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Question 51. ‘Gobar gas’ contains mainly________ 

Answer: methane

Question 52. In an atom no two electrons have all the four quantum numbers identica. This is known as________ 

Answer: Pauli’s Exclusion Principle

Question 53. Acid precipitation is now regarded as a serious problem in some European and Asian countries. Its major cause or source is________ 

Answer: emissions of sulphur oxides and nitrogen oxides from thermal power plants and burning of fossil fuels; these oxides dissolve in atmospheric water vapour and fall back on earth as acid rain.

Question 54. Vinegar is an aqueous solution of________ 

Answer: acetic acid

Question 55. The acid that can be used as a hypnotic is________ 

Answer: barbituric acid

Question 56. The most malleable metal is________

Answer: gold 

Question 57. The hottest part of the gas flame is known as the_____ 

Answer: nonluminous zone

Question 58. Camphor can easily be purified by the process of_____ 

Answer: sublimation

Question 59. The gas us ed for artificial ripening of green fruit is_____ 

Answer: ethylene

Question 60. A balanced fertiliser for plants is________ 

Answer: compost

Question 61. In order to lower the temperature below 0°C, the substance mixed with ice is________ 

Answer: sodium chloride

Question 62. The method that can not be used for removing permanent hardness of water is________ 

Answer: boiling

Question 63. The National Chemical Laboratory is situated in_____ 

Answer: Pune

Question 64. Petroleum is found in________rock. 

Answer: igneous

Question 65. The main active constituent of tea and coffee is_____ 

Answer: caffeine

Question 66. Containers for carrying strong acids are made of____

Answer: lead

Question 67. The branch of chemistry dealing with the accurate determination of the amounts of various substances is called________ 

Answer:  analytical chemistry

Question 68. The main use of salt in the diet is to________ 

Answer: produce in s mall amounts the hydrochloric acid required for the digestion of food

Question 69. The gas used in the manufacture of vanaspati from vegetable oil is________ 

Answer: Hydrogen

Question 70. A flaming splinter is thrust into a bottle of oxygen, a bottle of nitrogen, and a bottle of carbon dioxide. The flame will go out in________ 

Answer: Nitrogen and Carbon dioxide but not in Oxygen

Question 71. ________is the measure of performance of petrol in internal combustion engines. 

Answer: Octane number

Question 72. Of the Beer, Vodka, Wine and Gin drinks, tell which one has the lowest alcohol content_____ 

Answer: Beer

Question 73. Soda water contains________ 

Answer: Carbonic acid

Question 74. Cooking gas supplied in cylinders by gas agencies is_ 

Answer: liquid

Question 75. For the production of iron, the raw material used is___ 

Answer: coke

Question 76. Paracetamol relieves________ 

Answer: body pain

Question 77. Chloromycetin is________ 

Answer: antibacterial

Question 78. In the industrial production of vegetable ghee, the process involved is________

Answer: reduction

Question 79. Chemically, cane sugar is________

Answer: sucrose

Question 80. For respiration, deep-sea divers use a mixture of_____

Answer: oxygen and nitrogen

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