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English Marigold Class 5

Class 5 : NCERT Solution - Chapter 5 : RIP VAN WINKLE, Class 5, English | EduRev Notes

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NCERT Solution - Chapter 5 : RIP VAN WINKLE, Class 5, English

1. Make the words in the box with their meaning. You may take the help of a dictionary.

(i) near the lower part of a mountain

Ans. Foothills.


(ii) With grey hair

Ans. Grizzled.


(iii) To rub gently.

Ans. Stroked.


(iv) To be very surprised

Ans. Astonished.


(v) Known to you

Ans. Familiar.


2. Say whether the following sentences are True or False.

(a) Rip was kind to children.

Ans. True.


(b) Rip was a hardworking man.

Ans. False.


(c) The short old man on the mountain was his constant companion.

Ans. False.


(d) Rip helped the old man on the mountains because he wanted to have a drink form the barrel.

Ans. False.


(e) Rip was away for twenty years because he was asleep on the mountains.

Ans. True.


(f) The drink from the barrel made him fall asleep for twenty years.

Ans. True.


(g) Nobody recognized Rip when he came back because he had reached the wrong village.

Ans. False.


3. Complete the following sentences.

(i) Rip’s village was situated______.

Ans. at the foothills of Kaatskill mountains.


(ii) The children of the village loved him because _____.

Ans. he played with them, told them stories and taught them runs to shoot marble, and fly the kites.


(iii) _______ was his constant companions.

Ans. Wolf, the dog.


(iv) The villagers stared at him because __________.

Ans. They did not seem to know him.


(v) The old woman who recognized Rip was _______.

Ans. his neighbor.


4. What were the strange things about the men on the mountains?

Ans. (i) They all were dressed the same way.

(ii) All had beards of various shapes and colours.

(iii) Their faces were very serious.

(iv) They did not speak.


5. What kind of a man was Rip Van Winkle?

Ans. (i) He was kind neighbor.

(ii) He was a good-natured man.

(iii) He loved to the children.

(iv) He was a very lazy man.


6. Pick out the names of the games mentioned in the story.

Ans. Flying kites, ninepins, shooting marbles and mountain climbing.


7. Sometime we join two words to make a describing word. For example: Rip was a good natured man, everybody liked him. Here are some more describing words. Use them to complete the given paragraph.

Long-sleeved, high-heeled, well-dressed, open-mouthed, sweet-looking, odd-looking, part-time

Mrs. Das has (1) job in a clothes job. Yesterday, an (2) woman walked into the shop. She was wearing (3) shoes. A (4) dog was with her. “I want a (5) shirt for my dog, please.” She said. “For your dog?” asked Mrs. Das, (6) in surprise. “Yes,” replied the woman. “I want him to be (7) for my next party.”

Ans. (1) part-time (2) odd looking, (3) high-heeled, (4) sweet-looking, (5) long sleeved, (6) open-mothed, (7) well-dressed. 


8.  What is the common in the following groups of words?

(a) Knee, knife, knot, know ________

Ans. ‘k’ is silent.


(b) neighbor, daughter, fight, straight _____

Ans. ‘gh’ is silent.


(c) honest, honour, hour, heir

Ans. ‘h’ is silent.


9. Try and make more silent words.

(i) gnat: _____, ______

Ans. gnash, gnaw.


(ii) tongue: ____, ____

Ans. vague, morgue.


(iii) chalk: ____, _____

Ans. talk, walk.


(iv) whistle: ____, _____

Ans. bustle, bustle.


10. Fill in the blanks using the words in the previous questions.

(a) _____ and ____ quickly! You will be late for school. Don’t make a sound.

Ans. Wake up, get up.


(b) Shh! The baby is _____. Don’t make a sound, or she will _____.

Ans. Asleep, wake up.


(c) Are you still ______? You should be now or you will not be able to ____ in the morning for school.

Ans. awake, get up.


11. Lots of things must have happened in the village when Rip was away. Imagine you are neighbour who greets Rip after 20 years. One student should act as Rip. Tell Rip all that happened in the village after he left. (Talk about what happened to this family; to his friends, to the other villagers, to the children he played with, the changes in the village ____ etc. Your teacher will guide you.

Ans.  When you did not come home in the evening, your wife looked for you here and there. But nobody could tell where you had gone. Your son found a job in the city and he left with your wife and daughter. They sold the house for John. The children you played with, have grown up. They all are married and live with their families. Some of them have left the village and joined the surface and farmers in our village have tractors. They do not plough their fields with oxen. Many families have motor cars and telephone. You can talk to people in distant places. It is indeed a magic box telephone instrument. Come, I will show you one that I have at home.

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