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English language section in bank recruitment exams is filled with surprises and new pattern is confusing aspirants as how to study to score max. in English? It won’t matter if you’ve just started IBPS PO Preparation or you’ve been preparing and giving exams for quite some years, the dynamics of banking recruitment have totally changed and now every aspirant has a fair chance.Even with all those changes and new pattern in English Language, still, there are some topics which can help you bag marks. Such as Fillers.

Today in this post we've compiled all the important Tips and Tricks to solve All types of Fillers Questions. Fillers are again vocabulary based. They test your knowledge and command over language’s vocabulary. Earlier there used to be single or double fillers but now the difficulty level has stepped up for bank and insurance recruitment exams. We will be covering all types of fillers with exercises to ace Fillers.

Take a look at how you can solve fillers to excel these type of questions in  Banking exams.

Every sentence contains hints that will help you select the correct answer. Each of the following strategies will help you decipher those hints, but remember that any given question might require you to use more than one approach:

Here are FIVE important Tips and Tricks to solve New Pattern Fillers :


 a. Yes, you read it right. Before you look at the answer choices, Read the sentence and think of a word that “Fits” the sentence. Get a rough idea of theme and tone of the sentence, understand the context of the sentence and try to fill the missing word without looking at the options. 

b. Now go to options and Choose the word from the options that best replaces the word that you had thought of initially. Ensure that the meaning of the sentence is intact. Once you have placed the likely option, do check that the sentence gives out a plausible meaning.


In certain questions, your knowledge and understanding of vocabulary and common idioms-phrases of English Language may be tested. Hence, be sure to have a good skill set of such phrases. Answer choices that have a meaning opposite to the word that you would like to insert in the blank, eliminate those answer choices.50% options can be eliminated from here. Analyze the tone of the statements-look at the answer choices – and then try to predict an answer. Though you must consider all of the choices before you confirm your answer, even if your predicted answer is among the choices. The difference between the best answer and the second best answer is sometimes very subtle. When you think that you have the correct answer, read the entire sentence to yourself, using your choice(s).


Crestfallen by having done poorly on the CAT, Gaurav Karanwal began to question his abilities. His self-confidence was __________.

(a) appeased

(b) destroyed

(c) placated

(d) elevated

(e) assumed


If somebody is crestfallen (despairing) and has begun to question herself, then his self-confidence would be destroyed. 

By the method of elimination Option A, C, D can be easily eliminated, as they give positive connotation. Option E is irrelevant. Hence, option (b) is the answer.

3.Use grammar clues:

You should keep a close watch at grammar clues, for instance, if the article, “an” comes before the blank, then it implies that the answer must begin with a vowel. Such grammatical clues can be of great help in deciding the answers.

4. Use Connotation:

Each word expresses two things: a definition and a connotation. A connotation is a positive, negative, or neutral feeling that is implied by or associated with a word. Although the context is the part of a sentence that surrounds a particular word or passage and determines its meaning, connotation refers to the emotion that is suggested by the word itself. For example, the adjective “thrifty” implies a positive connotation, whereas the adjective “cheap” implies a negative connotation. Both words have similar definitions, but very different connotations.

Using connotations can help you determine the correct answer or at least eliminate a few wrong answers.

Example :

Because of his __________, Rahul’s guests felt very welcome and comfortable staying at his house for the weekend.

(a) animosity

(b) hospitality

(c) determination

(d) wittiness

(e) severity


The sentence has a positive connotation- Rahul’s guests feel welcome and comfortable. In addition, the transition “because” indicates that something that belongs to Rahul has caused his guests to feel welcome and comfortable. “Animosity” and “severity” have a negative connotation and “determination” has a neutral connotation. “Hospitality” and “wittiness” both have positive connotations, but “hospitality” best fits the context of the sentence. Hence, option (b) is the answer.

5. Identify the Indicators

Indicators tell you what is coming up. They indicate that the question setter is now moving to draw a contrast with something stated previously, or support something stated previously.

A. Contrast Indicators

Why do we contrast two things? We contrast two things to point out how they differ. In this type of questions, we look for a word that has the opposite meaning of key word or phrase in the sentence. Following are some of the most common contrast indicators.

