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 Q1. What makes things visible?



Q2. Can you see an object in the dark?



Q3. What is a mirror?

A smooth and shiny surface is called a mirror. Class 8 Notes | EduRevMirror


Q4. What kind of image is formed by a plane mirror?

Virtual and erect image.


Q5. Where is the image formed by a plane mirror?

Behind the mirror.


Q6. Where does the image form in our eyes?

At Retina.


Q7. Where is no image formed?



Q8. For what time the image stays on the retina?

About 1/16th of a second.


Q9. Which bird is called night bird?

Owl is called night bird. 

Q10. Which surface shows regular reflection?

Smooth or regular surface.


Q11. Which surface shows diffused reflection?

Rough or irregular surface.


Q12. What is the size of the image formed in a plane mirror?

Same size of the object.


Q13. How many mirrors are used in Kaleidoscope?

Three mirrors.

Q14. How many colours are there in the spectrum of light?

Seven colours.

Q15. How many colours are there in white light?

Seven colours.


Q16. What is the shape of the human eye?

Spherical shape.


Q17. What is the front transparent part of the eye called?



Q18. What is the small opening in the iris called?



Q19. Which part of the eye is controlled by the iris?



Q20. What is the coloured part of the eye called?


Q21. What is the function of the iris?

Iris controls the amount of light entering the eye through the pupil.


Q22. Which part of the body sends the sensation felt to the brain?

Nerve cells.

Q23. How many kinds of nerve cells are there in the retina?

Two (cones and rods).


Q24. Which cells of the retina are sensitive to bright light and colour?



Q25. Which cells of retina are sensitive to dim light?


Q26. What is the distinct vision of the normal eye?

25 cm.

Q27. Who invented the system of reading for blind men?


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Class 8 Notes | EduRev


Class 8 Notes | EduRev