1. Test Preparation
    • JEE
    • NEET
    • Civil Services
    • GATE
    • CAT
    • Government Jobs
    • SSC JE
    • CLAT
    • CA CPT
    • IIT JAM
    • Current Affairs
    • GMAT
    • SAT
    • Data Interpretation
    • Logical Reasoning
    • Quantitative Aptitude
    • Verbal Aptitude
  2. Class 5 - Class 12
    • Class 5
    • Class 6
    • Class 7
    • Class 8
    • Class 9
    • Class 10
    • Class 11
    • Class 12
    • Commerce
    • CA CPT
    • CLAT
    • NEET
    • JEE
    • Humanities/Arts
  3. Finance & Business
    • Marketing
    • Startup Basics
    • Economics
    • GST
    • Taxation
    • Business
  4. Graduation
    • B.Com.
    • Civil Engineering
    • Computer Science Engineering
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Electronics Engineering
    • Biotechnology Engineering
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Chemical Engineering
    • Engineering Mathematics
  5. Programming
    • IT & Software
    • Design
    • Front-End Programming
    • Back-End Programming
    • Database
    • Testing
    • Scripting
    • Electronics Programming
    • Android Development
    • Web Development
  6. Foreign Languages
    • Spanish
    • French
    • German
    • Russian
    • Arabic
    • Vietnamese
    • IGBO
    • Italian
    • Norwegian
    • Albanian
    • Sanskrit
    • Malay
    • Mandarin (Chinese)
    • Turkish
    • Korean
  7. Skill Development
    • IT & Software
    • Personal Skills
    • Professional Skills
  8. Learn other topics
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Business
    • Self Help
    • Art
The Quality Education Movement
Created by: EduRev

Before we announce our next initiative, we would like to thank you for so much love that you send us in feedback. All the brilliant words you share with us are what keeps us pumped up to do more and more. Due to lack of resources at times we are not able to revert to the wonderful feedback mails daily but it genuinely means the world to us and we hope to serve you better and better. 

And in that spirit we have the following update for you:

The Free Education Movement!

EduRev is starting with the Free Education Movement and we will be promoting one or more new Course Every Day for the next 100 Days. These courses are being made in collaboration with best Teachers of India and we will try to provide the best possible Learning  and Preparation for Each Topic.


Types of Courses to be Covered

We plan to cover courses of the following fields in Phase 1:

  1. Class 6 to 10 - Science, Maths & Social Studies (Remaining in Phase 2)

  2. Class 11 & Class 12 - Non Medical, Medical, Commerce & Arts (Only Prominent Subjects)

  3. Competitive Exams- CAT, GATE, UPSC, SSC, IIT JEE, AIPMT, GMAT, GRE and a few others yet to be decided

  4. Graduation College Notes- Engineering, B.Com (Remaining in Phase 2)

  5. Some Other Skills which could fetch Easy Jobs in India- Wordpress, SQL, Networking, Basic Programming Skills and Some Other Life Skills

How You can Contribute? (Crowdsourced)

We have tied up with Teachers for a lot of Subjects but we will welcome if more Teachers & Even Students (Bright & Helpful) can help us with other Subjects or even Same subjects to make those courses even better. Proper Recognition and Acknowledgement along with a lot of Media Coverage will be provided to Teachers who will Contribute to the Free Education Movement. Contribution can be made in the form of Tests, Videos or even Documents. 

For direct communication regarding this, please get in touch with us at (Phone Number can be shared if requested) 

The Final Vision 

We intend to make basic Education Resources free in India for both Students and Teachers to upgrade the quality of Education. We want to define the highest standards of Education and make it open sourced for all. We want everyone in India no matter where they are to get access to the highest quality education!!!

In Sync With Government Initiatives 

EduRev is Independently contributing to following Initiatives of the Government to make a better India. 


Lets start a positive revolution in Education! 

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