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Q.1. You have to buy fabric for your Kurta. The width of fabric is 36 inches. In order to buy accurate quantity (length) of fabric, what body measurements will you take and how will you calculate the required length of fabric? (50 Words, 2 Marks) 

Q.2. In what four ways does ICDS help in caring for lactating women? (75 Words, 3 Marks) 

Q.3. Illustrate two ways of creating balance in a frock. (25 Words, 1 Mark) 

Q.4. Explain four rules of hygiene to a cook. (50 Words, 2 Marks) 

Q.5. Outline the steps of washing a blue silk saree at h ome. (50 Words, 2 Marks) 

Q.6. Explain the main features of Consumer Protection Act 1986 ? (50 Words, 2 Marks) 

Q.7. What four important points you would keep in mind while planning meals for a person suffering from diarrhoea? (25 Words, 1 Mark) 

Q.8. Your employed sister wants to leave her one year old daughter in a creche. List six points that should help her in selecting such a pla ce. (25 Words, 1 Mark) 

Q.9. A family is served a meal consisting of dal, rice, curd and chapatis. Evaluate this meal and if necessary, suggest modification along with adequate reasons what additional changes are necessary , and why, if this meal is served to a lactating mother ? (25 Words, 1 Mark) 

Q.10. What will you use to detect the adulteration of argemone oil and mineral oil in foodstuff ? (25 Words, 1 Mark) 

Q.11. Write the points you will keep in mind while storing silk. Give reasons. (50 Words, 4 Marks) 

Q.12. Trace month development of a child from birth to three years of age. (50 Words, 2 Marks) 

Q.13. A six month old, a one year old and a three year old want to go out of the house. write how each child will communieate his desie to go out and try stage of langnage development ent each one is at ? (25 Words, 1 Mark) 

Q.14. What are the types of physical handicaps ? (25 Words, 1 Mark) 

Q.15. Briefly give the objectives of National Plan of Action. (75 Words, 2 Marks) 

Q.16. What are the main objectives of diet modification during illness ? (50 Words, 2 Marks) 

Q.17. What are the symptoms of dehydration ? Give WHO/UNICEF formula of ORS. (50 Words, 2 Marks) 

Q.18. Differentiate between money inconme and direct income. (50 Words, 2 Marks) 

Q.19. Write briefly about ‘Kisan Vikas Patra’ and ‘National Savings Certificates’ (NSC). (50 Words, 2 Marks) 

Q.20. Briefly give the salient features of COPRA (1986). (150 Words, 5 Marks) 

Q.21. Which colour and texture in clothes should be in winter and why ? (25 Words, 1 Mark) 

Q.22. How far is it desirable to purchase clothes from departmenta l stores ? (50 Words, 2 Marks) 

Q.23. Describe the principle of stain removal. (50 Words, 2 Marks) 

Q.24. Which two methods of investment you will suggest to your father who wants to save his tax ? (25 Words, 1 Marks) 

Q.25. What are the importance of Home Science ? (75 Words, 3 Marks) 

Q.26. What is the status of girls child right now ? (150 Words, 5 Marks) 

Q.27. What are minerals ? What are its functions in the body ? (150 Words, 5 Marks) 

Q.28. How the water can be conserved ? (100 Words, 3 Marks) 

Q.29. What are the significance of motor development in a child ? (150 Words, 5 Marks) 

Q.30. Who are socially handicapped children ? What are their common needs ? (150 Words, 5 Marks) 

Q.31.  What are the types of the different expenses included in the family budget ? (150 Words, 5 Marks) 

Q.32. What are the main methods of stain removal ? (150 Words, 5 Marks) 

Q.33. What do you understand by the term ‘National Character’. Critically examine the present Indian National Character according to your perception. (150 Words, 5 Marks) 

Q.34. What is the meaning of communicable disease ?(100 Words, 5 Marks) 

Q.35. How can communicable disease be controlled ? (150 Words, 5 Marks) 

Q.36. Define AIDS. What are its signs and symptoms ?How does it spread ? How can it be prevented ? (150 Words, 5 Marks) 

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