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Chapter - 1 

Nature and Purpose of Business 


All Human beings where ever they may be require different type of goods and services to satisfy their needs. Business is a major economic activity in all modern societies concerned with production and sale of goods and services required by the people. It is aimed at earning money by satisfying human demands. 


Literal meaning of Business is “BUSY”.  Business is defined as an economic activity  involved in the production and sales of goods and services  undertaken with the motive of earning profit  by satisfying human needs in the society. 

Characteristics of Business activities:  

  1. An Economic activity: It means an activity aimed at earning money.  Business is also aimed at earning money or livelihood by satisfying human needs. 
  2. Production and procurement of goods and services: Every business enterprise must either manufacture the goods or it acquires from producers. Goods may be consumer goods or  Capital goods. Services means facility offered to consumers like banking, insurance etc. 
  3. Sale or exchange of goods and services: Business involves transfer or exchange of goods and service for value. 
  4. Dealing in goods and services on a regular basis: It should be a regular activity.  One time  sale or exchange will not be considered as business. 
  5. Profit earning: Business always aims at earning profit. 
  6. Uncertainty of earning: There is always a possibility of less amount of profit or even loss in  business.  
  7. Element of Risk: There is always a possibility of Uncertainty of earnings. 

Comparison of Business, Profession and Employment:  

Basis  Business  Profession  Employment 

  1. How to Start? Based on entrepreneurs /owners decision Getting membership of a professional body Getting an appointment letter
  2. What is its nature? Providing goods and services to the public Rendering of personalized expert services Performing work as  per service contract  
  3. Qualification/Who can start? No minimum qualification Requires qualification  and training in a  specific field  Requires qualification and  training  
  4. Return/What will you get?Profit  Professional Fees  Salary 
  5. Capital/How much you need to start? Requires capital as per the size of  the Business  Requires limited  capital  No capital required 
  6. Risk involved  More risk  Less risk No risk 
  7. Transfer of Interest – Can you transfer?  Is possible with some formalities Not possible Not possible 
  8. Code of conduct No code of conduct is prescribed  Professional code of  conduct to be  followed   Code of conduct is  prescribed by the  employer to be  followed 

Classification of Business Activities:   

Industry:  Production or processing of goods and services.  It is concerned with changing the form of the products.  t gives form utility to the products. It is  classified into the  following:  

Industry (Producing or processing of Goods as well as breeding of animals) 

  1. Primary    
  2. Secondary  
  3. Tertiary 

1. Primary Industry 

  • Extractive Industry    
  • Genetic Industry 

2. Secondary Industry 

  • Manufacturing Industry    
  • Construction Industry 

Extraction and  production of  natural resources  and reproduction  and development  of living organisms,  plants etc.  Processing the  materials got in the  primary industries     Support services  to primary and  secondary  industries   Mining, lumbering,  hunting and fishing  operations     Breeding plants  and animals,  Poultry farming  and fish hatchery  Production and  processing of  goods creating  form utilities   Construction of  Buildings, dams,  bridges, etc.,

2.a. Manufacturing Industry

  1. Analytical 
  2. Synthetical
  3. Processing
  4. Assembling

Commerce: It includes all those activities which are concerned with removing all the hindrances in the movement of goods from the manufacturer to the consumers.It includes the following activities.  


Commerce includes the following activities: 

  1. Industry 
  2. Trade – Export, Import 
  3. Transport and communication 
  4. Banking 
  5. Insurance 
  6. Advertisement 
  7. Packaging 
  8. Warehousing etc., 

Industry Trade

Separates different  elements from  the same  materials   Eg., Petrol,  Diesel,etc., Combines various ingredients   Eg., Cement,  Textiles, etc., Involves series  of activities  Eg., Sugar and  Paper Assembles  different  components   Eg., Television,  Car,  Computer,  

  • Trade : Trade means exchange of goods and services between sellers and buyers with profit motive.  
  • Auxiliaries to Trade: 
  • Role of Profit in Business:  
  • It is source of income for the business man. 
  • It provides funds for expansion 
  • It is an indicator of efficiency of business man. 
  • It builds up reputation.  


  1. Transport and communication :  Physical movement of goods from the place where there is no demand to the place where there is demand.  Creates place utility to the product. 
  2. Banking and Finance : Helps in removing financial hindrances.  Facilitates production, buying and selling by providing funds by way of loans.
  3. Insurance: It facilitates business by ensuring compensation for various types of  risks.  
  4. Warehousing: It keeps the goods in tact till they are in demand.  It creates time utility to the product. 
  5. Advertising: It provides information about availability of goods and services.  It  induces the consumers to buy the product.  

