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Physical Education Class 12(XII) - Notes & Model Test Papers

Class 12 : Model Question Paper set 1 Class 12 Notes | EduRev

The document Model Question Paper set 1 Class 12 Notes | EduRev is a part of the Class 12 Course Physical Education Class 12(XII) - Notes & Model Test Papers.
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Q. 1. What are the main advantages of physical fitness in an individual? (75 Words, 3 Marks)

Q. 2. What do you recommend for pace training? What are the advantages of speed development? (75 Words, 3 Marks)
Q. 3. Describe no ball and wide ball  in Cricket. (150 Words, 5 Marks)

Q. 4. Explain the rules of the matches of  Kho-Kho. (150 Words, 5 Marks)

Q. 5. Write short notes on (1) Tadasana (2) Bhujangasana (3) Shalabhasana. (100 Words, 6 × 3 = 18 Marks)

Q. 6. What is the need and importance of Physical Education? (150 Words, 5 Marks)

Q. 7. What do you understand by achievements and motivation? (150 Words, 5 Marks)

Q .8. What are staggers? (2 Marks)

Q. 9. Can a towel or water be given to any runner while running a race of 10,000 m? (1 Mark)

Q.10. If any record is broken during heats, is it accepted? (1 Mark)

Q.11. Are the positions of the runners decided according to the crossing of finishing line? (1 Mark)

Q.12. Can an umpire disqualify the runner, who commits faults or disobeys the rules? (1 Mark)

Q.13. What numbers are printed on the shirts of players? (1 Mark)

Q.14. Can any player leave the court during the match?(1 Mark)

Q.15. What is the method of giving points ? (2 Marks)

Q.16. What is pivoting? (1 Mark)

Q.17. What are the different types of passing in Basketball? (1 Mark)

Q.18. What is ‘zone to zone’ defence? (2Marks)

Q.19. In which Olympics, did the Indian Hockey Team (men) participated for the first time? (1 Mark)

Q.20. When was the first Asian Hockey Championship held? 1

Q.21. In which Olympics, hockey was included for the first time in Olympic Games ? 1

Q.22. What are the basic skills of Hockey? (1 Mark)

Q.23. Name the Arjuna Awardees of Hockey. till 2003. (150 Words, 5 Marks)

Q.24. Is it foul to cross or touch the centre line during the match ?(1 Mark)

Q.25. Can a back zone player participate in blocking from the front zone? (1 Mark)

Q.26. Can a service be performed without tossing of ball ?(1 Mark)

Q.27. What are the types of passing? (2 Marks)

Q.28. Which types of players should a good team consist of? (1 Mark)

Q.29. Name the Arjuna Awardees of Volleyball.till 2002.

Q. 30. Write Short notes on Dronacharya Award. (150 Words, 5 Marks)

Q. 31. Write Short notes on Prevention of Sports Injuries. (150 Words, 5 Marks)

Q.32. What are the various problems of measuring intelligence by means of intelligence tests? (150 Words, 5 Marks)

Q.33. What should be the meal planning a person suffering from fever? (150 Words, 5 Marks)

Q.34. What are the functions and sources of folic acid? (75 Words,3 Marks)

Q.35. What is a drug ? How does it affect the body? (75 Words,3 Marks)

Q. 36. Differentiate between Diarrhoea and Dysentery. ( (75 Words,3 Marks)

Q. 37. Define the term ‘acquired immunity’.  (50 Words,2 Marks)


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