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The Past Tense

(1) Past Indefinite Tense

The Past Indefinite or Simple Past Tense is used :

(i) To indicate an action completed in the past.

The boy left school an hour ago.
I did this work a week ago.
The ship sailed last week.

(ii) To denote past habits.

He practiced many hours every day.
She always sang a romantic.

(2) Past Continuous Tense

The Past Continuous Tense is used :

(i) To denote an action going on at some time in the past.

The light went out while I was reading.
We were watching the television all evening.

(ii) With always, continually etc. for persistent habits in the past.

He was always refusing.
She was continually neglecting her duty.

(3) Past Perfect Tense

The Past Perfect Tense is used :

(i) To describe an action completed before a certain moment in the past.

I met him in 1995. I had seen him last five years before.
I called him at 5 am. I had found him got up at 7 am.

(ii) When two actions happened in the past and it may be necessary to show which action happened earlier than the other.

When I reached the station, the train had started.
I had completed my work before the officer came.
I had done my work when Seema came to see me.

(4) Past Perfect Continuous Tense

The Past Perfect Continuous Tense is used for an action that began before a certain point in the past and continued upto that time.

He had been serving the institution for the last one year.
At that time he had been writing a short story for three months.

The Future Tense

(1) Future Indefinite Tense

The Future Indefinite or Simple Future Tense is used for an action that has still to take place.
I shall meet him tomorrow.
Day after tomorrow will be Friday.

(2) Future Continuous Tense

The Future Continuous Tense represents an action as going on at some time in Future time.

I shall be writing the letter then.
When I go into the class, the teacher will be teaching.

* The Future Continuous Tense is also used for representing future events that are planned.

I shall be waiting for you till 4 pm.
She will be meeting me next week.

(3) Future Perfect Tense

The Future Perfect Tense is used to indicate the completion of an action by a certain future time.

I shall have done my homework by that time.
Before you go to meet him, he will have left the office.

(4) Future Perfect Continuous Tense

The Future Perfect Continuous Tense indicates an action represented as being in progress over a period of time that will end in the future.

By next January, we shall have been living in Delhi for three years.
When he completes his school, he will have been studying at NIIT.

Conjugation of Verb ‘To be’

Present Indefinite Tense

1st PersonI amWe are
2nd PersonYou areYou are
3rd PersonHe/She/It isThey are

Present Continuous Tense

1st PersonI am beingWe are being
2nd PersonYou are beingYou are being
3rd PersonHe/She/It is beingThey are being

Present Perfect Tense

1st PersonI have beenWe have been
2nd PersonYou have beenYou have been
3rd PersonHe/She/It has beenThey have been

Present Perfect Continuous Tense

1st PersonI have been We have been
2nd PersonYou have been You have been
 being being
3rd PersonHe/She/It has been being They have been being

Past/Indefinite Tense

1st PersonI wasWe were
2nd PersonYou wereYou were
3rd PersonHe/She/It wasThey were

Past Continuous Tense

1st PersonI was beingWe were being
2nd PersonYou were beingYou were being
3rd PersonHe/She/It was beingThey were being

Past Perfect Tense

1st PersonI had beenWe had been
2nd PersonYou had beenYou had been
3rd PersonHe/She/It had been They had been

Past Perfect Continuous Tense

1st PersonI had been We had been 
2nd PersonYou had been You had been 
 being being
3rd PersonHe/She/It had They had been 
 been being being

Future Indefinite Tense

1st PersonI shall beWe shall be
2nd PersonYou will beYou will be
3rd PersonHe/She/It will beThey will be

Future Continuous Tense

1st PersonI shall be beingWe shall be being
2nd PersonYou will be beingYou will be being
3rd PersonHe/She/It will be beingThey will be being

Future Perfect Tense

1st PersonI shall have beenWe shall  have been
2nd PersonYou will have been You will have been
3rd PersonHe/She/It willThey will have been 

Future Perfect Continuous Tense

1st PersonI shall have been beingWe shall have been being
2nd PersonYou will have been beingYou will have been being
3rd PersonHe/She/It will have been beingThey will have been being
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FAQs on Tense - 2 - English Grammar Basic - Class 10

1. What is the format of the exam?
Ans. The exam follows a multiple-choice format, where candidates are required to select the correct answer from the given options.
2. How long is the duration of the exam?
Ans. The exam duration is three hours, allowing candidates ample time to complete all the questions and review their answers if needed.
3. Are there any prerequisites for appearing in the exam?
Ans. Yes, candidates are required to fulfill certain prerequisites before appearing in the exam. They must have completed the prerequisite courses or possess the necessary knowledge and skills mentioned in the exam guidelines.
4. Can I use reference materials or calculators during the exam?
Ans. No, the exam is closed-book, and candidates are not allowed to use any reference materials or calculators. They are expected to rely solely on their knowledge and understanding of the subject matter.
5. How is the exam graded?
Ans. The exam is graded based on the number of correct answers. Each question carries equal weightage, and candidates are awarded points for each correct answer. The final score is calculated by summing up the points earned from all the questions.
18 videos|76 docs|18 tests
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