Transition of EduRev Forum

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: Transition of EduRev Forum

With the growing traffic on EduRev and number of students increasing beyond limit, our beloved EduRev forum was becoming a little disorganized. 

To maintain the fun and keep it relevant for everyone, EduRev forum is closed from now on. A little sad, we agree. :( 

But wait, the fun isn't over, it is getting started and it will get even better!  :D

You wonder how, let us explain how it gets better by explaining a few cases where you use chat: 

a) If You have a doubt & you need help!?

There are numerous groups for each topic and class/year. Search the same from search bar on top and ask your doubt away. Plus in the list of online users, you can check the profiles and ask if they could help! 

b) You want to make friends from all over India! 
Again, join the group of that class and you get connected with student from all over India of all ages!

c) You want to be a part of healthy discussions?
Search any topic from the search bar on the right and join a group for the same. 

Further, EduRev adds you to the groups related to the courses you are joining so you don't even have to search. If a topic is of your interest, join a course for the same and you will be automatically added to the forum of that course.  

Other General Guidelines- Be respectful:

  • Please keep in mind that these are learning discussions.
  • Respect the opinions of others.
  • Use appropriate language. Attacks on others, profane or offensive language, and other inappropriate comments will be deleted. You can lose access to EduRev.
  • To enhance clarity, use proper grammar and punctuation.
  • Post meaningful images and resources.
  • Don’t post personal information about yourself or others.
  • Don’t be off-topic, incoherent, and inflammatory statements are destructive to the community and will be deleted.
  • Encourage others to positively add to the conversation to help everyone learn.


We plan to keep the discussions relevant for each group so you can have a much better and healthier experience! 


Happy e-studying and Happy EduRev-ing! Cheers :) 

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