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Q. 1. State any two functions of Agmark. (25 Words, 1 Mark)

Q. 2. Prepare eight guidelines for consumers so that they can sp end wisely. (50 Words, 2 Marks) 

Q. 3. Write eight precautions you will adopt while removing stains from any fabric. (50 Words, 2 Marks) 

Q. 4. List two disease caused by impure water. How is muddy water purified with the help of boiling method ? (25 Words,1 Mark)

Q. 5. Trace social development of a child from birth till one year. (75 Words, 3 Marks)

Q. 6. Keeping elements of design in mind, give four suggestions for choosing a dress for tall thin girl. (50 Words, 2 Marks) 

Q. 7. Describe three specific symptoms of polio. Write three precautions while caring for such patients. (25 Words, 1 Mark)

Q. 8. Present one difference and one similarity between general provident fund and public provident fund  chemes. Specify one common benefit of each.(25 Words, 1 Mark) 

Q. 9. Write advantages and problems of leaving a one year old child in creche.(50 Words, 2 Marks) 

Q. 10. Define psychic income and state two example of the same. (50 Words, 2 Marks) 

Q. 11. Why do we need to maintain account of our expenditure ? (50 Words, 2 Marks) 

Q. 12. Give six suggestions for preventing food adulteration. (50 Words, 2 Marks) 

Q. 13. A child has developed rash with pus on his body. Name the disease the child could be suffering from. Write two other symptoms of the disease. Write prevention and cure also. (150 Words, 5 Marks)

Q. 14. What are the advantages of substitute care done by grandparents ? (25 Words, 1 Mark)

Q. 15. List the different factors which influence meal planning and explain any two.(150 Words, 5 Marks)

Q. 16. Suggest three changes in the given menu for an old person. Give reason also : — Chapatties, Pulao (fried with vegetables) , Dal fry, Boondi Raita, Onion-tomato salad. (50 Words, 2 Marks) 

Q. 17. How judicious spending helps in supplementing income ? (25 Words,1 Mark)

Q. 18. Why is it important to save money every month ? (25 Words,1 Mark)

Q. 19. When will you consider advertisement misleading? (75 Words Marks 3) 

Q. 20. Write a short note on principle of proportion.(50 Words, 2 Marks)

Q. 21. Write short notes on good finish and easy maintenance of clothes.(50 Words, 2 Marks) 

Q. 22. How will you remove ink stain from a white cotton shirt ? (25 Words, 1 Mark)

Q. 23. List three main areas of physical development in which changes take place during first three years of a child’s life. Give one characteristic of each area. (50 Words, 2 Marks) 

Q. 24. State four problems you have faced as a consumer. (25 Words, 1 Mark)

Q. 25. How is sex of a child determined ?  (50 Words, 2 Marks) 

Q. 26. What are the functions and sources of riboflavin ? (150 Words, 5 Marks)

Q. 27. What is food spoilage ? Define microbial and enzymatic spoilage. (150 Words, 5 Marks)

Q. 28. Based on the physical, mental, emotional and social aspects what do you look for the signs of good health among the members of your family ? (150 Words, 5 Marks)

Q. 29. Write a short note on Whooping Cough. (150 Words, 5 Marks)

Q. 30. What should be the nutritional requirements of a diarrhoea patient ? (150 Words, 5 Marks)

Q. 31. What is the importance of proportion in clothing ? (150 Words, 5 Marks)

Q. 32. Prepare a Sample Menu of Day’s Diet for a Ten Years Old Child.  (150 Words, 5 Marks)

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