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Q. 1. Write four points that you would consider while planning meals for a person suffering from diarrhoea. (50 Words, 2 Marks 

Q. 2. Give four reasons to your brother for keeping a record of his daily expenses. (50 Words, 2 Marks) 

Q. 3. Define adulteration. Specify two health hazards of consuming metanil yellow. (50 Words, 2 Marks) 

Q. 4. Write two standard marks given to food items and two advantages of giving them. (50 Words, 2 Marks) 

Q. 5. Present two examples each to show how meal planning is influenced by season and occasion.(75 Words, 2 Marks) 

Q. 6. Give four reasons why Mrs. Verma prefers to leave her two year old child in creche and not with her ten year old daughter. (50 Words, 2 Marks) 

Q. 7. List four conditions when apine apple tin can be declared adulterated by PFA ? (50 Words, 2 Marks) 

Q. 8. Elaborate at least three points in favour of the saying ‘saving is essential for saf e fu ture’. (75 Words, 3 Marks) 

Q. 9. List six points you will check in a dress to ensure quality while purchasing it. (50 Words,  3 Marks) 

Q. 10. Explain with example the principles of meal planning. (150 Words, 5 Marks) 

Q. 11. Give one influence, each of purchasing power of family, availability of food and age of the individual on planning of meals. (75 Words, 3 Marks) 

Q. 12. What points will you consider while selecting a dress for your mother, to be worn at home, while working ? (50Words, 2 Marks) 

Q. 13. You want to purchase a readymade salwar kameez for your sister. Write three parts and two details of each you will check before purchase. (25 Words, 1 Mark) 

Q. 14. What are the dharacteristics of emotional development ? (150 Words, 5 Marks) 

Q. 15. How can we help partially blind children ? (75 Words, 3 Marks) 

Q. 16. Renu wants to bring variety in meals. Suggest her some ways of doing this. (100 Words, 3 Marks) 

Q. 17. Name of nutrients whose requirement increases during diarrhoea. How can these be compensated ? (75 Words, 2 Marks) 

Q. 18. What do you mean by the purchase of hygienic goods ? (25 Words, 1 Mark) 

Q. 19. Differentiate between bearer cheque and crossed cheque. (25 Words, 1 Mark) 

Q. 20. List the problems faced by consumers. (25 Words, 1 Mark) 

Q. 21. How vertical lines effect the body shape of the wearer ? (50 Words, 2 Marks) 

Q. 22. Which two things would you keep in mind while selecting the colour of a dress to be used for a two year old girl on a special occasion ? (50 Words, 2 Marks) 

Q. 23. What are the qualities of readymade garment for low income group ? (25 Words, 1 Mark) 

Q. 24. List your points that you will keep in mind while taking daily care of your clothing. (25 Words, 1Mark) 

Q. 25. List four elements of design which you will keep in mind while bying a dress for a three year old. (25 Words, 1Mark) 

Q. 26. Explain the sexual developments among the adol escen ce. (125 Words, 5 Marks) 

Q. 27. What is Poverty Line ? (100 Words, 3 Marks) 

Q. 28. Discuss the functions and sources of Iodine in our body ? (75 Words, 3 Marks) 

Q. 29. How do you use colours to express personality mood and appearance of a room and to disguise in flows ? (150 Words, 5 Marks) 

Q. 30. What are the biological factors affecting cognitive development of a child ? (75 Words, 3 Marks) 

Q. 31. What are the economic factors affecting meal planning ? (150 Words, 5 Marks) 

Q. 32. How special crossed cheques are beneficial ? (75 Words, 3 Marks) 

Q. 33. How do you make detergent ? (100 Words, 3 Marks) 

Q. 34. Prepare a Sample Menu of a Day’s Diet for a Pregnant Lady (150 Words, 5 Marks) 

Q. 35. What are the basic psychological problems of the adolescents in the home and school situations? Suggest measures for the proper adjustment of the adolescents both in homes and schools. (150 Words, 5 Marks) 

Q. 36. What do you understand by Environment ? What are the safe components of it ? (150 Words, 5 Marks) 

Q. 37. Write Short notes on Work Place Environment.(150 Words, 5 Marks) 

Q. 38. Discuss briefly the social and psychological environment. (150 Words, 5 Marks) 

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