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Social Studies (SST) Class 6

Class 6 : Very Short Question Answers - New Questions and Ideas Class 6 Notes | EduRev

The document Very Short Question Answers - New Questions and Ideas Class 6 Notes | EduRev is a part of the Class 6 Course Social Studies (SST) Class 6.
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Very Short Q&A:


Q1: What was the early name of Buddha?

Ans : Siddhartha

Q2: Where did Buddha attained enlightenment?

Ans : He attained enlightenment in Bodh Gaya.

Q3: Who was the founder of Buddhism?

Ans : Siddhartha, also known as Gautama.

Q4: Buddha belonged to a small Gana known as the __________.

Ans : Sakya gana

Q5: Why did Buddha left the comforts of his home?

Ans : He left the comforts of his home in search of knowledge.

Q6: The tree under which Buddha meditated for several days was a Mango tree. True/False

Ans : False

Q7: Buddha gave his first sermon in _______.

Ans : Sarnath

Q8: Name the language in which Buddha preached?

Ans : He preached in Prakrit language, spoken by common people.

Q9: Upon what, was the Buddha's main teaching was based on?

Ans : Life is full of sufferings and unhappiness.

Q10: What was the language of the ordinary people?

Ans : Prakrit

Q11: The term 'Tanha' in Buddhist teaching means _____.

Ans : Thirst

Q12: Thirst is used in Buddhist teachings to explain desires of humans. True/False

Ans : True

Q13: For what Gargi was famous?

Ans : Learning

Q14: Who was Satyakama Jabala?

Ans : Satyakama Jabala was poor but managed to become the best known thinkers of that time.

Q15: Name the person who accepted Satyakama as a student.

Ans : Gautama

Q16: The ideas of the Upanishads were later developed by the famous thinker ____________.

Ans : Shankaracharya

Q17: Who were Jainas?

Ans : Followers of Mahavira

Q18: How was the lifestyle of Jainas?

Ans : They had to lead very simple lives, begging for food.

Q19: Panini prepared grammar for_______.

Ans : Sanskrit

Q20: How did Panini prepared grammar for Sanskrit?

Ans : He arranged the vowels and the consonants in a special order and created formulas like those found in Algebra.

Q21: What were Lichchhavis?

Ans : A clan that was a part of the Vajji janapada.

Q22: Where was the headquarters of The Lichchhavis?

Ans : Vaisali

Q23: Who was Vardhamana Mahavira?

Ans : He was the prince of the Lichchhavis, a group that was part of the Vajji sangha.

Q24: Maghadhi was Prakrit language spoken in__________.

Ans : Maghadha

Q25: A person who became a follower of Mahavira had to__________.

Ans : Observe celibacy

Q26: Why did Farmers could not support Jainism?

Ans : Farmers had to kill insects to protect their crops.

Q27: Where is Valabhi situated?

Ans : Gujarat

Q28: Both Mahavira and Buddha felt that only those who left their homes can gain true knowledge. True/False

Ans : True

Q29: What was the name of an association of those who left their homes.

Ans : Sangha

Q30: Name the book in which the rules made for the Buddhist sangha were written down.

Ans : Vinaya Pitaka

Q31: What was the Vanaprastha stage?

Ans : Stage that emphasised, meditation and life in the forest.

Q32: Buddha was approached by a woman to bring back the life of her deceased son. What was the name of the lady.

Ans : Kisagotami

Q33: Gautama Buddha passed away at _____________.

Ans : Kusinara

Q34: "All beings long to live", who made this statement?

Ans : Mahavira

Q35: Who all joined the Sangha?

Ans : Merchants , labourers and slaves.

Q36: Zoroaster was a prophet from___________.

Ans : Iran

Q37: Define Avesta.

Ans : Zoroaster was a prophet from Iran. His teachings are contained in a book called the Avesta.

Q38: Define Tirthankara.

Ans : A seeker of truth in Jain religion.

Q39: Usually Upanishadic discussions were held by ____________.

Ans : Brahmanas

Q40: Why Mahavira is called Jina?

Ans : For conquering pleasure and pain.

Q41: White clothes were worn by the followers of Jainism/Buddha

Ans : Jainism

Q42: Name the Brahman teacher who accepted Satyakama Jabala as a student.

Ans : Gautama

Q43: Jainism was primarily supported by _________.

Ans : Traders

Q44: Why was Shankaracharya famous?

Ans : Upanishadic thoughts

Q45: Vardhamana Mahavira asked his followers to strictly follow the doctrine of_____________.

Ans : Ahimsa

Q46: The teachings of Mahavira and his followers, are available in written form at __________.

Ans : Valabhi

Q47: Both Jain and Buddhist monks rested only in the season of rain. True/False

Ans : True

Q48: The Zoroastrians who migrated to India are presently known as ___________.

Ans : Parsis

Q49: Name the book in which The teachings of Zoraster are contained.

Ans : Zend Avesta

Q50: Name the place where The Karle cave is located.

Ans : Maharastra

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