)
(b) (iv)
(c) (iii)

7. Gaston : Just trying to please you, darling. [CBSE 2010 (Term I)]

(a) Gaston is trying to please :
(i) Juliette
(ii) Jeanne
(iii) Mrs. Al Smith
(iv) The Maid

(b) Gaston has ______ to please the addressee :
(i) Bought a car
(ii) Finalized the deal
(iii) Kept the picture
(iv) Paid in cash

(c) Gaston is _______ while speaking the line :
(i) joking
(ii) serious
(iii) laughing
(iv) making fun

Ans. (a) (ii)
(b) (ii)
(c) (iv)

8. Every little bit helps, Madame. Especially, Madame, as you have such a funny face. [CBSE 2010 (Term I)]

(a) The phrase ‘little helps’ refers to ______.
(i) the help provided by neighbours
(ii) the monetary help that she will get after doing the role
(iii) the help of 100 francs
(iv) the help of the maid servant

(b) The speaker of this extract is _________.
(i) Jeanne
(ii) Juliette
(iii) Mrs. Al Smith
(iv) Juliette’s maid

(c) The funny face of the listener would help her to______.
(i) scare people away
(ii) take a break
(iii) bag the role of a cook
(iv) entertain people

Ans. (a) (ii)
(b) (iv)
(c) (iii)

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