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Music genre: a distinc type of music. Famous music genres include:

Classical music: music that is thought to be a part of a long, formal tradition.

Example: My dad is fond of classical music. He listens to Mozart and Beethoven every day.

Pop music: a genre of popular music.

Example: One of the most famous pop-singers in the history are Michael Jackson and Madonna.

Rock music: music that is based around amplified instruments, especially the electric guitar and electric bass, and is characterized by driving rhythms.

Example: My favourite music genre is rock. I adore such rock bands as Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Beatles.

Catchy tune: a tune or a song that’s easy to remember and that you enjoy singing.

Example: I heard a catchy song the other day and now it’s stuck in my head.

Elevator music: music that is played in places like supermaket or family restaurant. Almost always is very repetitive and annoying.

Example: Yesterday I heard a very annoying elevetor music in the local supermarket.

Live music: music performance in front of an audience.

Example: I prefer listening to a live music than to a recording. It’s much more emotional and energetic.

Music to one’s ears: something (often information) very pleasant and enjoyable to someone.

Example: When my teacher told me that I got the highest mark in the class for the assignment, it was like music to my ears.

Opera: a kind of performance in which actors sing during their play with music performed by an orchestra.

Example: I often listen to classical music and go to opera.

Ringtone: sound that a cell phone makes when someone is calling.

Example: I set my favourite song as a ringtone on my cell phone.

Rock band: musicians that play rock music.

Example: Last week I was on my favourite rock band’s concert.

Tone deaf: not able to discern the notes properly.

Example: Alhough I’m tone deaf, I’d like to learn to sing properly in the furture.

Tuneful: pleasant and melodious music or sound.

Example: I heard a tuneful choir of birds yesterday morning.

Useful idioms:

To face the music: to have to accept the unpleasant consequences of your actions.

Example: If you commit a crime, eventually, you’ll have to face the music.

To ring a bell: to sound familiar.

Example: I think I heard this song somewhere. It definitely rings a bell.

To sound like a broken record: to repeat yourself again and again.

Example: Little children often sound like a broken record and it annoys most people.

To strike (hit) a false note: to do something wrong.

Example: I realised that I hit a false note on the exam when I received a 0 mark afterwards.

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Topic: Music Notes | Study Speaking for IELTS - IELTS


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Topic: Music Notes | Study Speaking for IELTS - IELTS


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