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Q1: We do not use water for making products in industries. True/ False

Ans: False

 Q2: We get water from:

a. River

b. Lakes

c. Well

d. All of these

Ans: All of these.

 Q3: Water present in ocean and sea is ___________________ for drinking.

Ans: Unfit.

 Q4: What are salty water?

Ans: Water in which many salts are dissolved.

 Q5: Name the source of saline water.

Ans: Ocean and sea

 Q6: Water spilled on a floor dries up because of ____________________.

Ans: evaporation

 Q7: Name the phenomenon responsible for drying of clothes on a cloth line.

Ans: Evaporation

 Q8: Water vapour carry away salt with it? True/ False

Ans: False

 Q9: On _____________ water changes in to water vapour.

Ans: Heating

 Q10: On_______________ water changes into ice.

Ans: Cooling

 Q11: Can we convert water into water vapour without heating it?

Ans: No

 Q12: Name the source of heat that heats water bodies and form water vapour.

Ans: Sunlight

 Q13: Why we are not able to notice water vapour from bucket full of water kept in sunlight?

Ans: Because evaporation taking place here is a slow process.

 Q14: Plants need water to:

a. Grow

b. Cook food

c. None of these

d. Both a and b.

Ans: Both a and b.

 Q15: Name the two process by which water vapour enters air.

Ans: Evaporation and transpiration

 Q16: ______________ are found on leaves and grasses in winter morning.

Ans: Dew

 Q17: ___________________ are tiny droplets of water that remain floating in air.

Ans: Clouds

 Q18: Define rain

Ans: Rain are falling water drops

 Q19: Define water cycle

Ans: The circulation of water between ocean and land is known as water cycle.

 Q20: Name the process that maintains the supply of water on land.

Ans: Water cycle

 Q21: How monsoon is important for crops?

Ans: The sowing of many crops depends on the arrival of monsoon.

 Q22: Heavy rains may lead to rise in level of water in rivers, lakes and ponds. True/False

Ans: True

 Q23: Does rain effects the animals living in soil?

Ans: Yes

 Q24: What is the role of air in water cycle?

Ans: Air helps the water vapour to rise up to form cloud.

 Q25: Circulation of water between ocean and land is a continuous process or discontinuous process?

Ans: Continuous process

 Q26: What would happen if it does not rain in a region for a year?

a. Soil will become dry

b. Water bodies will become dry

c. There will be condition called draught

d. All of the above.

Ans: All of the above

 Q27: Excessive rain may cause____________________.

Ans: Flood

 Q28: Black board dries up after wiping it, because of the process of _____________.

Ans: Evaporation

 Q29: The evaporation of water takes place only in sunlight?

Ans: limited

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