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In a series of sharing English grammar notes, today I am sharing Tenses.





Tenses - Grammar, Verbal Banking Exams Notes | EduRev





she worked

she works

she will work


she was working

she is working

she will be working


she had worked

she has worked

she will have




she hud been working

she has been working

she will have been working


Present continuous

Present simple

present of be + active participle

base form/s-form

I am reading you/we/they are reading he/she/it is reading

I/you/we/they read he/she/it reads



I am not reading you/we/they are not reading he/she/it is not reading

I/you/we they do not read he/she/it does not read



am I reading?

are you/we/they reading? is he/she it reading?

do I/you/we/they read? does he/she/it read?


Past Continuous

Present Perfect Continuous

Past of be + active participle

Present of have + been + active participle

I/he/she/it was flying you/we/they were flying

I/you/we/they have been waiting he/she/it has been waiting



I/he/she/it was not flying you/we/they were not flying

I/you/we/they have not been waiting he/she/it has not been waiting



was I/he/she/it flying? were you/we/they flying?

have I/you/we/they been waiting? has he/she/it been waiting?


Present Perfect

Past simple:

present of have + past participle

Past form

I/you/we/they have opened he/she/it has opened

someone opened



I/you/we/they have not opened

he/she/it has not opened

someone did not open



have I/you/we/they opened?

has he/she/it opened?

did someone open?


Past Perfect

Past Perfect Continuous

had + past participle

had been + active participle

someone had invited

someone had been going




someone had not invited

someone had not been going



had someone invited?

had someone been going?



Present Simple

Ram plays cricket.

Sub + V1 + Object

Note: 's' is used according to subject, always use 's' if subject is singular

Present Continuous

Ram is playing cricket.

Is / Am / Are + V1 + ing

Sub + V1 + ing+ Object

Present Perfect Continuous Tense

Ram has been playing cricket since morning or for two hours.

{Has + Been + V1 + ing + time [since or for]}

Present Perfect Tense Ram has played cricket.

Has / Have + V3 + Object

#Past Tense

Past Indefinite

Ram played cricket. [Sub + V2]

Past Continuous

Ram was playing cricket. [Sub + Was / Were + V1 + ing]

Past Perfect Continuous Tense

Ram had been playing cricket since morning or for two hours.

{Had + Been + V1 + ing + time [since or for]}

Past Perfect Tense

Ram had played cricket. [Sub + Had + V3]

#Future Tense

Future Indefinite

Modals ( will/shall) always use with 1st form of verb.
Ram will play cricket.

Future Continuous

Ram will be playing cricket.
Sub + will/shall+be+ V1 + ing+ Object

Future Perfect

Ram will have played cricket.
(always use 'have' with 'will')

Future Perfect Continuous

Ram will have been playing cricket since morning.

Example : I ___(return) my book in the library yesterday.

The case of after and before

  • The passenger ____ reached the station before the train _______(arrive).[had,reached (V2)]
  • The doctor came after the patient died(V3).

Conditional Statements

If + Present Indefinite + Future Indefinite + Obj

If + Past + Indefinite + would + V1 + Obj

If + Past Perfect + would + Have + V3 + Obj


1. If I will go to Delhi, I will Meet her. [Correct:If I go to Delhi]

2. She will come to meet me as soon as I will reached Delhi.[Correct: I reach Delhi]

Conditional Words

  • As soon as
  • If
  • As If
  • If wish
  • Unless
  • Until
  • When
  • When ever

3. Unless you will not take care of yours. you will not recover.

4. Until the train will not gets the signal. It will not arrive. [always use 's' or 'es' with verb according to the subject]

5. Ram had a car. [ had = main verb (past indefinite)]

6. Ram had had a car. [past perfect] [has had had ; be was been]

7. Sub + Main Verb + V3 +Obj

8. She was a good girl. [past Indefinite]

9. She had been a good girl.[past perfect]

10. If I was a bird, I would fly in the sky. [Correct :were]

11. Present wish = Past indefinite

12. [ never depends on subject]

13. If we had ___ mohan in our team we would have won the match. [Correct : had]

14. Past wish = Past Perfect

15. If I had seen you, I would ____ stop my car. [Correct: Have]

16. He scolded me as if he was my boss. [Correct: Were]

17. [ Never use 'was' in conditional statement after if or as]

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