 Business Risk: It refers to the possibility of  inadequate profits or even  losses due to uncertainties or unexpected events. Nature Of Business Risks 

Causes of Business Risks:  

  1. Natural Causes : Risk may be due to  Flood, earth quake, lightning, heavy rains etc. 
  2. Human Causes: It includes dishonesty, carelessness or negligence of employees, strikes, riots, etc. 
  3. Economic  Causes:  It  includes  uncertainties  relating  to  demand  for  goods, competition,  price,  collection  of  dues  from  customers,  changes  in economic policies etc.
  4. Other Causes: It includes political disturbances, mechanical failures etc. 

Basic factors to be considered before starting a Business:  

  1. Selection of Line of Business:  Based on the requirements in the market nature and type of business to be selected. 
  2. Size  of the  Firm:  Based  on the  amount  of  funds  available  and  demand for the product in the market size of the firm i.e small scale or medium or large scale to be ecided. 
  3. Choice  of  form  of  ownership:  Based  on  the  amount  of  capital  required,  legal formalities to be filled in, liability of the owner, etc. the form of ownership is to be  decided.Business risks arise due to uncertainties Risk is an essential part of business Degree of risk depends upon the nature and size of  business Profit is the reward for risk taking.  Innovation Productivity  Physical and  financial  Earning profits Manager performance and development Worker performance and attitude Social Responsibility Objectives of Business 
  4. Location of the Business enterprise: Based on the availability of raw material and infrastructure facilities location of the Business is to be selected.  
  5. Financing the Proposition: Requirement of Capital and its sources must be decided. 
  6. Physical  facilities:  Availability  of  physical  facilities  including  machines  and equipment, building  and supportive services to be  considered  before starting a  business.  
  7. Plant layout: Plant layout should draw to show the arrangement of these facilities.  
  8. Competent and  committed worked force.: Every business needs work force. So careful planning should be about selection, training and motivation of employees.
  9. Tax Planning: Tax liability and its impact on business to be considered.  
  10. Launching the enterprise: After fulfilling the formalities entrepreneur can launch the business. 

Short Answer type Questions : 

1. State the different types of economic activities. 

Ans. Business, profession and Employment.         (1) 

2. Name the trade where the goods are bought from the foreign country. 

Ans. Import trade.               (1) 

3. State examples of Analytical industries.  

Ans. Petrol, diesel               (1) 

4. Which industry provides services to primary and secondary industry? 

Ans. Tertiary industry               (1)

5. What is meant by Business Risk? Explain the features of it. 

Ans. Meaning and Features             (3)

6. Describe the meaning of Commerce.           (3) 

Ans. Meaning of commerce. 

Long Answer type  Questions:  

7. Profit play an important role in business. Give four reasons to justify the statement.  

Ans. Role of profit in business              (4) 

8. Give the meaning and two examples of Economic activities.     (4) 

Ans. Meaning. Ex. A person selling tea and coffee in the railway station 2. Doctor  treating patients at his clinic.           (4) 

9. Explain the meaning and causes of business risk.  

Ans. Meaning and causes.             (5) 

10. Compare the business, profession and employment.

Ans. Table showing the comparison above.         (5) 

11. Explain the factors to be considered before starting a business.    (6) 

12. Explain the features of business.             (6) 


13. Harish produces wheat for personal consumption.  Will it be a business activity?

Ans. No.As it is not for performed for earning profit.       (1) 

14. A person sells his old car at a profit.  Can it be termed as a business activity?  Explain. (4) 

Ans. No. because business involves dealing in goods on regular basis.  Brief Explanation of features of business. 

15. Risk is an inherent element of a Business.  Do you agree?    Explain.    (4) 

Ans. Meaning and Nature of Business Risks .    

Gist of the lesson: 

  1. Concept and characteristics of business. 
  2. Comparison of business, profession and employment 
  3. Classification of business activities 
  4. Classification of industry and commerce 
  5. Objectives of business 
  6. Meaning, nature and causes of business risk  
  7. Factors to be considered before starting a business. 
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Notes - Nature & Purpose of Business Class 11 Notes | EduRev


Notes - Nature & Purpose of Business Class 11 Notes | EduRev


Notes - Nature & Purpose of Business Class 11 Notes | EduRev


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