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EduRev Infinity for JEE
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Includes 59 courses for JEE, Class 11 & Class 12 under EduRev
Physics For JEE
258 Videos · 633 Docs · 256 Tests
Chemistry for JEE
322 Videos · 586 Docs · 368 Tests
Subject-Wise Mind Maps for Class 11 (Science)
56 Docs
HC Verma and Irodov Solutions
103 Docs
NCERT Exemplar & Revision Notes for JEE
170 Docs
DC Pandey Solutions for JEE Physics
210 Docs
JEE Main & Advanced Mock Test Series
2 Videos · 327 Docs · 203 Tests
Mathematics For JEE
130 Videos · 359 Docs · 306 Tests
Subject-Wise Mind Maps for Class 12 (Science)
42 Docs
PPTs for JEE Preparation
103 Docs
I. E. Irodov Solutions for Physics Class 11 & Class 12
111 Docs
DPP: Daily Practice Problems for JEE Mains / Advanced
174 Docs
How to prepare for JEE
1 Video · 7 Docs
Physics Class 11
127 Videos · 464 Docs · 210 Tests
Chemistry Class 11
204 Videos · 331 Docs · 229 Tests
Physics Class 12
157 Videos · 452 Docs · 213 Tests
Chemistry Class 12
157 Videos · 385 Docs · 261 Tests
Mathematics (Maths) Class 11
156 Videos · 176 Docs · 132 Tests
Mathematics (Maths) Class 12
209 Videos · 218 Docs · 139 Tests
Chemistry 35 Years JEE Main & Advanced Past year Papers
142 Docs · 66 Tests
Physics 35 Years JEE Main & Advanced Past year Papers
110 Docs · 49 Tests
Maths 35 Years JEE Main & Advanced Past year Papers
132 Docs · 70 Tests
Chemistry for JEE Advanced
12 Videos · 53 Docs · 118 Tests
National Level Test Series for JEE Advanced 2020
3 Videos · 3 Docs · 40 Tests
JEE Revision Notes
73 Docs
Chemistry Mock Test Series for JEE
1 Doc · 26 Tests
Mind Maps for JEE
86 Docs
All Types of Questions for JEE
376 Docs
Class 12 Chemistry 35 Years JEE Mains &Advance Past yr Paper
68 Docs · 36 Tests
Sets and Functions
39 Videos · 11 Docs
IIITH UGEE Mock Test Series
12 Tests
Class 11 English Grammar
19 Videos · 84 Docs · 9 Tests
Additional Study Material for JEE
22 Videos · 162 Docs · 17 Tests
Class 12 English Grammar
7 Videos · 46 Docs · 8 Tests
Online MCQ Tests for JEE
930 Tests
Formula Sheets for JEE
79 Docs
Crash course for JEE
1248 Videos
About EduRev Infinity for JEE
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the EduRev Infinity Package for JEE?

EduRev Infinity package for JEE is a group of highly curated courses that provides the content which matters and will help you crack the JEE Exam.
The JEE courses are designed to provide you a clear understanding and conceptual clarity of the entire syllabus through the video lectures, Mock Tests Series, notes for JEE & other important books like HC Verma, Irodov & others.

Here’s a list of courses included in the EduRev Infinity package:
- Chemistry for JEE
- Physics for JEE
- Mathematics for JEE
- JEE Revision Notes
- Class 11 & 12 Physics
- Class 11 & 12 Chemistry
- Class 11 & 12 Mathematics

Mock Tests & Past Year Papers
- Mock Test Series for JEE Main & Advanced 2022
- Physics 35 Years JEE Main & Advanced Past year Papers
- Mathematics 35 Years JEE Main & Advanced Past year Papers
- Chemistry 35 Years JEE Main & Advanced Past year Papers

Standard Books
- Famous Reference Books for JEE: HC Verma Solutions, Irodov Solutions & DC Pandey Solutions & others.

Does EduRev offer Mock tests for JEE?

EduRev offers Mock tests for the JEE exam. The course includes:
- 100+ Mock Test (Main+Advance)

Does EduRev offer any other important books for JEE Physics?

EduRev offers HC Verma Solutions, Irodov Solutions & DC Pandey Solutions for JEE Physics which includes chapter-wise important notes.

Does EduRev offer a refund?

We hate to see you go, but we also want you to pay for EduRev Infinity only if you like the experience so we offer a complete 100% refund for requests raised within 24hrs of purchase.
Note: Though, a refund cannot be claimed more than once and is also subject to extreme usage.

If I have any doubt/query while studying, where do I ask?

EduRev Users can ask their doubts on the EduRev Discussion Forum, which is a community of students & teachers. You can ask about a problem you’re having; share something you’ve enjoyed about the course; or help out your fellow students. Around 2Mn+ doubts have been solved within the EduRev Community.

Do I need to buy any books along with EduRev Infinity?

EduRev Infinity has a question bank that has tens of thousands of questions, with hints, solutions. EduRev Infinity has more than 500 hours of video lectures and concept notes. These are neatly organized into chapters and topics. Also depending on your progress, EduRev shows you exactly what you need right now with recommendations.

So with EduRev Infinity, everything you need is available at the tap of a button and you don’t need any supplementary books with EduRev Infinity!

Should I join EduRev Infinity if I go for a coaching class?

A large part of learning is self-study and EduRev helps you make the most of your limited time. You can learn or practice anytime, anywhere at your own pace; ask questions 24x7 and take tests with lakhs of students. EduRev Infinity provides guidance like a personal tutor. EduRev Infinity learns about you, adapts to your needs and grows with you to help you achieve your study goals.

Moreover, EduRev gives you the required attention you deserve for you to do well!

So whether you go for a coaching class or not, EduRev will always be your perfect learning partner!

Why are we charging for EduRev Infinity? Also, why not just show ads?

Imagine you have a test tomorrow and you are really short on time but video ads keep coming up before every document and test, taking away your precious time by showing you ads! That is not something we want for you and we’re sure you don’t like ads either.

So if with a minimal amount you can save time and get great quality, it is totally worthwhile to do that for your better score. And if you compare, it is less than even the books that you buy or the large amounts you have to pay for tuition or even those expensive online platforms but the value addition and the knowledge gained is pretty much comparable if not more!

Plus a lot of teachers put a large amount of time and effort to make all the content that you love, those teachers need to be compensated who help you do better! Plus there is other cost for delivering high quality from cost of servers to other building costs of your beloved EduRev platform!

What does EduRev provide for BITSAT, SRMJEEE, VITEEE, NATA and IIITH UGEE?

- BITSAT: 10+ docs & 60+ tests which includes 13 Full Mock Tests, 2009 to 2020 Past year papers.
- SRMJEEE: 60+ tests which includes 14 Full Mock Tests for Medical & 14 Full Mock Tests for Engineering.
- VITEEE: 70+ tests which includes 15 Full Mock Tests for PCME & 15 Full Mock Tests PCBE.
- NATA: 10+ docs & 8 tests which includes 5 Aesthetic Sensitivity Test for NATA & 2 Mock Tests
- IIITH UGEE: 12 tests which includes 6 Full Mock Tests for SUPR & 6 Full Mock Tests for REAP.

Does EduRev offer Revision Notes for JEE?

EduRev offers Revision Notes for JEE which cover almost all fundamental concepts and formulas along with plentiful solved problems of each topic in a very simplest and conceptual way. This will boost the confidence of students who are preparing for the exam.
The course includes:
- 150+ documents for Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics.
Our Numbers Speak for Themselves
24.7K+ JEE students are actively using EduRev Infinity