New Pattern Fillers - Tricks, Verbal Banking Exams Notes | EduRev

Example :

Although the warring parties had settled a number of disputes, past experience made them __________ to express optimism that the talks would be a success.

(a) rash

(b) ambivalent

(c) scornful

(d) overjoyed

(e) reticent


“Although” sets up a contrast between what has occurred—success on some issues—and what can be expected to occur—success for the whole talks. Hence, the parties are reluctant to express optimism. The common word “reluctant” is not offered as an answer-choice, but a synonym—reticent—is. Hence, option (e) is the answer.

B. Support Indicators

Supporting words support or further explain what has already been said. These words often introduce synonyms for words elsewhere in the sentence. Following are some common supporting words:

New Pattern Fillers - Tricks, Verbal Banking Exams Notes | EduRev



Neha is an opprobrious and __________ speaker, equally caustic toward friend or foe—a true curmudgeon.

(a) lofty

(b) vituperative

(c) unstinting

(d) retiring

(e) laudatory


“And” in the sentence indicates that the missing adjective is similar in meaning to “opprobrious,” which is very negative. Now, vituperative—the only negative word—means “abusive.” Hence, option (b) is the answer.

C. Cause and Effect Indicators

These words indicate that one thing causes another to occur. Some of the most common cause and effect indicators are:

New Pattern Fillers - Tricks, Verbal Banking Exams Notes | EduRev

Example :

Because the House has the votes to override a presidential veto, the President has no choice but to __________.

(a) object

(b) abdicate

(c) abstain

(d) capitulate

(e) compromise


Since the House has the votes to pass the bill or motion, the President would be wise to compromise and make the best of the situation. Hence, option (e) is the answer.

Types Of New Pattern Fillers Questions

Type 1 : Single Sentence Fillers

Direction: Question given below, there is a statement, which consists of two blanks. You have to choose the option which provides the correct set of words that fits both the blanks appropriately and in the same order making them meaningful and grammatically correct.

Q. In keeping with his own ____ in international diplomacy, Churchill proposed a personal meeting of heads of government, but the effort was doomed to failure, as the temper of the times was ____ .

A.ideas - pluralistic

B.predilections - inimical

C.aversions - hostile

D.impulses - amicable

E. attracted-evicted

Explanation: Option(B) is correct

Read the sentence and see whether you can suggest a word of your own for one of the blanks. It sounds as though the meeting was doomed because the temper of the times was unsuitable. This would suggest that either hostile or inimical would be best for the second blank. Then it is unlikely that he would arrange a meeting in keeping with his own aversions; he would do so in keeping with his own inclinations


(pluralistic = including many aspects or cultures; predilections = tendencies, inclinations; inimical = hostile; amicable = friendly; maxims = short expressions of guiding principles; salacious = scandalous)

Type 2 : Two statement fillers

Direction: Question given below, there are two statements, each statement consists of two blanks. You have to choose the option which provides the correct set of words that fits both the blanks in both the statements appropriately and in the same order making them meaningful and grammatically correct.

Q. (1) The six-day war was the last unalloyed military victory for Israel, and the start of a ____________ from existential

wars against Arab states, which it always won, to ______________campaigns against non-state militias which it could never

wipe out.

(2) He sees these dualities as having been maintained through the _____________ by a deliberate and _______________ general


(a) Transition, enervating

(b) Progression, invigorating

(c) Concatenation, exhilarating

(d) Juncture, frivolous

(e) Movement, enfeeble

Explanation: Option(A) is correct

Sol. ‘Transition, enervating’ fits the two blank most appropriately.

Transition means the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another.

Enervating means make (someone) feel drained of energy or vitality.

Type 3 Multiple Statement Fillers

Direction: In each of the following questions, three statements are given with a missing word in each. You have to fill the blanks of first two statements with the first word of the option and the blank of the third statement with the second word of the option.

Q.(i) In no case did these methods and efforts secure a long-term ______ to poverty.

(ii) Experts recommend using vodka as a cleaning ______ for diamond jewelry.

(iii) For the slower students, the complex _____ will have to be broken down into smaller units

A) direction, situation

B) efficiency, method

C) solution, concept

D) stability, process

E) dreary, exasperate

Explanation: Option(C) is correct

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