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·Women will travel safely and safely in 'Vasundhara Sakhi'.


  • The Tonk City Council has taken a new initiative to give women free and safe access to their destination. On behalf of the Council, e-rickshaws are being run in the name of 'Vasundhara Sakhi Mahila Vahan'.


  • In these e-rickshaw, the information of the flagship schemes of the Central and State Government will also be displayed on Flax and LCD. In addition, CCTV and GPS have been installed for the protection of women. Apart from this, the telephone numbers of Vasundhra Sakhi Helpline, Police Control Room and Women Helpline have also been displayed.





  • Gujarat showed sloth to swine flu.


  •  Gujarat's morality rate was 24%. Ten people had already died in Gujarat, mostly in Rajkot and surrounding districts. By March, 52 had tested positive. But the state government showed no interest in starting intensive awareness drives. That lapse made the deadly H1N1 virus spread. Now, 260 people have died in Gujarat and thousands are infected.


  • But what is more alarming is that Gujarat has not learnt from its mistakes since 2009. Over the past three years, mortality rates have hovered between 13% and 35%. Gujarat has always been on the first two spots in the country in recording the highest number of deaths in these three years, according to the Union ministry of health data. 




  • Soon, Central Park on Mumbai east coast.


  • A Central Park on the eastern coastline with gardens, pathways, an artificial beach and a ropeway station gets closer to reality. The Mumbai Port Trust’s (MbPT) proposal for the park has been added as an amendment to the city’s Development Plan (DP) 2034, which was passed by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) recently. The proposal is now pending with the Maharashtra government for an approval.


  • Earlier this month, MbPT wrote a letter to the BMC to incorporate the plan into the DP. The plan is to build a central park of about 100 hectares near Haji and Hay Bunder at Sewri by reclaiming the water body.


  • Currently, the entire 28-km eastern coastline (742 hectares) of Mumbai is locked under the MbPT and does not feature prominently in the cityscape.


Madhya Pradesh

  • Mandsaur  secured 1st place under ‘PradhanMantri Surakshit Matratva Abhiyan’.


  • Mandsaur district has secured top position in Madhya Pradesh Under the ‘Pradhan Mantri Surakshit Matratva Abhiyan.


  • Pradhan Mantri Surakshit Matratva Abhiyan’ was started in Mandsaur district on August 9, 2016.


  • This campaignis organized on 9th of each month. The campaign ensures at least one checkup of pregnant women by gynaecologist and lady doctor in second and third month of pregnancy.


  • Check up of 16 thousand 799 pregnant women in the district under the Pradhan Mantri Surakshit Matratva Abhiyan was carried out. Moreover, check up of 9739 women were carried out during second and third quarter of pregnancy, 1159 high risk women were identified. Check up was carried out in 8 institutions of the district.




  • Chhattisgarh child deaths: Oxygen plant operator was in inebriated condition, says govt


  •  Amidst raging controversy over death of children on Gorakhpur, three children died at government Ambedkar Hospital, attached to Pt Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Medical College here, allegedly due to disruption in oxygen supply late last night. Police have arrested oxygen plant operator, who was found to be in an inebriated state while on duty.


  • Health secretary Subrat Sahoo and Director Health Services R Prasanna admitted that there was a drop in oxygen pressure, which was normalized immediately but they also asserted that the deaths of children were due to illness and it cannot be attributed to disruption or drop in Oxygen pressure.



  • Flood situation worsens in Bihar, death toll rises to 253


  • The toll in Bihar floods rose to 253 on Sunday as the situation worsened further with more areas getting affected and around 1.26 crore people hit by the deluge.


  • Araria district accounted for 57 deaths alone, followed by Sitamarhi (31), West Champaran (29), Katihar (23), East Champaran (19) while 13 each have died in Madhubani, Supaul and Madhepura, a Disaster Management Department release said.


  • Army choppers, NDRF and PAC (flood) jawans continued relief and rescue operations in the badly hit areas.



  • Jharkhand govt to start work on Telghut Dam.


  • The state government along with West Bengal's government have jointly asked Tenughat dam (damodar Valley Corporation) officials to keep releasing water constantly to avoid reaching the danger mark and flood like situations due to incessant rainfall.


  • This step was taken by the Damodar Valley Reservoir Regulatory Committee(DVRRC), a joint committee of West Bengal, Jharkhand and Damodar Valley Corporation. It is also the first time that such guidelines have been issued to Tenughat dam. 


  • Damodar river is the biggest river in this region. This step will help the residents as well, who reside near the river and usually face floods during rainy season. Many of the areas get submerged with rise in level of damodar river.


Uttar Pradesh


  • UP government offers weightage, age relaxation to shiksha mitras.


  • Following relentless statewide strike by 'shiksha mitras' ad hoc teachers in government primary schools demanding regularisation of their services, the Uttar Pradesh government decided to give age relaxation and weightage in recruitment process, by making amendments in the UP Basic Education(Teachers) Service Rules 1981.


  • They will also be allowed to appear in the Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) slated in October, which would give them an opportunity to attain basic eligibility to teach as assistant teachers in government primary schools.





  • After Himachal and Uttarakhand, Arunachal adopts national policy for Tibetans


  • In a noble gesture for the Tibetans living in exile in India, the Arunachal Pradesh has also adopted the Tibetan Rehabilitation policy act. Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand had already done the same in 2015 after the center government of India has formalized this act in 2014.


  • Rehabilitation policy deals with matters concerning land lease, extending Central and States benefits. The guideline states that Tibetans may be allowed to undertake any economic activity and to that extent, relevant papers/trade license/permit may be issued to them and also permit to take jobs in any field for which they are professionally qualified.

Himachal Pradesh


  • Himachal Pradesh police recover stolen idols worth several crores, arrest two Nepalese.


  • In a major breakthrough, the Himachal Pradesh Police recovered four antique ashtdhatu (mixed metal) idols, worth several crores in the international market, which were stolen from a historic temple in Shimla district. The police have arrested two Nepalese involved in the robbery. The idols, which are believed to be over 250 years old, were stolen from Killa Mandir Shirgul Maharaj temple in Nerwa town in Chopal area.


  • Temples accommodating idols of deities in Himachal Pradesh have become quite vulnerable to theft and this has kept the police authorities on the tenterhooks.


  • Apparently, 20,118 villages of Himachal have over 26,500 places of worship. Of these temples alone count around 5,000.



Andhra Pradesh


  • Airports Authority of India to build new Andhra Pradesh airport.


  • The Airports Authority of India (AAI) has emerged successful in the bidding for the Greenfield international airport proposed at Bhogapuram in north Andhra region. By submitting financial bids, which were opened on Monday, both AAI and GMR were in the race to bag the project.


  • After the bids were opened, it was found that while AAI offered 30.2 per cent of revenue share, GMR offered only 21.6 per cent. The swanky airport will come up at a cost of 2,800 crore.




  • Assam floods: Twin embankment plan to check erosion.


  • The double embankment model is a little expensive but the concept can end the annual issue of erosion to a large extent. Designed by a young Innovator, the model works on building two embankments at a certain distance from each other. The space between the two is for holding water. "Medium size pipes are positioned in the first embankment to draw water from the river into the space between the two embankments. It can be used for irrigation or other fruitful purposes.


  • Both the embankments will be embedded with layers of gravel up to a certain depth. The use of concrete will strengthen the embankments. In addition to the plantation of trees, there will also be small structures of soil and gravel to act as barrier and protect the first embankment from erosion.
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