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Social Studies (SST) Class 6

Class 6 : Very Short Question Answers - Traders, Kings and Pilgrims Class 6 Notes | EduRev

The document Very Short Question Answers - Traders, Kings and Pilgrims Class 6 Notes | EduRev is a part of the Class 6 Course Social Studies (SST) Class 6.
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Very Short Q & A :

Q1: The Chinese rulers used to send gifts of silk to Iran and west Asia. True/False

Ans : True

Q2: The wearing of silk became the fashion amongst rulers and rich people in __________.

Ans : Rome

Q3: Name the place from where silk was mostly exported.

Ans : China

Q4: Name the ruler who controlled silk route effectively.

Ans : Kushanas

Q5: Name the ruler used to demand payments for allowing traders to pass through the silk route.

Ans : Kushanas

Q6: From where did Fa- Xian began his journey back to his home?

Ans : Bengal

Q7: Where is Nalanda located at present?

Ans : Bihar

Q8: Where is the site of Eran located?

Ans : Sagar district of Madhya Pradesh

Q9: Appar, a Tamil poet was a devotee of the God _________

Ans : Shiva

Q10: Who where Nayanars?

Ans : The noble devotees graced by the Lord Shiva were known as Nayanars

Q11: How many nayanars were there?

Ans : 63

Q12: Name the community of Appar, the famous Tamil poet.was used to dig earth for turning the soil and planting trees.

Ans : Vellala community.

Q13: Who where Syrian Christians?

Ans : The Christians of Kerala

Q14: State the birth place of Jesus Christ.

Ans : Bethlehem

Q15: Name the po rt under the Cholas

Ans : Kaveripattinam.

Q16: Name the ruler who was given title of “lords of the Dakshinapatha”.

Ans : the Great Bath

Q17: Name the most fertile river valley in southern India.

Ans : Kaveri

Q18: Name The most important ruler of the Satavahanas.

Ans : Shri Satakarni

Q19: Fa Xian ,Xuan Zang and I-Qing were Chinese ________.

Ans : Pilgrims

Q20: From where the raw silk is extracted?

Ans : cocoons of silk worms

Q21: What is the meaning of the term The term ‘Muvendar’ ?

Ans : Muvendar is a Tamil word which means 3 chiefs

Q22: Satavahanas became powerful in western India.True/False.

Ans : True

Q23: Madurai was the capital city of ___________.

Ans : Pandyas

Q24: Who issued gold coins for the first time?

Ans : Kushanas

Q25: What was the purpose of gold coins?

Ans : The gold coins were used by traders along the silk route.

Q26: Who composed The biography of Buddha?

Ans : Ashvaghosha

Q27: Ashvaghosha and other Buddhists scholars began writing in English. True/False

Ans : false

Q28: What was Buddhacharita?

Ans : name of the biography of Buddha.

Q29: What was the name of the new form of Buddhism?

Ans : Mahayana Buddhism

Q30: What is the meaning of Bodhisattavas?

Ans : those persons who had attained enlightment.

Q31: What is the name of the older form of Buddhism?

Ans : Theravada Buddhism

Q32: Where the older form of Buddhism was more famous?

Ans : Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand etc

Q33: How do we come to know about the dangers faced by the piligrims in their travels?

Ans : Chinese Buddhists pilgrims wrote about the dangers they encountered on their travels

Q34: Name the three chiefs mentioned in Sangam poems.

Ans : Cholas,Cheras and Pandyas

Q35: Gautamiputra Shri Satakarni, belonged to the________ dynasty.

Ans : Satavahana dynasty

Q36: The Christian religion first emerged in _____________.

Ans : Christianity began from Palestine and moved to Greece, from there to Italy and to the rest of the Europe.

Q37: Name the place where The images of Buddha were made predominantly.

Ans : Mathura and Taxila.

Q38: At Taxila a new form of Buddhist art influenced by the Greek style was developed. True/False

Ans : True

Q39: Name the Sanskrit word from which The term Bhakti has been derived.

Ans : Bhaj

Q40: The Bhagavad Gita is a part of the______________.

Ans : Mahabharata

Q41: Who composed biography of the Buddha called Buddhacharita?

Ans : Ashvaghosha

Q42: Name the form of Buddhism that was popular in South- Eastern countries.

Ans : Theravada Buddhism

Q43: In southern India the largest numbers of caves meant for the Buddhist monks are located in the region of _________________.

Ans : Western Ghat

Q44: Name the place where the philosophy of the Bodhisattvas was most popular.

Ans : China

Q45: Who were pilgrims?

Ans : The pilgrims were both men and women who took journeys to holy places to offer prayers

Q46: Name A book that contains discussions between Krishna and Arjuna.

Ans : Bhagavad Gita

Q47: What was the most valued export commodity to the Roman Empire from India?

Ans : Pepper

Q48: The city where Sangam literature was composed was the capital of the ________ rulers.

Ans : Pandya rulers

Q49: Personal devotion was the central idea of bhakti movement. True/False

Ans : True

Q50: Name The deity who shelters river Ganga in his long hair.

Ans : Lord Shiva

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