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Q. 1. Give two examples to illustrate how the elements of art such as line and shape can influence the personality of an individual. (50 Words, 2 Marks)

Q. 2. Sheela leaves her 3 year old daughter in a creche. Mention four drawbacks of such an arrangement. (24 Words, 1 Mark)

Q. 3. If most consumer goods are available on installments, it there a need for the family to save money ? Give four reasons. (50 Words, 2 Marks)

Q. 4. Using each of the four elements of art, suggest a suitable design of a skirt and blouse for a fat girl. (100 Words, 3 Marks)

Q. 5. What four points should be kept in mind while planning meals for a pregnant lady ? (24 Words, 1 Mark)

Q. 6. Elaborate the benefits and drawbacks of investment in public provident fund. (50 Words, 2 Marks)

Q. 7. Write six benefits of keeping household account. (50 Words, 2 Marks)

Q. 8. Write four ways Balwadis can help in promoting the health of a child ? (50 Words, 2 Marks)

Q. 9. Briefly describe the steps of laundering white cotton saree at home. Also justify the need for each step. (75 Words, 3 Marks)

Q. 10. Describe three specific symptoms of cholera and three of measles which enables you to diagnose the diseases. (75 Words, 3 Marks)

Q. 11. Write four advantages of leaving small children in the care of grandparents. (50 Words, 2 Marks)

Q. 12. Suggest three modifications in the following menu for a person suffering from diarrhoea. Give reasons for your choice :— Chapati, Fried rice, Raita, Dal fried, Tomatoes and cucumber salad. (24 Words, 1 Mark)

Q. 13. List four facilities a good creche should have. (24 Words, 1 Mark)

Q. 14. Write the procedure for removing any two of the following stains :— (i) Ink stain from white cotton. (ii) Tea stain from coloured cotton. (iii) Blood stain from synthetic. (75 Words, 3 Marks)

Q. 15. Who is disabled child ? (24 Words, 1 Mark)

Q. 16. Write down the objectives of ICDS? (75 Words, 3 Marks)

Q. 17. Ravi is suffering from fever. Keeping this in mind suggest two changes in the meal for a family given below :– Potato vegetables, Lady finger, Boondi Raita, Puri, Banana custard. (50 Words, 2 Marks)

Q. 18. Explain “water is the main constitutent of human body”. (50 Words, 2 Marks)

Q. 19. What are the advantages of keeping household account ? (100 Words, 3 Marks)

Q. 20. A working woman wants to make regular savings. Sugg est a suitable method. (24 Words, 1 Marks)

Q. 21. Write the procedure to file a complaint. (124 Words, 5 Marks)

Q. 22. How the profession affects the choice of clothes ?Give two examples. (50 Words, 2 Marks)

Q. 23. What are discount stores ? (24 Words, 1 Mark)

Q. 24. Present is six steps the procedure of the removal of unknown stain from a white cotton fabric. (24 Words, 1 Mark)

Q. 25. Mention four benefits you have enjoyed due to savings from your pocket money in the past. (24 Words, 1 Mark)

Q. 26. Justify that knowledge of child care/resource management can lead to employment. Give one suggestion for self-employment and one for wage employment. ( 7 5 Words, 3 Marks)

Q. 27. What is Population Explosion ? What are the consequences of over Population ? (150 Words) 5 Q. 59 : How the fuel for cooking and the electricity can be conserved ? (150 Words, 5 Marks)

Q. 28. What are the symptoms of Scurvey? What should we take to prevent ? (124 Words, 2 Marks)

Q. 29. How the fuel for cooking and the electricity can be conserved ? (150 Words, 5 Marks)

Q. 30. Write a short notes on floor decoration in India. (150 Words, 10 Marks)

Q. 31. Who are mentally retarded children ? What are their needs ? (100 Words, 3 Marks)

Q. 32. How do you take precautions against food adulteration ? (124 Words, 5 Marks)

Q. 33. What are the principles of stain removal ? (100 Words, 3 Marks)

Q. 34. What shall be kept in mind while washing clothes ? (100 Words, 3 Marks)

Q. 35. Describe the various important endocrine glands in our body ? (150 Words, 5 Marks)

Q. 36. Name various public organisation engaged in the work of health care and welfare of community. (150 Words, 5 Marks)

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