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1. Complete the following paragraph about the theme of the play using the clues given in the box below. Remember that there are more clues than required.

NCERT Solutions - Villa for Sale Notes | Study English Class 9 - Class 9

Juliette, the owner of a villa wants to _________ it as she is in need of _________ . Moreover, she is not in _________ of the house. Jeanne and Gaston, a couple visit her with the aim of _________ the villa. While Jeanne is _________ about buying, Gaston detests the idea as he does not want his __________ in that house. Also, he finds the asking price of _________ to be expensive. When Jeanne and Juliette go around the house, another customer _________ and starts talking to Gaston _________ him to be Juliette’s husband. Gaston _________ a deal with the customer  by which he is able to give _________ to the owner and _________ one thousand francs for himself.

Ans : sell, money, favour, buying, enthusiastic, inlaws, house, walks in, taking, strikes, 200 thousand francs, keep

2. Answer the following questions.

(a) Why does Jeanne want to buy a villa?

Ans : Jeanne wants to buy the villa so that her parents can stay in it. Moreover, her sister along with her children could also visit and stay there.

(b) Why is Gaston not interested in buying the villa in the beginning?

Ans : Gaston is not fond of his wife’s family. He believes that her parents would occupy the villa for quite some time and her sister would also visit there. He believes that buying the villa is a bad investment and has no desire to buy it.

(c) Mrs Al Smith makes many statements about the  French. Pick out any two and explain them.

Ans : (i) “You French have a very cute way of doing business”.
(ii) “Frenchmen usually have to consult about ten people before they get a move on”. Mrs Al Smith believes that French are not very business-minded and they don’t go into any details. Moreover, she also believes that the French are fickle-minded and they cannot make their own decisions.

(d) Juliette says, “..... want to get this wretched place off my hands. I would sacrifice it at any price”. Does she stick to her words. Why / Why not?

Ans : Juliette changes her stand totally when Jeanne and Gaston arrive. At first she quotes three hundred and fifty thousand francs and when Gaston shows disinterest, she settles down for two hundred thousand. She is in no way ready to reduce the cost of the villa any more.

Q3. Read the following extracts and answer the questions that follow by choosing the correct options.

A. ‘But the sign has been hanging on the gate for over a month now and I am beginning to be afraid that the day I bought it was when I was the real fool.’

(a) Why is Juliette disappointed?
(i) She is unable to get a role of cook in the films.
(ii) Her maid is leaving as she has got a role in the films.
(iii) She is unable to find a suitable buyer for her villa.
(iv) Gaston is offering a very low price for the villa.

Ans : (iii)

(b) Why does she call herself a fool?
(i) She has decided to sell her villa.
(ii) There are no buyers for the villa.
(iii) She had bought the villa for more than it was worth.
(iv) The villa was too close to the film studios.

Ans : (iii)

B. ‘But your parents would take possession of it, every year from the beginning of spring until the end of September. What’s more, they would bring the whole tribe of your sister’s children with them.’

(a) What does Gaston mean by ‘take possession’?
(i) Her parents would stay with them for a long time.
(ii) Juliette’s sister has many children.
(iii) Gaston does not like children.
(iv) Juliete’s sister’s children are badly behaved.

Ans : (i)

C. ‘While you were upstairs, I have been thinking a lot about your Papa and Mamma.’

(a) What is the discrepancy between what Gaston said earlier and what he says now?

(i) Earlier he did not want Juliette’s parents to stay with them but now he is showing concern for them.
(ii) Earlier he wanted Juliette’s parents to stay with them but now he does not want them to come over.
(iii) Earlier he wanted to buy a house for them but now he wants them to come and stay in their villa.
(iv) Earlier he stayed in Juliette’s parents’ villa but now he wants them to stay with him and Juliette.

Ans : (i)

(b) What does the above statement reveal about Gaston’s character?
(i) He is selfish.
(ii) He is an opportunist.
(iii) He is a caring person.
(iv) He is a hypocrite.

Ans : (ii)

4. Select words from the box to describe the characters in the play as revealed by the following lines.


Lilies from the Play


Quality revealed

1. One hundred thousand francs if necessary and that’s only twice what it cost me.



2. If you don't want the house, tell me so at once and we’ll say no more about it.



3. No! I am very fond of your family, but not quite so fond as that.



4. Quite so. I have, but you haven’t.



5. I have never cared such a damned little about anybody’s opinion.



6. On the principle of people who like children and haven’t any can always go and live near a school.



7.  The garden is not very large, but you see. it is surrounded by other gardens.



8. I will be philanthropic and let you have it for two hundred thousand,



9. I have been thinking a lot about your Papa and Mamma. You see. I am really unselfish.



cunning, clever, witty, smart, innocent, humorous, haughty, overbearing, critical, domineering, disapproving, materialistic, dishonest, practical, greedy, cruel, boastful

Ans :
1. Speaker : Juliette
Quality revealed : greedy

2. Speaker : Jeanne
Quality revealed : innocent/practical, helpless

3. Speaker : Gaston
Quality revealed : overbearing, critical

4. Speaker : Gaston
Quality revealed : cunning, haughty

5. Speaker : Gaston
Quality revealed : disapproving, domineering

6. Speaker : Gaston
Quality revealed : witty, humorous

7. Speaker : Juliette
Quality revealed : tactful, boastful

8. Speaker : Juliette
Quality revealed : materialistic, smart

9. Speaker : Gaston.
Quality revealed : clever, hypocrite, cunning

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