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Class 6 : Very Short Question Answers - What Books and Burials Tell us Class 6 Notes | EduRev

The document Very Short Question Answers - What Books and Burials Tell us Class 6 Notes | EduRev is a part of the Class 6 Course Social Studies (SST) Class 6.
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Very Short Q&A:

Q1: Which is one of the largest Chalcolithic settlements in India?

Ans : Inamgaon

Q2: Define Rig Veda.

Ans : Rig veda is an ancient Indian sacred collection of Vedic Sanskrit hymns

Q3: Name the oldest Veda.

Ans : Rig veda

Q4: List a literary source which contains lot of information about Aryans.

Ans : Rig Veda

Q5: Name the varna which comprised mainly the common mass in the Vedic period.

Ans : Vaishyas

Q6: Name the Varna which worked as cultivators, craftsmen, merchants and traders and comprised mainly the common masses.

Ans : Vaishyas

Q7: The Brahmans looked after religious matters. True/False

Ans : True

Q8: One of the dialogues in the Rig Veda is between rivers Beas and Satluj and ____________.

Ans : Vishwamitra.

Q9: Name the two rivers which were worshipped as goddesses by the rig vedic people.

Ans : rivers Beas and Satluj

Q10: Name the place where the page from the manuscript of Rig Veda was found.

Ans : Kashmir

Q11: List the total number of Vedas.

Ans : Four

Q12: Name the king of the cosmic gods.

Ans : Lord Indra

Q13: In Vedic literature, the term Purandhar, 'destroyer of forts' is used for_____________.

Ans : Lord Indra

Q14: How the megaliths of a particular family were recognized?

Ans : stone circles

Q15: The Black and Red pottery is noteworthy of __________.

Ans : Chalcolithic age

Q16: Name the Animal that held an important place in the life of the Aryans.

Ans : Cow

Q17: According to Charaka Samhita, the numbers of bones in a human body are 360. True/False

Ans : True

Q18: How many rooms were there in the largest house on the site of Inamgaon?

Ans : 5 rooms

Q19: Who were slaves?

Ans : men and women who were captured in the war.

Q20: Name the places where Megalithic culture was prevalent.

Ans : South India and Kashmir.

Q21: Name the word which was used to describe the community as a whole.

Ans : Jana

Q22: Why were Yajnas performed?

Ans : Please Gods and Goddesses.

Q23: Who were Rishis?

Ans : The people who devoted their time in service of god were called Rishis.

Q24: Name the popular drink consumed only during special religious ceremonies.

Ans : Soma

Q25: Name the intoxicating drinks of Aryans.

Ans : Sura, was consumed on common festive occasion

Q26: Who were the opponents of Aryans?

Ans : Dasas 

Q27: Name the place where the Rigveda was composed.

Ans : north-west of the subcontinent.

Q28: Name the four Vedas.

Ans : Rigveda, Samaveda, Yajurveda and Atharvaveda

Q29: The site of “Inamgaon” is located on the bank of the river ________.

Ans : Bhima

Q30: What is Cist?

Ans : Cist was a small stone built coffin to cremate the bodies of deads

Q31: The people in Inamgaon made artefacts of Iron. True/False

Ans : False

Q32: Who was Charaka?

Ans : king's physician

Q33: What was Soma?

Ans : Soma was the plant from which a drink was prepared. This drink was used at special ceremonial occasions.

Q34: Aryans lived in tribal groups headed by a ___________.

Ans : Rajan

Q35: Which language belongs to the Austro- Asiatic family?

Ans : The languages spoken in Jharkhand and parts of central India belong to the Austro-Asiatic family.

Q36: Rishis was the term used for ___________.

Ans : Sages

Q37: Painted Grey Ware and Black and Red ware are two pottery types associated with the Aryans. True/False

Ans : True

Q38: In a phrase Vishwamitra says, "O sisters, please listen to me", the 'sisters' are referred to?

Ans : Beas and Sutlej.

Q39: Port-holes were provided in _________.

Ans : Megalith

Q40: Who was the God of fire in the Rig Vedic time?

Ans : God Agni

Q41: The river “Ghod” flow through the state of Maharashtra. True/False

Ans : True

Q42: Name the Veda that was recited and heard.

Ans : Rig Veda

Q43: Who was the privileged class in the Vedic period?

Ans : purohita

Q44: The priests were also called ____________.

Ans : Brahmans

Q45: By what name the Aryans called their opponents?

Ans : Dasas

Q46: The megaliths were used to mark burial sites. True/False

Ans : True

Q47: Scholars are of the view that Aryans were a tribe of _________who had to migrate to different parts of the world.

Ans : pastoral people

Q48: Name the site in which 33 gold beads are found with the skeleton.

Ans : Brahmagiri

Q49: Name the place where writings on oracle bones were found.

Ans : China

Q50: How do we get maximum information about the megalithic people?

Ans : On the basis of objects found in the graves.

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