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Class 6 Civics Chapter 8 Question Answers - Urban Livelihoods

Very Short Q & A :


Q1: Name an ideal state in India for setting up a textile factory.

Ans : Gujarat

Q2: The orders and payments from the shopkeepers are given to the _________.

Ans : Salespersons

Q3: Who are salespersons?

Ans : Salespersons travel to different parts of the city. They get orders from the shopkeepers and collect payments from them.

Q4: Name the international organisation that deals with labor issues.

Ans : International Labour Organisation

Q5: Raghu is pressurized to work for long hours by the employer, he is a ____________ worker.

Ans : Temporary

Q6: Ram works in unorganized sector, he is a _____________ worker.

Ans : Casual

Q7: The art of Zari work is famous in _________.

Ans : Bhopal

Q8: Name a new form of employment in the big cities.

Ans : Call centres

Q9: There is deduction in the salary of a permanent worker during medical leave. True/False

Ans : False

Q10: Why Tribes are facing threat of loss of livelihood?

Ans : Tribes face threat of loss of livelihood because MNCs are taking over their land for setting up industries

Q11: What is a call centre?

Ans : Centralized office that deals with problems and questions that the customers have, regarding the services provided.

Q12: Wage labourers collect funds from agencies. True/False

Ans : False

Q13: Which of the two have insecurity of job- Permanent worker or temporary worker?

Ans : Temporary worker

Q14: What kind of threat a temporary worker has?

Ans : threat of being fired by the employer

Q15: Permanent employees in India are not entitled to _______ holidays of other countries.

Ans : National

Q16: Give an example of micro-entrepreneur.

Ans : marketing manager in a private company

Q17: A textile factory must have ___________.

Ans : Workshops

Q18: What is Provident Fund?

Ans : Provident Fund is a particular form of retirement savings.

Q19: Who are casual workers?

Ans : Workers who is employed by a factory only when the employer needs him/ her

Q20: List a common problem in markets due to urbanization?

Ans : parking chaos

Q21: Street vendors are forced to pay _______.

Ans : bribe

Q22: Why factories are located on the outskirts of the city?

Ans : To avoid pollution and commercial congestion.

Q23: List the various mediums through which a showroom gives advertisement.

Ans : newspapers, cinema halls, television and radio channels

Q24: What do you mean by “Labour Chowk”?

Ans : Place where daily wage labourers assemble and wait for work.

Q25: People working in government departments get ___________.

Ans : regular salary

Q26: What is the full form of FORPI?

Ans : Federation of Rickshaw Pullers in India

Q27: Name the organisation of rickshaw pullers in Delhi.

Ans : Delhi Federation of Rickshaw Pullers.

Q28: The secretary of Gram Sabha is responsible for ________________.

Ans : calling meetings of the Gram Sabha

Q29: Call centres demand knowledge of _______ and ________.

Ans : computer and English

Q30: Who prevents the panchayat from misusing money?

Ans : Gram Sabha

Q31: A dentist falls in the category of _______ sector.

Ans : Service

Q32: People who set up small and medium businesses independently are categorized as____________.

Ans : Self employed

Q33: In which year the National Policy on Child Labour was formulated?

Ans : 1987

Q34: Who offers license to the Urban street vendors?

Ans : Superintendent of police

Q35: Why does Hawkers form committees?

Ans : retain their source of livelihood

Q36: State one similarity between street vendors and those who sell in the shops.

Ans : both are self-employed

Q37: Give examples of people working in organised sector.

Ans : Banking, hotel and travel services, energy and power etc.

Q38: How can migration from small towns and villages to cities can be reduced?

Ans : By developing infrastructure and opportunities in towns and villages

Q39: Business for shop owners has changed in the past twenty years due to coming of _____________ brands

Ans : Foreign

Q40: Why the role played by the hawkers in the economy needs to be given credit?

Ans : Because they provide affordable goods and services

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FAQs on Class 6 Civics Chapter 8 Question Answers - Urban Livelihoods

1. What are urban livelihoods?
Ans. Urban livelihoods refer to the means of earning a living in urban areas. It includes various occupations, such as jobs in industries, services, trade, and other urban-based economic activities.
2. What are the challenges faced by urban dwellers in earning a livelihood?
Ans. Urban dwellers face various challenges in earning a livelihood, such as high competition for jobs, lack of skills and education, limited employment opportunities, high cost of living, and inadequate infrastructure and basic services.
3. How can urban dwellers improve their livelihood opportunities?
Ans. Urban dwellers can improve their livelihood opportunities by acquiring relevant skills and education, enhancing their employability, exploring self-employment options, seeking vocational training, and actively participating in skill development programs and initiatives.
4. What are some common urban livelihoods in developing countries?
Ans. Common urban livelihoods in developing countries include street vending, small businesses, construction work, domestic work, transportation services, informal sector jobs, and jobs in the service industry such as restaurants, hotels, and retail shops.
5. How does urbanization impact livelihoods?
Ans. Urbanization impacts livelihoods by creating both opportunities and challenges. It leads to the growth of industries and services, offering new employment options. However, it also brings competition for jobs, increased living costs, and the need for specialized skills, which can affect the livelihoods of urban dwellers.
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