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Science Class 10

Class 10 : Practice Questions (Unsolved) -Transportation In Plants Class 10 Notes | EduRev

The document Practice Questions (Unsolved) -Transportation In Plants Class 10 Notes | EduRev is a part of the Class 10 Course Science Class 10.
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1. Name the conducting tissue in plant.

2. Name the components of xylem tissue.

3. Name the tissue which transports water and minerals in plants.

4. State the term used for loss of water in vapour form from aerial part of the plants.

5. Define the term transpiration.

6. Define the ascent of sap.

7. Name the components of phloem tissue.

8. Which plant tissue is associated with translocation ?

10. State the term used for transport of food from leaves to other parts of the plant.

11. Which process in a plant is accomplished by utilizing energy from ATP. Transport of water or transport of food?

12. Define the term translocation.

Very short answer type Questions :

1. What is transpiration ?

2. What is translocation ?

3. Name a plant which does not have a transport system.

4. What is the role of stomata in transpiration ?

5. Name the tissues responsible for the translocation of food in plants.

6. Name the process by which plants lose water.

7. Name that component of the vascular bundle which transports food from the leaves to different parts of a plant.

8. What is the transporting medium in higher plants ?

9. What is the upper movement of water and minerals called ?

10. Which process in plants creates suction force to help water column rise in plants ?

Very Short Questions (Answers) :

1. Process by which plants lose water in vapour form into the surrounding air.

2. Process of transport of food from leaves to other parts of the plant body through phloem.

3.  Chlamydomonas

4. Stomata takes out the extra amount of water in the form of water vapours. The rate of transpiration is directly proportional to the number of stomata.

5. Phloem  6. Transpiration 7. Phloem tissue 8. Water  9. Ascent of sap 10. Transpiration

Short answer type Questions :

1. Write about the opening and closing of stomata.

2. Why is transportation of materials necessary ?

3. Describe transport of the following materials in plants.

4. Write the main difference between xylem and phloem.

5. How does transpiration help in ascent of sap ?

Long answer type Questions :

1. Draw a sieve tube and label the various parts. Name the dead elements of the phloem.

2. Leaves of a healthy potted plant were coated with vasline to block the stomata. Will this plant remain healthy for long ? State three reasons for your answer.

3. What is translocation ? Why is it essential for plants ? Where in plants are the following synthesized.

(a) sugar (b) Hormones

NCERT Questions :

1. What are the components of the transport system in highly organised plants ?

2. How is food transported in plants ?

3. How are water and minerals transported in plants ?

4. What are the differences between the transport of materials in xylem and phloem ?


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Practice Questions (Unsolved) -Transportation In Plants Class 10 Notes | EduRev


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