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About EduRev Infinity for Class 1
Includes 78 courses for Class 1, Class 2 & Class 3
NCERT Textbooks & Solutions for Class 1
126 Docs
EVS for Class 1
15 Videos · 36 Docs · 22 Tests
Social Science for Class 1
9 Videos · 30 Docs · 20 Tests
Mathematics for Class 1: NCERT
61 Videos · 69 Docs · 25 Tests
English for Class 1 (Marigold)
28 Videos · 129 Docs · 23 Tests
Online MCQ Tests for Class 1
2 Docs · 118 Tests
Mental Maths
18 Videos · 22 Docs
Science for Class 1
8 Videos · 36 Docs · 23 Tests
Hindi for Class 1
25 Videos · 69 Docs · 28 Tests
Worksheets with solutions for Class 1
170 Docs
Advance Learner Course: Mathematics (Maths) Class 1
11 Videos · 12 Docs · 4 Tests
Cursive Writing for English
17 Videos · 29 Docs
Mathematics for Class 1
10 Videos · 36 Docs · 23 Tests
English Grammar for Junior Classes
18 Videos · 37 Docs · 30 Tests
Computer for Class 1
10 Videos · 11 Docs · 17 Tests
Vedic Mathematics for Junior Classes
14 Videos
Dictation for Kids
17 Videos
Hands on Art & Craft
38 Videos · 142 Docs
Fun Learning with Games
10 Videos
Fun Stories and Rhymes
211 Videos
How to Prepare for Class 1 Admission Test
4 Videos · 2 Docs
Hindi Grammar for Junior Classes
25 Videos · 17 Docs · 19 Tests
Value Education for Class 1
11 Videos · 10 Docs
Flashcards for Young Bright Minds
Hindi Varnamala Parichay (हिंदी वर्णमाला)
4 Videos · 50 Docs · 4 Tests
English for Class 1 (Raindrops)
24 Videos · 19 Docs
Coding for Kids
38 Videos · 23 Docs
General Knowledge for Class 1
36 Videos · 50 Docs
Essays for Class 1
15 Videos · 44 Docs
Dictionary for Junior Classes
26 Videos · 1 Doc · 24 Tests
Art & Sketching for Junior Classes
136 Videos
Class 1 English Alive
26 Videos
Crash Course for Class 1 (English)
91 Videos
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the EduRev Infinity Package for Class 1?

EduRev Infinity package for Class 1 is a group of highly curated courses by EduRev which would help you to study for Class 1. The complete curriculum has been designed in such a way that each topic is understood by the student.
Here’s a list of courses included in the EduRev Infinity package:
- Science For Class 1
- Mathematics For Class 1
- Social Science For Class 1
- English For Class 1
- Hindi For Class 1

Does EduRev offer a refund?

We hate to see you go, but we also want you to pay for EduRev Infinity only if you like the experience so we offer a complete 100% refund for requests raised within 24hrs of purchase.
Note: Though, a refund cannot be claimed more than once and is also subject to extreme usage.

What does the EduRev course for Science for Class 1 include?

EduRev course for Class 1 Science has been designed to help students learn things in a fun way & easy way. This course will help students to get a glimpse into what makes up our world.
The Science course includes:
- Detailed Chapter Notes with Important Points
- Chapter-Wise Tests
- Worksheets with Solutions
- Topic-Wise Fun Videos which help students to understand every topic in innovative ways

Can EduRev be accessed through a laptop or PC?

You can access the EduRev website ( from your laptop or PC. Please make sure that you log in with the same credentials (email id & password) you've created an account on EduRev.

If I have any doubt/query while studying, where do I ask?

EduRev Users can ask their doubts on the EduRev Discussion Forum, which is a community of students & teachers. You can ask about a problem you’re having; share something you’ve enjoyed about the course; or help out your fellow students. Around 2Mn+ doubts have been solved within the EduRev Community.

Why are we charging for EduRev Infinity? Also, why not just show ads?

Imagine you have a test tomorrow and you are really short on time but video ads keep coming up before every document and test, taking away your precious time by showing you ads! That is not something we want for you and we’re sure you don’t like ads either.

So if with a minimal amount you can save time and get great quality, it is totally worthwhile to do that for your better score. And if you compare, it is less than even the books that you buy or the large amounts you have to pay for tuition or even those expensive online platforms but the value addition and the knowledge gained is pretty much comparable if not more!

Plus a lot of teachers put a large amount of time and effort to make all the content that you love, those teachers need to be compensated who help you do better! Plus there is other cost for delivering high quality from cost of servers to other building costs of your beloved EduRev platform!

Our Numbers Speak for Themselves
6.8K+ Class 1 students are actively using EduRev Infinity