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Chemistry Class 12

Class 12 : Short & Long Answer Question (Part-1) Class 12 Notes | EduRev

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Q.1 Which type of drug cimetidine is?

Answer: Antihistamine.
Q.2 What is the use of ranitidine?

Answer: It prevents the interaction of histamine with the receptors which stimulate the secretion of pepsin and hydrochloric acid in stomach.
Q.3 Name two anti-allergic antihistamines.
(i) Brompheniramine (Dimetapp) (ii) Terfenadine. (Seldane).
Q.4 What is the function of nor adrenaline?

Answer: It is one of the neurotransmitter that plays role in mood change. 

Q.5 What is the role of antidepressant drugs?

Answer: Antidepressant drugs inhibit the enzymes which catalyses the degradation of noradrenaline and counter the effect of  depression by maintaining level of noradrenaline.

Q.6 Name two tranquillizers,

Answer: (i) Iproniazid (ii) Phenelzine.
Q.7 Name the mild tranquillizers which relieve tension.

Answer: (i) Chlordiazepoxide. (ii) Meprobamate.
Q.8 What is the role of equanil?

Answer: Equanil controls depression and hypertension.
Q.9 Which type of drugs barbiturates are?

Answer: These are tranquillizers and are also sleep inducing agents.
Q.10 Valium and serotonin belong to which class of drugs?

Answer: Tranquillizers.
Q.11 What is antipyretic?

Answer: Antipyretics are drugs used for reducing fever. 

Q.12  Name a drug which acts as antipyretic and analgesic both.

Answer: Aspirin.
Q.13 Which type of pain is removed by aspirin and paracetamol?

Answer: These drugs effectively reduce skeletal pain such as that due to arthritis.
Q.14 In which pain narcotic analgesics are used?

Answer: These drugs are used in postoperative pain, cardiac pain, and pain of terminal cancer and in child birth.
Q.15 Why aspirin is used in prevention of heart attack?

Answer: Due to its anti-blood clotting action.
Q.16 Name a medicine used in cardiac pain.

Answer: Morphine, heroin, cocaine.
Q.17 In which disease arsphenamine (salvarsan) is effective?

Answer: Syphilis.
Q.18 Name a drug which has broad spectrum.

Answer: (i) Ampicillin (ii) Amoxycillin.
Q.19 Name a drug which has narrow spectrum.

Answer: Penicillin G.
Q.20 What is tincture of iodine?

Answer: 2-3 percent solution of iodine in alcohol water mixture is known as tincture of iodine.
Q.21 Name the components of dettol?

Answer: Chloroxylenol, terpineol, and bithionol.
Q.22 Which solution is used as antiseptic for eyes?

Answer: Boric acid in dilute aqueous solution.
Q.23 Name a compound that acts as disinfectant.

Answer: (i) 1% solution of phenol (ii) Sulphur dioxide in low concentration.
Q.24 Name a compound that acts as both antiseptic and disinfectant.

Answer: Phenol 0.2% solution is antiseptic, 1% solution is disinfectant.
Q.25 Which type of drug is norethisterone?

Answer: Ant fertility drug.
Q.26 Which estrogen derivatives is used in contraceptive pills?

Answer: Ethynylestradiol (novestrol).  
Q.27 Why bithionol is added to soap?

Answer: Bithionol is added to soap to impart some antiseptic property.
Q.28 What are the components of birth control pills?

Answer: Mixture of synthetic estrogen and progesterone derivatives.
Q.29 Name one bactericidal antibiotics.

Answer: Penicillin.
Q.30 Name one bacteriostatic antibiotics.

Answer: Tetracycline.
Q.31 What type of drug is chloramphenicol?

Answer: Bacteriostatic antibiotic.
Q.32 Name two narcotics used as analgesic.

Answer: (i) Morphine,(ii) Heroin.
Q.33 Name a drug used in mental depression.

Answer: Equanil (tranquillizer).
Q.34 What is the use of paracetamol?

Answer: Helps in relieving pain and reducing fever (analgesics).
Q.35 Give an example of sulpha drugs?

Answer: Sulphapyridine.
Q.36 Name the antibiotic supposed to be toxic towards certain strains of cancer cells?

Answer: Dysidazirine.
Q.37 What are artificial sweeteners?

Answer: Chemical compounds used for sweetening of food in place of sugar are called artificial sweeteners,
Q.38 What are food preservatives?

Answer: Chemical compounds used for prevention of food material  from environmental effects are called preservatives.
Q.39 Name two artificial sweeteners?

Answer: (i) Aspartame (ii) Alitame.
Q.40 Why is aspartame used in cold food and drinks only?

Answer: Aspartame is decomposed at cooking temperature, hence its use is limited to cold food and cold drinks only.
Q.41  Name the most commonly used food preservatives.
(i) Common salt (ii) Sugar (iii) Vegetable oils (iv) Sodium benzoate.
Q.42 What are detergents?

Answer: Chemical substances which improve cleansing property of water and helps in removal of dirt from skin, fabric or other materials are called detergents.
Q.43 What are soaps?

Answer: Sodium or potassium salts of higher fatty acids like stearic acid or oleic acid used for cleansing purpose are called soaps.
Q.44 What are synthetic detergents?

Answer: Synthetic detergents are cleansing agents which have all properties of soaps but which actually do not contain any soap.
Q.45 What are advantages of synthetic detergents?

Answer: (i) They can be used in hard water also and in ice cold water also. (ii) They also work in acidic medium.
Q.46 What are disadvantages of synthetic detergents?

Answer: Unlike soap, detergents are non-biodegradable and cause water pollution.
Q.47 Why is ethanol added to soap?

Answer: Ethanol is added to soap in order to make it transparent.
Q.48 Why is bithionol added to soap?

Answer: Bithionol is added to soap to impart some antiseptic properties.
Q.49 How do synthetic detergents differ from soap?

Answer: (i) Synthetic detergents have all properties of soap but do not contain any soap. (ii) They work even in hard and ice cold water.
Q.50 The cleansing action of synthetic detergents is not affected by hard water. Mention the reason,

Answer: The reason is that calcium and magnesium salts of detergent like their sodium salts are soluble in water. 

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